Monday, 30 August 2010

Rockingham 30-08-10

Popped down to Rockingham at
09.00 till 12.30.
High tide was at 10.55 and 11.8 mtrs.
This photo says it all about the weather.
Baits used were
Squid, Sand Eel, Mackeral, Rag and Lug.

4 species were caught.
This Whiting on rag and lug cocktail on
3/0 pennel pulley rig
This flounder was caught on
ragworn to 1/0 hook on a wishbone rig

These two Codling were both just sizeable
one on the wishbone rig and one on a 4/0 pennel pulley rig

Monday, 16 August 2010

Crews Hole 16-08-10

Back to Crews Hole again this morning
and what a lovely morning it was.
I took the pole and feeder today,

This was view down stream, upstream was a bush.

Across from from me was a small over hanging bush.
That was the spot where I was casting the feeder.

I used a maggot feeder with a ground bait feeded
in its place every 4 or 5 casts.
Bait was maggots, most bites taking white ones.
It was not full of fish but there were a few Perch around the 1/2 pound
mark and small Roach and Snotties. I had 3 of these Perch (above).

I fished the pole at around 9mtrs out.
My 1 1/2 gram float can be seem to the right of the pole tip.
Baits used were Tares and maggots.
The tares did not work today but the maggots did.
Again most fish coming to the white ones.
This 2 1/4 ld Skimmer was the best, Perch, Roach, Dace and Snotties
were also caught.
I used Preston Innovations PR355
size 14 hooks but still the tiny Dace were caught?!!!

What a lovely day and watching two Fox cubs playing
was a real treat.
for details and pictures.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

River Avon Crews Hole, Bristol 12-08-10 pt 2

While waiting for the tide to ebb the trains on the Bristol to Bath
line and the wild life kept me entertained.
A stone training towards Bristol.
The bush down stream of me which I hoped some better fish,
but nothing seemed to home.
The water level rose 8 feet.

No not a speed float,
but a 4AA+ Crystal Avon.

These two Morehens used this raft of reeds to change locations?!!
This is the mess that the Silver Eels (Snotties)
make of the hook links.
My hook and maggots can bee seen at he top of this mess.
The hook is sticking out to the left and maggots to the right.
I won't be fishing this venue on a big tide like this again.

River Avon Crews Hole, Bristol 12-08-10

Back to Crews Hole.
I decided to fish here again as there was a 14 metre tide
in the Bristol Channel.
High tide was at 09.41 at Avonmouth 8 miles downstream.
I got there at 07.15 and started fishing at 07.30 with the feeder rod.
Straight away I had bites and soon a small Perch was on the bank.
A few more Perch were caught before the float rod was up and running.
Dace were caught straight away on the float rod.
Until around 08.55 when all the bites stopped.?!!!!!!!
Then my float started moving up stream??????
and soon my feeder was bouncing upstream as well.
Then the river went from clear to brown and loads of rubbish
flowed upstream.

This was the usual level of the Avon.
The level rapidly rose and I had to stop fishing as I lost
2 swim feeders and 10 hook lengths.

The tide is nearing the top.
There it is, the top of the tide.
The wall and branches have disappeared
The only bites I could get were a dozon of these Snooties
Once the tide had turned and the flow had slowed down
the Perch were very active again.
This one was around 5oz.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Fishing Reels

The Severe Mental Illness charity and
Bristol City Council
gave me a grant for "respite break"
At first I was going to do a couple of sea fishing trips.
However as there are not many fish being caught,
I decided that I would put the money towards
some new fresh water fishing reels.
My old ones are over 10 years old and showing signs of
wear, and causing trouble.

So I popped down to Veals and bought this
Abu Garcia 706 "closed face spool" reel.

I also bought this Shimano
2500FA Baitrunner


Rethink and Bristol City Council.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

River Avon Crews Hole, Bristol 05-08-10

Back to Crews Hole and a different peg and bait.
I fished only about 70 yards along from the car park.

Again I fished with a float rod 3ld main line to 2ld hook length
to size 16 hook.
This time I used a new bait to me Tares, a type of seed.

The first 3 casts produced 3 Roach, this was the first and smallest.

The Dace also showed there faces.
However the fish were a lot better and bigger.

I will fish this method again.

All in it was a very enjoyable day again.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

River Avon Crews Hole, Bristol 02-08-10

Fished this venue for the first time.
It is about a mile up stream of the Netham Lock and weir.
That is the last weir on the Avon,
were the Feeder Canal leaves the Avon and boats
head for the Bristol Docks. The Avon continues through Bristol
via the New Cut.


The banks here are high above the the water surface!

The gray marks on the bank opposite are caused
by the high spring tides (in the Bristol Channel / Severn estuary)
that top the weir flood up the valley?!!

I used a 5BB crystal waggler float to 4ld main line to 2ld hook
length to size 16 hook.
Baits were Maggots and Caster.
I also used my feeder rod 8ld line to 4ld hook length to 16 hook.

I cast the feeder to the over hanging trees opposite me.

This was one 5 fish caught over there
a 1/2ld chub was the best fish caught all day.
This Dace was the stamp of fish caught on the float.
I had Roach, Perch, Dace, Chub and
This was the biggest 4 inches? Aaaagh!

A very nice venue and free.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Christian Malford 29-07-10 part 2

This was my second swim for the last 1 1/2 hours.
The first photo is down stream and the others move upstream.

I fished the same as before.
But the fishing was a lot slower with only
a couple of small Perch, Roach and Dace caught.
I did loose a good Perch of around a pound,
the hook was too small or not sharp enough!!!
The M4 motorway bridge can be seen behind the trees.
I don't know what was wrong with the camera
it messed up these photos!

Christian Malford 29-07-10

First trip to the River Avon at Christian Malford
This water is run by the Bristol and West Amalgamation
and is a £6 day ticket for none members.
I walked along 2 of the 3 fields and chose
a swim near the 3rd field.

I used a feeder rod with 8ld line to 5ld hook lenght and size 12 hook.
Baits used were Halibut pellets, sweetcorn and maggets.
Not a touch.
I close to bank and some lillie pads.
What I did get was loads of blanket weed
as can be seen by this photo.
On the float loaded with 4ld main line and 21/2 hooklenght to
size 18 to 14 hooks and maggets and sweetcorn.
I caught straight away and had small Roach, Chub, Dace and Perch
each cast. In the end I had around 50 fish
with this Perch being the best.
The bush in the middle of this photo is where I was casting my feeder rod.
To the right can be seen a fallen tree, to the left a raft of Bull Rushs
and on the near side and out towards the middle are some lillie pads.
Just down stream are a load of lillie pads but the blanket weed
was really bad.
This is the tree I was casting my float under
I think I would have had better results there was more
flow and colour to the water.

What a magic venue.
Guess what?