Friday, 23 June 2017

Fathers Day present. 22-06-17

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

An amazing day on the AMARISA off Weymouth / Portland. 18-06-17

Met up with Jason and Hannah
at 06.30
and made our way
to the boat. 
With a short wait
Jason decided to have a dabble
down the side of the dock.
He quickly managed to winkle 
out a 
Gold Shinny.
The trip out was smooth and

It had to be a good trip.
We steamed out to just off the Portland Bill

Here we struggled to catch
enough Mackerel for bait,
just as well we took
some frozen.
However this Gurnard
fancied Mackerel  Feathers.
That's a new species for me.
With Squid,Sandeel and Crab also taken
we  moved further off.
The conditions were perfect,
calm, sunny and warm.
The fish were on the feed.
Nearly thirty Tope were caught
giving a good bend to my new uptide rod.
Matched to  Rovex Tide Line TL20,
a Fathers Day present from
Jason and Hannah.
Hugh thank you to you both.
I caught this Tope 
just after catching
a Conger estimated
between 35 - 40lds. 

With Skipper and his mate
being kept busy with these
toothy  Sharks,
they even came in two at a time,
over 45 minutes for them 
to get or Tees and Coffees
Jason and myself doing the pose.
I also caught Bullhuss, and Doggies
There were some huge fish lost
with plenty of hook lengths being
bitten through.
We later motored
to drift fish.
This was not very productive 
with 4 Turbot being hooked 
and all falling off before the net was ready.
The only down side to the journey
was the drive home.
Taking over an hour longer
than usual due to 
broken and crashed vehicles.
Well done
Keith the Skipper
Deck hand Paul
you worked hard
in quite hot conditioned,
great advice as always.

Friday, 16 June 2017

What next.

Boat trip out of
Sunday 16-06-17.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

What's next!

Due to having to do
what has to be done,
my next planned trip
out of