Monday, 28 July 2014


Went out for a short
tester run.

Not good no change
the ankle is still

Friday, 25 July 2014

Plantar Fasciitis?

Well that's whats wrong with my ankle / heel.

Rest, exercises and Ibuprofen gel
is the treatment. 

Well I'll be out next tuesday if all's well.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


No fishing for now as I've injured my right ankle.
No fishing or running for me for a while.

Its bad news as I've got a 1/2 marathon
run in September and need to train for it.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Last time at Lacock? We'll see. 17-07-14

Yep back up Lacock
for 5.30am.
Then the long trudge to my chosen swims.
At the first I found two Badgers
snuffling around the field.
This one did not see me as walked past.
Only when I got the camera out did it get 
camera shy and leg it. 
 So a gentle flip of the free lined Boillie
down the near bank, and I sat down to wait 
for the fish to take an interest.
Well after 40 minutes or so a
pull on the rod and I had a Chub on.
2lb 10oz.
Great start but no more interest,
and time for swim two.
Now this one usually produces 
a couple of Chub.
But only a 1lb 9oz Chub showed 
it licked my bait.
So swim three,
this was another new swim for me.
Dropping a light ledgered bait
on the far bank under a hangover bush
and a free lined one on the near bank.
This produced the best Chub of the day
2lb 13oz on the free lined bait.
 Shortly after the other rod was hit by a
2lb 11oz fella. 
Then these to young swans
decided it was time for me to move on.
Now it started to brighten up
after a dull start.
So swim four and I could see
7 or 8 Chub up to around 3 1/2lb
could be seen. Again the
the free lined bait was dropped in,
I watched them race around the bait with plenty of
line bites.
They were trying to knock the bait off the
hook, which they managed to do.
So using to small baits, I
Gently dropped them near to some 
weed mid flow.
A few loose feeds were introduced
and that had the desired effect.
A cracking tussle and a 2lb 7oz
chap was on the bank.
The fish had now disappeared.
So next swim and a 2lb 9oz chub
came out to play.
The next swim produced a blank
so a 12 noon I headed home.
Another cracking days fishing.
I have now fished all the swims at the venue
so I'm looking for some where new.
Watch this space.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

A pleasant afternoon evening with my son. 10-07-14

Andrew said he would meet me 
up at Lacock at 3pm, 
so I started in the first field under a tree
until he arrived.
I set up a boillie ledgered under a
raft of rubbish.
Then used maggot trotting down
the near side.
This produced around 30
roach,dace, chub, minnow
and perch.
One of the Minnows was taken by 
something which didn't play very hard
but stayed deep.
Eventually it spat the now
rather squashed Minnow out.
I would love to have seen it.

Andrew arrived and off we went to feed a few swims
and the fish them on the back.
In the first few swims there were plenty of rattles
and knocks but nothing on the bank.
A change of rig to give a better
flowing trace style and straight away
the result was different.
The first knock produced a
good pull on the rod and something heavy
was on the end, it pulled like mad
and eventually headed under a fallen log.
This fish was lost as it snagged the rig with the hook length snapping.

In the last swim I finally landed a
better Chub. This one was 1lb 8oz. 
 Then just at last knocking
this 2lb 5oz Chub took the bait.
Well that ended a great evening with good fishing, good surroundings
and very good company.
Roll on the next trip out.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Back to the pole. 03-07-14

Back down to the Bristol Frome
with the pole.
I fished about 10 yards up from
my last trip as there was an other
angler close to it.

Well using the same ground bait
with casters, hemp and sweetcorn
mixed in.

Over that I fed loose maggot, caster
hemp and sweetcorn.

This time I struggled to get a bite, except for
Minnows. I even caught them on size 14 hooks????

Well after an hour or so,
the float just moved very slowly
in circles, an other Minnow,
thinks I.
So I only made a gentle strike,
when the elastic, No5, 
pulled out and kept pulling.
Well this Trout did not realize 
it had been hooked.
It did eventually wake up
and raced around, as Trout do.
It weighed 2lb 9 3/4oz
but I reckon it could 3lb when its got
its condition back. It was really skinny.
The strange thing was it took
sweetcorn at 13 meters.
Well it was back to the Minnows
until around 6pm.
Then I had a Rudd, small Chub
and my first Roach of the season
at 16 meters.
By 6.45 I decided I'd had enough
of Minnows,
shipping 16 meters of pole
in and out is hard work for a Minnow.

The river needs a bit of rain to put some colour flow
the cheer it up.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What a difference a weekend makes. 30-06-14

Decided to try a few more swims
up Lacock way.
So with the usual baits 
plus a new one for me,
I plonked down in the first of
6 swims I would fish at 11.00.
Well that was the start of one of the most 
frustrating days fishing I've had in a long time.
Having fed most of the swims on the way down
to this one.
It was a sweeping bend,
with me on the inside.
There were plenty of Dace, Roach and and small Chub.
I plonked a larger bait on the 
Cabbages over the far side,
with a small bait down the near side.
Straight away, both rods were
dancing around like there was a gale blowing.
Great me thinks something
should be taking my bait soon.
No chance!
Just the tips doing the Cha Cha Cha.
How ever the hour I sat there
I watched the small fish having 
a great time eating the small pellet
I was trickling in.
Tacking a float rod next time.

Well its time to move on and
into the next swim.
Again the same result as the last swim.
This time I did manage 
a chub of 1lb 9 3/4oz.
Again the dancing rod tips
were highly frustrating.

On to swim 3.
The same again,
again, dancing tips,
and lots of little fish
up to 1/2lb.
Now on to Peg 4.
This on had a big raft 
that covered the whole
width of the river.
Again one rod to the far bank 
and one under the near bank.
This time the tips didn't move.
By now one thing was very obvious
the there was plenty of signs
that there had been a lot
of fishermen on the banks
since my last visit.
Then on to swim 5,
This is the one I caught a Barbel on last year.
This time I blanked again but with the usual dancing tips.

 Final swim.
Back to the swim I had the big Chub
last time.
Again dancing tips
which did eventually produced a 9oz Chub.

I think I will mainly
trot the river next time
with my light quiver tip
on stand by.