Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Rockingham 11-12-12

A few spare hours and the right tide for 
a sea fishing trip, 
only one thing to do!
Pop down to Rockingham
Got down there in misty icy conditions.
I could not see 
Avonmouth or Severn Beach.
I set upa
Wishbone rig and a 
Pennell Pulley Rig.
Baited with Rag and Lug.
Started fishing at 15.15,
I had my first bite at
This little Flounder
managed to pull the weight
out of the mud.
Taking lug on the wishbone rig.
A 17.10, 10 minutes before high
a gentle pull on the rod tip
then a series of rattles
produced this flounder.
Again on the wishbone rig
but took rag worm.
The fog / mist was 
settling  on the rod and line.
Then freezing and made for very cold hands at times.
But a very good trip again.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Two hours on the Frome 07-12-12

Spent a couple of hours down
Snuffers way yesterday afternoon.
Same roving kit and bait used.
 Usual swims fished.
 The result was a 
I think the over night rain
had upset the fish.
The colour was not nice.
There was also a lot of
rubbish passing at times
which made presentation

Oh well there always next time.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

River Frome after the Flood. 04-12-12

Well what can I say.

The river had lost most of its pace
and the colour was dropping out.

I fished the same swims
as last time.
Using 2 different style and
size of Crow Quill Avon floats. 

Maggot and caster were the baits
I used again.

Well the result was 
very different.

1 small Roach
4 Minnows.

Were the fish still
getting over the torrent,
had the cooler weather
affected the fishing.

Roll on thursday.