Monday, 27 September 2010

Rockingham 27-09-10

The Codling came in two by two!
Not quite
But the wishbone rig produced 4 codling.
One was a keeper and the rest were released.
The top of the tide was at 10.01 and 12.1 mtrs.
I fished from 08.15 till 11.15
This was the first fish of the day,
a baby Codling of 2 inches.
Baits used were Lugworm, Squid, Sandeel and Bluey.
Lug worm accounted for all fish including
this little Whiting.
Not sure which type of animal
made these tracks.
It went out onto the mud
then came back dragging something along.
Was it a fox, Minx or Otter.
Guess I'll never find out.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Rockingham 24-09-10

Library photo.

Fished down the grass bank again this morning with
my son Russell (Rusty).
High water was at 08.35 and fished from 06.30 till 10.00.
It was a 12.6 mtr tide.
The usual rods and rigs were used.
Baits taken were Squid, Bluey, Rag and Lug.
It was a warm morning until high tide when the wind picked up
and that took the edge off the temperature.

I caught the first fish, a Codling, just big enough dinner. It was caught on a Wish bone rig
with Lug as bait.
There was then a lull in the bites untill Rusty had a
had another Codling.
In the end I had 9 fish 5 Codling, 3 Snotties and a Whiting.
Rusty had 2 Codling.

Nice company, nice trip.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Yatch Club 10-09-10

Library picture
Fished the shingle bank this morning from
06.15 till 10.15. High water was at
09.15 and 14.3mtrs.

Two small Codling (3 and 8 inches) were caught on the first two casts.
Then ever cast after that the bait was stripped in 5 minutes
by those pesky crabs.

On top of that the local dogs kept trying to get at the bait buckets.

and to top it all the local swimmers came out and swam accross
the bay.

Time to give up and save the rest of the bait for an other day.