Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Portishead slipway 08-01-13

With the left over bait
I trundled down to the Yacht club.

Started fishing at 06.30 till 12.00
low at 09.49.

Having arrived down there in the dark
I quickly realised that it was going to be MUDDY.

Again using the usual rigs
and baits I was really up for it.

There were bites from the off 
on the wishbone rig.

Result was 3 rockling.
(sorry about the photo)
Two for the price of one.
Two tiny whiting and a codling.
All caught before high water.


Where have my feet gone?
 Are there they are, PHEW.
There is a lot of mud down there.
The deepest I have ever seen.
where ever you fish on the
Severn Estuary / Bristol Channel.

Rockingham 05-01-13

Well! What happened.

Fished 10.00 till 13.00,
high water at 12.03 and 11.4mtrs.

Took Lug rag and Squid.
Usual rods and rigs.

Weather warm, cloudy and calm.



Oh yes! Found out I had a small leak in one of my boots.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

First trip of 2013

Took my Barble XT rod,
Maver Waggler rod 
and Specimen rod
to Bagwood this moning.
Clearing the Xmas cobwebs
I started with standard Carp
fishing tactics.
First cast was at 08.00.
Without a bite by 12.00
I changed over to waggler and feeder rods.
First bite came at 12.55
to double red maggot.
 on the waggler.
A nice 4oz roach.
A tiny perch took
the red maggots on the 
maggot feeder rod next.
The waggler rod now
caught slowly but steadily
This 3lb 6oz Bream was the best
of 9 fish.
 This lovely Roach,
was the last fish caught.
No other fish were caught
on the 10 other rods
on both lakes.
Thanks for the good company