Saturday, 29 October 2011

Duchess lake Roach love white Maggots

Popped down to Duchy this morning, 
fishing from 08.30 till 12.30.
Fished from the east bank 
at 8.5mtrs on the pole.

Baits used were maggots, casters and worm
over hemp, chopped worm and groundbait.
Also used maggot and caster 
over liquidized bread.

From the off the small Roach were
on the feed. White maggot was the bait 
of the day. Worm didn't really account for much.
Caster caught slightly larger Roach ans Skimmers.

The little Roach were just that 2 to the ounce size
taking single maggot on size 18 hook to 2lb hook length
and 5lb main line.

Biggest fish caught were around 1/4lb.

In the end I had about 150 fish for not much more then 3lbish.

It was a catching day, not just a fishing day.

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Cottage

Went down to the Cottage today with Rusty Ramos,
AKA Russell.
We fished for three hours.
We arrived full of hope and gagging to catch fish.
First thing to be beached was a lump
Tubeworm casing.
 This is the view looking towards Battery Point
 This is the view looking towards Clevedon.
 Well using our usual mix of rigs
with Lug Rag, Squid and Bluey as bait
we failed to catch anything.
Until I caught this Pin Whiting on my final wind in.
Phew blank saved for me.
Poor Rusty was not impressed with this venue as he lost two rigs.
I lost three. It never used to be that bad, It was a
favourite of mine for many years.
I also used my Carp rod which managed to catch three
Snotties in quick succession.
HHHMMM where ton ext time.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New Passage 18-10-11

Fished two rods with the usual Wishbone rig and Pulley rig.
Bait used were Lug worm Ragworm and Whole Squid.
Started fishing at 08.00 after having a walk out over some of the area
in front of where I was fishing.
Whilst out there I saw some rigs on top of the mud 
so trudged out and picked them up.
However I also pulled in a shed load of 
other rigs plus miles of line.
First proper bite came around 09.30, it was a good pull down
and then drop back.
Yahooooooo! A nice 3 1/2lb Codling had taken the 
whole Squid wrapped with lug and rag. 
The whole Squid was cast out around 50mtrs
to a fishy looking area.
The Wishbone was loaded with lug and rag
and cast from 30 to 80 mtrs out.
trying to find where the fish were feeding.
Two more Codling came to the lug worn baited hook on
the wishbone around the top of the tide. 11.00mtrs.
All the time I cleaned the mess of line and rigs
I'd found.
In the end I had 32 usable leads, a box full of 
bits and pieces.
Some of the weights I found.
Packed up around 12.00.
Headed home with a bucket full of extra line, weights and bits
and tree fish for diner.
The local Twitchers were kept busy watching a
Skua (Sea bird) sheltering from
the strong cold westerly wind in the small river
behind the shingle bank.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Windy afternoon 09-10-11

Decided to fish on the shingle off the
Rockingham grass bank.
 I had to walk out over the mud.
That was hard work, not as young as I used to be.
Worse than a 10k run.
Any way, armed with one rod, the rod rest and a bucket with
bait and a spare rig I fished the rising tide.
The wind was pretty strong and gusty, plus 
the drizzle, made it very uncomfortable at times.
Well I managed to catch two Codling
before the tide pushed me back up over the mud
 to the grass bank.
Rusty, little Rusty and Codders turned up,
and we started fishing the last 1 1/2 hours of the flood
and 1 hour down.
Rusty caught a nice Codling, and the rest of us blanked.
It got very wet as drizzle combined with spray,
soaked everything and everyone.
What a difference a couple of days make.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Portishead.

Rusty's choice of venue was the Slipway.
Getting down there at 10.00 we set 
with Rusty to the left.
 Me to the centre and right.

 Squid, Lug and Rag were the baits.
Rigs were various pulley styles and mixes
of baits.
First blood came to me, a table sized Whiting.
Then Russell caught a Codling for the table.
Various size and types of bites over the next couple of hours or so.
Until around 12.30 when one of my rods rattled and nodded,
WOOO HOOO! A good pull on the rod and a 
in came this 9.5lb Thornback Ray
 Quickly released and cast out again.
Turn to chat to Russell and one of his
lines was slack.
Striking, Russell was upset nothing there.
"Wind in" I shout.
"There's nothing there"
"Keep winding Rusty"!
"Yahoo" Shouts Rusty "IT'S A ??????? BASS"  
 5lb bar of silver.
 He's just text me and said it was Lush.
As can be seen from this picture it wasn't rough
even with a stiff  left to right wind. 
The only other fish caught was a tiny Codling, 
caught by Russell.
I had biggest Fish
Russell had Best fish and most fish.
Nice day, good company!