Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blankity Blank and no cheque book or pen!

Dutchess lake again.
This was my view from my swim.
The (yellow), sorry Bath stone building in
the back ground is called the Dower House.
To my left is the island bay.
The island is to the right of the picture.
The next two photos show the main part of the
Behind the trees in the back ground is the M32
motorway from the M4 to Bristol city centre.

Well yes again I blanked?!!!
Using the usual Carp fishing styles
I didn't even get a bite.
Only one person caught Carp and he had 4???

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New Passage Part 2

These views are of the ground in front of the prom between
the Second Severn crossing and New Passage.
As can be seen it has loads of fish holding spots and
plenty of different types of bottom.

This area has very large tides and fast currents
Don't get cut off by the tides.

New Passage Part 1

These photos show the area between the old railway ferry jetty
and the stream at New Passage
This is what the area looks like at low water on a small neap.
The area has gravel / pebbles, mud, rock and rock with
weed. There are a number of low tide pools.



Photos of Severn Beach at low tide

Here are a sequence of photos of the ground in front of
the promanade at the Severn Beach.
This on starts at the west end, (Battery Point) at Portishead
can be seen in the distance to the left

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The result

My grandson Kyle is getting used to touching fish now
a Bream of around 3 1/2ld
Another one 3 1/2 TO 4ld
This Carp around 8ld was caught at 07.50
Its mouth was a miss shaped
I called it GOBBY

Views of Bagwood Lake

My swim!
Second swim on first lake.
This is the second lake.
Before the expansion of the golf course
there was an island here, you could not see
mound in the back ground.
The view from my swim.
Follow the white concrete path to the top of the mound
and there is the 17th tee. On the bank opposite is the 17 green.
If nothing else it good for a giggle
watching the golfers hitting the water?!
The concrete path to the left is the causeway between the two lakes. Looking east
There are only 2 swims on this lake,