Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bagwood Lake 19-03-13

As the rivers are in closed season
I decided to go to Bagwood lake.

My 1st choice swim was taken
 so I went on to the last swim on the venue.

I set up my pole and 
float rod with centre pin reel.

I started at 8mtrs at the bottom of a shelf
and 5 mtrs near the top.
I also fed a swim on the left hand margin
with Maggot and Casters. 
 The pole line at 8mtrs
was baited with 
trout pellet, sweet corn and hemp.
This was formed into balls and squeezed
Over the top maggot and casters.
 The pole line failed attract much attention
apart from 2 small perch.
At 9.00am 
I tried the margin with the rod and centre pin,
success was instant. 
Nice Rudd to hand and in the bag.
30 Rudd by 10.30
and a couple of perch
were in the bag.
I then tried the pole!
Big mistake
the bites disappeared straight away .
Apart from the odd Rudd
nothing else was caught.
I packed up at 2pm.

As far as I know, 
no carp were caught while I was there
by the 3 carpers.

I did have 2 carp pass the end of my keepnet
but they did not stop for a feed
when they passed my float rig
in the margin.

Another good days fishing
and the weather was not to bad.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Down the grass bank again.

I had some left over bait 
from yesterday
so headed back to Rockingham again.

Same set ups as yesterday
and fished 08.15ish till 11.00.
High water was at 10.00
and 13.1mtrs.

This little Flounder was caught at 09.45
but out far instead of closer in.
 This photo was taken at high water,
and shows how different
similar tides can be.
0.2 of a meter and the tide barely
climbed over the top
of the bank.  

The weather warmer than yesterday 
and less wind.

Nice morning to be out.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Rockingham 01-03-13

Popped down to that local venue
High tide was at
09.20 and 13.3mtrs.
So got down there at 07.00,
set up and first
cast was at 07.15.
Bang straight into a
10 inch Flounder.
It took rag / lug 
on a 3/0 pennel rig.
That was it.
4 rods out 
from 15mtrs
80 mtrs.

I didn't cast further as
the muddy grass / plastic
was a problem.
Plenty of pinging
all morning.

As can be seen
the tide came over the top of the bank.
This was safe as the wind north easterly
and the pressure high.

 I there had been a
south wester,
Than the tide 
would have gone further in 
and the reels on the rods would have been under water.

The stick in front of the rods
is there to as marker.
If the tide had risen
then I would not have gone beyond it. 

The wind was light and chilly,
other wise it was another enjoyable trip.