Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bagwood Lake

Good news
Baggy is open again.

Shingle Bank Severn Beach 31-03-12

Decided to give the shingle bank area a go
this morning.
Bait used were Rag and Lug worm with Squid and Crab.
Fished from 08.00 till high tide a 13.15.
Well with a combination of all the baits
in cocktail form failed to attract anything.
Except this Silver Eel / Green Eel
taking Lug Rag cocktail
at distance.  
Cold north-easterly did not help
would have preferred a 
South-westerly which would have chopped the water up.
Never mind another nice trip.
Nice and muddy.
Don't fish this area unless you are with someone who
knows the venue.
Also only on small tides.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Popped back down to Baltic Wharf this morning
and what a cracker it was.
First fish was grand roach at 08.10
then for the next hour and a half
I had a steady catch of
roach, skimmers and dace.
 The dredger was now getting closer and bites
However the larger skimmers 
now paid a visit.
Over the next hour and a half
4 paid a visit to my ground bait.
 The bigger skimmers weighed 8lb 9oz between them.
The other 9 fish weighed 3lb 3oz.
Only one more bite up to 13.00 produced a
small skimmer. 
Andrew my son spent his lunch break 
with me and took the photos.
That dreaded dredger. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Rockingham 26-03-12

First sea fishing trip of the year produced
this lovely female
Thornback Ray.
At 11lb it was just 2oz 
short of my personal best
Thorny and sea caught fish.
 I had a good pull on the rod 
then a drop back and slack line.
It fought hard swimming with and against
the tide.
I caught it on whole squid to a 3/0
pennel pulley rig.
Also caught was a codling of around 3/4lb
on the first cast with crab as bait.
Calm and sunny but chilly breeze.

High tide was at 10.10 and 12.2mtrs.
I fished from 08.30 till 11.15.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Baltic Wharf 20-03-12

First outing down Bristol Docks
Started at 08.00
with my new pole.
Fished peg 20 by the black pipe.
I noticed a heavy right to left
tow and this strange vessel 
making a horrible noise.
The vessel is a dredger and boy 
did it upset everyone.

At times it was like fishing a river,
back eddies, whirlpools and
water colour changes.

With only one crunched caster
to after two hours,
I started to think
about heading home.

But a 3oz Roach took
double red maggot,
so stay I did.
Some more shy bites and
things started to look up.
Eventually I did manage a
Dace on caster.

The dredger eventually moved to my right
and the water cleared,
with the slowing flow
so the bites started again.

However it didn't last long
but just before the flow started again
a nice 1/2lb Roach
was landed.

With the heavy tow picking up again 
I decided to head
home and do some gardening.

The Maver Competition  301 pole
is very good,
just look forward to
catching some bigger fish.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Duchess lake 12-03-12

Popped down to the local lake
to try out two new toys
given to me by "She Who Must Be Obeyed"
A Diawa seat box
Maver 301 competition 16 meter
I'll be able to use it at 13mtrs
with no trouble.
Nothing over 4oz was caught,
Roach and Skimmers were caught
on varying floats and hook sizes.
Baits used were
Maggot, Casters, Worms,
Sweet Corn and Hemp were used.
Maggot and Casters accounted
for all the bites.

No other fish were caught when I left
at 12.30. 

Monday, 5 March 2012

What out fishing at last!

Popped down to the river Frome
at Snuff Mill.
Fished some of my usual swims.
Just up from the car park 
I used my new Centre Pin Reel
and tried to winkle a Chub or Roach
trotting a 4BB Crow Quill Avon float
to size 18 hook.
That fallen tree should have had
a fish or two 
but the heavy colour 
or my dodgy fishing
failed to find bite.
 Further up stream and the same result.
In total I tried 5 swims in 2 hours
but not a bite.
Maggots and Caster
with Bread ground bait
was used.