Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pole down Duchess way 21-08-11

Well decided to do a pole session down Duchy.
Baits used were Maggot, Casters and pellets
over mixed pellets and hemp loose feed.
First fish was this weird shaped Skimmer
which weighed in at 2lb 12oz.
" HERE WE GO" thinks I. 
Not a chance. the skimmers gradually got smaller
until around 11am,
I changed over to fishing the margins and then
back out on the 7mtr line.
Fishing two red maggots just off bottom
and the Roach were feeding non stop.
In the end I had 12lb 3oz .
4lb 1oz were the Skimmers the rest
were the lovely Roach best only around 1lb.
So for great day of Roach fishing Duchy's 
the spot.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Duchess Lake 15-08-11

Well what can I say,
used the same tactics as
at Bagwood Lake.
Result not a sniff by a carp.

At 10.00 I used a feeder rod with
Dynamite Baits mixed sized Carp pellets 
as ground bait with
mixed seed, crushed casters added.
Hook bait was red maggots.

In the following hour I
managed to winkle out 14 Bream
Best was around the 3 1/2lb mark
for a total of 10lb 4oz.

Well stuff Carp fishing to boring for me
its back to the pole for me with a sleeper rod..

Sorry forgot the camera so no photos.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Duchess Lake tomorrow 14-08-11

I should be down Duchy tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bagwood Carp 09-08-11

Popped over to Bagwood Lake this morning,
Rusty had fished the night and blanked,
So I didn't expect to much.
Having left the pole at home I was forced 
to fish with carp tactics.

This was my peg.
 I used my carp rod that I take sea fishing
as well as a Barble rod with light tip.
Baits used were a mix of Boillies,
sweetcorn, and various pellets. 
 These were fished over beds of mixed trout pellets

 and mixed seed
 I started fishing at 08.00 
At 13.40 I got my first proper run and this 15lb 9oz
Common came to the net.
Thanks must go to the Golfer who took the photo.
 About an hour latter this 14ld 10oz
Mirror carp came from the same swim.
I used a standard ledger rig with a boilie 
on a hair rig for the carp.

My other rod was a swim feeder rig with a mix of sweetcorm and various
pellets and coctails.

I headed home at 16.00.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Rockingham 31-07-11

Fished the grass bank from
07.00 till 09.45.
High tide was 08.26 and 12.9mtrs.

This Flounder was caught on my carp rod at 15mtrs
with a flowing trace to 1/0 hook and rag worm bait.
The two beach casters with standard wishbone rig 
and pennell pulley rig had only one good drop back bite
which I missed. Doh!
I only used rag bait today.
The only other fish caught was a snottie eel.

I don't know who fished there before me
but this mess left behind was taken home and disposed