Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Rockingham 26-12-10

Fished the grass bank from 08.00 till 12.00.
The photos below show what it was like down by the sea.
The photos were taken around 09.00.
It also shows were an earlier tide had come over the top.
All I managed was one 4 inch codling on black lug
on the good old wish bone rig.

It was so cold that the fog was freezing to anything it touched.

However as usual I enjoyed the trip.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Snuff Mills again 21-12-10

Must be mad, back down Snuffers.
Just maggots today with
the same style of rig with a heavier float.

I was greeted with ice on the water from both banks
Well to cut a short story even shorter!
I blanked. Not even a bite.
I could not get the float to trot down the river properly.
First the line kept falling down on the ice so slowing
the float. Then the line was freezing to the rod eyes.
Gave up after 45 minutes.
Really pretty down there tho.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Snuff Mill 17-12-10

Popped down to the River Frome this afternoon,
Fished from 13.00 till 15.00.
Bait was Maggot and bread.

I used a 5 No4 stick float on 3ld line to 2ld hooklenght
and size 20 hook.

First cast with white maggot produced this little
Trout about 1/2ld.

This trout was next 20 minutes later
on white maggot.
A little bigger than the the first one.

Friday, 26 November 2010

WHAT!! Rockingham again 26-11-10

What a cracking morning.
Light westerly breeze clear sky and a frost.
Fished from 08.15 till 11.15 with high water at

Used my usual rigs and lug and squid baits.
Here can be seen my wishbone cliped down
and ready to cast.
Once again a 18 inch Codling took the wishbone
rig with lug bait with in a couple of minutes
of my first cast.
On the second cast I had an 8 inch Codling
which was returned alive.
Just before high water I caught
Codling at 16 inches.
On the same rig and bait.
A few casts later I started getting rattles on the
rod tip. That eventually produced a 15 inch
Flounder. Again caught on the wishbone rig.
Squid just does not work this year.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Rockingham 21-11-10

With the left over bait from yesterday I
went down to the grass bank again.

High was at 18.13 and 12.3 mtrs.
Weather was the same as yesterday
but with drizzle and a bit more wind.

Same rigs as usual and Lug, Rag and Squid again.

Within 3 minutes of casting out my first wishbone rig
I had a good knock and landed a keeper codling.
Second cast out and an 8 inch codling was landed.
Third cast out and a 4 inch codling was landed.
Fourth cast and a good knock. Missed it.

That was it no more bites.
The pennell rig with Squid failed again.

Another enjoyable session.

Rockingham 21-11-10

Russell knocked off from work early and picked me up for
a few hours down on the grass / mud.
Again a little friendly competition between us.

Russell as usual took one of my wishbone rigs
and used a pennell pulley as well.
I used the same style of rigs.

High tide was at 17.31 and 11.9mtrs
Weather was dull and damp with a light northeaster.

Russell was in first with this keeper on my wishbone rig
with lug bait.
Also showing were some flounder.
This little one was released safely.
With a few more codling, most caught after high water.
All taking lug on the wishbone rigs.
Russell won the day with three codling and one flounder,
to my one codling and two flounder.
I took one flounder home the rest were released.


Monday, 15 November 2010

Shingle Bank, Severn Beach 15-11-10

What a cracking day.
Back to the mud again.
High tide was at 14.02, I started at 08.00
and packed up at high tide.
Weather flat calm with fog coming and going,
Frosty at first but nice and warm later.
Usual wish bone rig and pennell pulley rigs used.
Bait was Lug Rag and Squid.
Four bites were seen producing two Flounder
both taken for the pot, very nice indeed.

High tide and I'm nearly in the the mud.
Bit higher and I'd be in the thick mud, Yuk.
What a lovely day.
Shame the fish were sun bathing.
See Bank power station blotting out the sun.
Makes a nice picture.
The cloud is just that, steam from the
the bank of cooling fans.
The fishing was great but the
views were far better.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Snuff Mill 10-11-10

Popped down to the Bristol Frome at
Snuff Mill.
As I thought the wind had blown the leaves off
the trees and the rain washed them all down stream.

This time I took a 12ft waggler rod and my close faced spool
to do a bit of trotting.
Baits used were bread, maggots casters and garden worms.

Below are a few pictures of the 4 swims I fished.
The water had dropped by around a 1ft
and was clearer than I expected.

Shame there were so many dogs again,
lost a lot of time watching my kit on the bank.
Those four legged fluff balls love the bread!
The Minows were as hungry as ever and managed 2
little Roach, I love these fish.

I a few other fish, not very big ones, because the hooks I was useing
were to bulky?
Must get some better ones.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Don't attempt to fish this area
unless you are with some one
who knows its well.

A good pair of wellies, bib and brace or
wadders are a must.
Shoes or trainiers ar a no no.

Started fishing at around 09.15 high was at
14.21 finished at 15.00.
First bite was at around 10.00 and was a snottie
which recked my wishbone rig.

The photo below shows how carefully
I had to be.
I started out fishing off the rocks the other side of the pool in front.
Yep 10 minutes and that's how quick this tide is here.
Shortly after this photo I caught my first codling in that pool / gully.

