Monday, 23 December 2013

Rivers out of sorts! Seas are very rough.

Well, with all this rain the rivers are going to be
very much out of sorts.
They will be very high if not
over there banks, 
so take care out there
and keep safe.

Also for all the sea anglers out there,
There are reports of very rough seas
so take great care
and stay safe.

More dodgy weather later in the week.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Greetings.

I would like to wish all
the readers of my Blog
a very very 


A couple of hours on the Frome. 22-12-13

With only about 3 hours spare, 
I headed down to a very
milky tea coloured River Frome.
I started up in the Frenchey stretch,
and fished 6 swims.
There was a good flow and I thought I might
have caught a Chub or two.
Apart from a few Maggots getting
taken on extremely shy bites, I
managed to loose 10 hook lengths to snags.

I then headed down river to a couple of favored
deeper stretches that usually
produce Chub, Trout, Roach or Dace.
Again some very sly bites but nothing
came to the net.

One good thing was I got back to the car just in time.
By the time I got home there must have been
an inch of hail on the roads,
and it had just about stopped raining.

That made my last fishing trip before
Christmas a very festive one.

Another Friday down Duchess Lake. 20-12-13

With the rivers a little out of sorts
Russell and I decided to have
a nice quite and easy trip down to Duchess.

As can be seen the early weather was magic
after a short sharp shower just as we were setting up.

Also a strange site was me using bite alarms,
I must admit it made a change to just sit
and chat and watch the wild life.

However it did not take long for me to
put a quiver tip rod away and set up
a float rod with Maggot as bait, without any ground bait.
Well it worked a treat. I was straight into
small Roach from the off. Gudgeon 
and Skimmers also said hello.
After an hour and a half the bites died out
so I started feeding small balls of
liquidized bread.
That got them interested again.
I ended the day with around 3lb of 
fish, not bad and very enjoyable.

I had a few blips and pulls on the ledger 
rod loaded with Sweetcorn, Maggot and worm
cocktail. Over a pellet, sweetcorn and maggot 
loose feed bed.
 Russell ended up a bit annoyed
as he could only catch 2 Bream which
together weighed in at
9lb 14 3/4oz.
He is wondering when he will catch his first
carp down there.
He used to be able to catch ever trip.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Duchess lake for a change 13-12-13

Russell invited me to join him down Duchess Lake.
So we set up on the eastern end of 
the south bank.
Russell cast over to the reeds
on the far bank with
Sweetcorn, Maggot and small Lobworm
 This produced five fine Bream (though Russell hates them),
Typical Carp angler!
They weighted just over 20lb all together.
I had to hold them as he does not like
slimy fingers.
The last one had quite a lot of blood in the fins.
Not sure what was going on there.
I used some new boillies and paste I had made
on a feeder rig and Maggot or bread on the other rod.
This only produced a Gudgeon and a small Roach.

I also tried my float rod, this method was also very slow
just producing small Roach. Russell managed to catch the biggest
Roach on the float rod.

The weather was warm until 1pm when the forecasted 
front came over. Amazing change in the wind then
The wind to the east was blowing the clouds
from south east to north west.
Over head the wind was south west to north east.

We packed up at 14.30. Another enjoyable fishing trip
with my son.
Friday 13th was not good for my fishing. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Early start, late catch.

Arrived at Lacock around
This time I decided to fish some swims
as I headed down stream.
In the first swim I used my
float rod to fish Maggots
over loose fed Casters and Maggots.
After a slow start I soon had Roach, Dace and Minnows
queuing up to snap up the hook bait.
All the time I had a ledger rod
fishing tucked under the vegetation
 on the near bank.
It was loaded with Bacon Grill.
Unfortunately it The Chub were not
interested in a bit of Bacon.
So after an hour I moved about 50 yards
further down stream. This was a high bank
where I hoped to christen my new landing net handle.
A ledger plopped by a half fallen bush
with pellet over loose pellets. 
Apart from a good pull and run I blanked here.
Three more new swims were also lacking in
any takes but plenty of lost tackle.
Never mind learning the water is probably
the best part of fishing.
The wild life was quite interesting as well.
Especially as there appeared to be eight
owls in the neighborhood when I first got there.
I decided to fish the the first swim for the last hour.
This produced a cracking Chub with probably
the reddest fins I have seen in a Chub. 
Another great Decembers day fishing.
I must apologize to the two gentlemen I spoke to:-
I have forgotten your names.
Hope you had a good afternoons fishing.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

What next????????????????

Well I just don't know,
I would love to get out sea fishing,
but the reports are  still pretty poor.

I think my river style is not right!

So I'm going to go back to
trotting Maggots and bread.

Lets hope that will work.

Dry net on the Avon 03-12-13

Back up to Lacock 
to check out a few more
new swims.
Again arriving around 10 am,
 I decided to try longer
hook lengths today.
Popping into the first swim I soon found 
out that this spot is a tackle 
grave yard. I could not cast beyond the 
the overhang on the far bank without 
snagging up.
Casting short did not produce  any results.
 So after an 1 1/2 hours 
I moved to the next swim.
This time I cast one up stream and one down stream.
Changing the different bait and hook length combos,
again there were takers.
 Next, was a swim I fished last time.
One on the far bank and one on the near bank.
This one had the same result.
However whilst I was answering the mobile,
a log around 12 foot long came by and
snag me up, thought it would miss. 
Must have had a branch
sticking out underneath.
 On to the next swim,
this one had a large tree just down
Here I tried to free line various baits, once
again I failed to get more than a tug or two.
I now decide to go to my last swim, again
with plenty of cover down stream.
Once again I could not tempt anything out.
With a quite severe headache I decided
to call it a day and was back at the car
around 3.15 pm.
Not a good trip this time,
I don't think I was really in the fishing