Saturday, 20 May 2017

Blank down Chesil Beach.19-05-17

After driving through a very heavy
thunderstorm which had slowed
my journey by 40 minutes,
I arrived at the chosen spot
on the shingle.
That storm was still hammering
Yeovil which was covered in hail
when I passed by.

 Weymouth and Portland  was
bathed in sunshine but a chilly on shore breeze
was rolling the shingle around.
 The fishing was a total wash out.
I managed a Spider Crab.
The sunset was really great.
 My son Jason managed this Bull Huss
which can't have been long out
of its purse (egg case).
We used Squid, Mackerel, Sandeel and Crab.
I used a cocktail of all together to set up a 
a good sent trail but no good.
I fished 3.30 till 10pm.
getting home at 00.03.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

First point Ladye Bay. 03-05-17

Started fishing at 06.00
with Squid, Mackerel, Sandeel
and Crab.
Fished 06.00 till 13.30.
Low water to the top of the tide.
My reels would be under water at high tide.
 Low tide was 3.4 mtr
high was 10.2mts
There was a chilly  north east wind,
mainly overcast with some sunny spells.
Casting to the left all was good till around
them the floating Bladder weed
came floating by.
This caused the leads  to be
pulled out and two
      managed to snag some snags.
                         After two lost rigs I started casting to the right                                
 till the tide eased off and the weed disappeared.
First catch of the day
a lump of coral.
 After that I was casting to the left again
when at 13.00
a strap Conger about 2ft long took an
At 13.30 I packed 
up and headed home.