Sunday, 28 December 2008

Next fishing trip dates?

The next dates that I hope to to getout fishing are

Sunday 04-01-09 Cottages or Yacht Club, Portishead.
High Tide is at 11.46 am and 11.2mtrs (Avonmouth datum)
Arrowsmiths tide table.

Saturday 10-01-09 Rockingham, Avonmouth.
High Tide 18.38 pm and 12.7mtrs. (Avonmouth datum)
Arrowsmiths tide table.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Season Greetings to all

I hope you all have a Great Christmas and New Year.
I wish you all full keepnets and bites galore.

Severn Beach 23-12-08

Fished this spot today,
but the weather was dull, low cloud base,misty / foggy
but vey warm for the time of year.
The sea was flat calm.
I used up the rag and lug left over from sunday.
Rigs were Pennell Pulley and 2 / 3 hook patenosters.
Varied the distance from 20yrds to 80yrds.
What can I say.
Catch was BLANKITY BLANK. (Aaaarrrghhhhh).
My last trip of 2008???!!!!!
Never mind skimming stones was good fun.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Lower Light 21-12-08

Decide to go back to the Lower Light again.
This time the weather better and looked more fishy.
Catch was 7x Whiting again none bigger than this one?!!!
Baits again were Lug, Rag, Mackeral and Squid.
Rigs were Live bait Pennell Pullys.

Don't know what happened to this one?
It was dead when I wound in, and found it looking like this.
Two ideas come to mind
1st :- it was attacked by other Whiting
2nd:- a bigger fish had a go.

Between my kit and the other fishermen, the dark area
is where they had dug their own Lug worm bait.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Rockingham evening session

Sunset over Portishead
Went down to Rockingham to use up the bait
left over from fishing the Lower Light.
Very light north westerly wind and cool not cold.
Tide was 11.9mtrs at 17.00.
Fished from 15.30 till 18.30.
Two rods with size 1 pennell pully rigs.
Lug / rag and Squid / Mackeral cocktails.
This 9" Flounder was caught at the top of the tide.
The only other fish caught was a 3" Whiting????
Nice relaxing trip,
just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Burnham on Sea Lower Light

At last, an escape chit in hand and bait in the bucket I left home at 06.00.
Drove down to Burnham on Sea, Somerset.
Started setting up at 07.30 and just look at the weather.
Dawn over Burnham on Sea.

Baits used were Rag and Lug worm, Squid and Mackeral.
This is a photo of Rag and Lug on a flowing rig with some bling.
As can be seen by the next photo the sea was calm and still quite warm.
This is why the venue is called the Lower Light.
This is the Light house.
No not beach measles but the sand casts of the Lug Worm

This is a photo of the Lug Worm hole (right)
where it sucks in sand and the worm cast (left)
which is the the stuff left over after the worm has digested
the tasty bits.
This why I have a rosy glow about me?
I thought it was the sun but no
it was Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station.
Well here is the technical stuff.
High tide was at 12.00 and was a 10.4mtr (Datum Avonmouth ).
Fished with three rods.
1st rod Pulley with Worm baits,
2nd rod Pulley with Squid / mackeral cocktail,
and my Carp rod with flowing trace with a combination
of all baits. Singly and as cocktails.
Catch was 7 Pin Whiting.
This area has soft / sinking sand and deep mud.
Check out the area before you start fishing.
Also there are very fast tides.