10 minutes before this photo that area was water free.
At first the weather was misty, calm and warm.
The sea was flat calm.
By high tide a light on shore / westerly wind had picked up.

Shingle Bank, Severn Beach 01-11-10

Went for a long walk with my rods
today up Severn Beach way.
Trudging through the mud and over Bladder Wort weed
covered rocks, I came to a spot with a gully in front of me.
Behind me was more of the the above!
While the Gully was filling up with the
in coming tide, there were no bites except
for one rattle from a Snottie.
As I got pushed back by the tide the Codling started biting.

The first was caught on the wishbone rig with rag worm bait.
There probably less than 6 foot of water.
The bites then came steadily.
I eventually ended up on this shingle bank.
The wishbone rig accounting for
most of the fish.
Lucky day for these two as they were returned.
The top one was just under size anyway.
As I was about to move off the shingle bank
this cap took the bait, rag and lug cocktail on
a pennel pulley rig.
Lucky day for this one as well, I put it back.
As can be seen the shingle has already gone?
I then took a hike to Severn Beach it self.
here I had another snottie mess up a rig
as well as my final Codling, again it
was returned.
This is as far as a 10.6mtr tide gets to at high tide.
Total bites = 14.
8 bites were Codling, 3 kept for the table, 5 returned.
2 Snottie bites recked rigs?
4 bites mised.

Friday, 29 October 2010

River Frome, Frenchay

This was the seen that greeted me down on the river Frome.
Leaves all over the place.
But look at the colour of trees.

I fished under the the over hanging tree
on the left.
Worms, maggots, caster and sweetcorn were the
baits used.
I fished 7 meters on the pole but only had half a dozen
bites which produced 2 Minnows.
The leaves caused many problems and in the end
I gave up after 3 hours.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Rockingham 21-10-10

Fished the grass bank from 17.15 till 20.00.
First cast out with the the wish bone rig produced a 37cm
codling on lug bait.
Woo Hoo good start can it continue?
The tide was 12.5mtrs at 19.09.
Rigs used were the wish bone rig
and a Pulley Rig with 3/0 Pennell hooks.
Baits used were lug / rag and squid.
Well yes the fish kept comeing!
I managed 4 more keepers
Russell (my son) who was also fishing with me
also caught 4 codling and a flounder.
However he did have to borrow one of my wishbone rigs
to catch most of his fish.

What a great evening, as Russell said
"It's just like the good old days"

"Good fishing, good company, good weather"
What can you want?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

New mark :- the pipes 10-10-10

Fished a new venue today.
A 10 minute walk along from the Severn Beach
there is a spot that is the same as fishing Rockingham,
except that this is whats in front of you instead of mud!
The mud starts further out.

As can be seen from this photo (looking towards Severn Beach)
its just beyond the grass bank.

This time I used the pulley rig on one rod with whole squid
and a Wishbone rig with rag and lug on the other
15 minutes before the top of the tide and the first bite
of the day produced this Codling on the lug baited wishbone.
At the top of the tide, 09.30, a nice plump flounder found
the rag baited wishbone hook.
This under sized flounder came to the lug/rag baited
wishbone rig and was returned alive, 10 minutes later.

No more bites were seen and I packed up around 10.30.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cottage, Portishead 09-10-10

Fished the ledge by the Cottage from 06.15 till 10.30.
It was a 14.2mtr at 08.51.
To cut a long story short "BLANKED"

This photo shows the tide at its highest
If there was a westerly wind behind the tide I'd have been in trouble!!!

As can be seen it was a dull day with an north easterly wind.
This car transporter is heading for Portbury Docks

I was using Pennell Pulley rigs with size 3/0 hooks.
Baits used were Lug, Rag and Squid.

At the top of the tide there was a lot of floating bladder weed
which caused me to loss three rigs. AAARRRGGG.

Check out this site could be very usefull

Monday, 27 September 2010

Rockingham 27-09-10

The Codling came in two by two!
Not quite
But the wishbone rig produced 4 codling.
One was a keeper and the rest were released.
The top of the tide was at 10.01 and 12.1 mtrs.
I fished from 08.15 till 11.15
This was the first fish of the day,
a baby Codling of 2 inches.
Baits used were Lugworm, Squid, Sandeel and Bluey.
Lug worm accounted for all fish including
this little Whiting.
Not sure which type of animal
made these tracks.
It went out onto the mud
then came back dragging something along.
Was it a fox, Minx or Otter.
Guess I'll never find out.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Rockingham 24-09-10

Library photo.

Fished down the grass bank again this morning with
my son Russell (Rusty).
High water was at 08.35 and fished from 06.30 till 10.00.
It was a 12.6 mtr tide.
The usual rods and rigs were used.
Baits taken were Squid, Bluey, Rag and Lug.
It was a warm morning until high tide when the wind picked up
and that took the edge off the temperature.

I caught the first fish, a Codling, just big enough dinner. It was caught on a Wish bone rig
with Lug as bait.
There was then a lull in the bites untill Rusty had a
had another Codling.
In the end I had 9 fish 5 Codling, 3 Snotties and a Whiting.
Rusty had 2 Codling.

Nice company, nice trip.