Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dutchess Lake 23-03-11

Fished the lake from 08.00 till 13.00.

Weather was frosty at first and warm later,
light easterly breeze and bright sunshine.

Fished half way along the the northern bank next to
a large reed bank.

Used pooped up sweet corn and Tiger Nut Boilies
over a bed of pellets, sweet corn and chopped up boillies.
The Carp rig as usual produced a big fat nothing.

The waggler float rig wasn't much better.
Maggots, Casters and sweet corn
producing around 2 1/2ld of small Skimmer Bream and Roach.

I think it was just to bright on top of a frost.

Hmmmmm better luck time.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Up Rockingham way 18-03-11.

Popped over to the Grass Bank by the Estuary
yesterday evening.

High tide was at 17.34 and 12.1 mtrs.
I fished from 15.40 till 18.45.
Baits used were Lug and Rag worm.
Rigs used were
3/0 Pennel Pulley, Size 1 Wishbone rig and Zip slider flowing trace.

Bites from the off on all rigs produced
5 small Codling best about 8 inches.

Weather was sunny and warm at first
turning to drizzle and chilly later.
a light westerly wind was blowing all the time.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Portishead Yacht Club 15-03-11

Title should read "Plonker out fishing"

Popped down at 09.45.
Set up two rods with pulley rigs and one with
a wish bone rig.
Baits were Rag, Squid and Bluey.

That was the good bit.

After that my casting was rubbish,
and the line on one of the reels
proved it needs changing.

After 2 hours of dodgy casting
and messing about,
I called it day and went home!!!!!!!!!!