Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Windy Ladye Bay. 29-04-15

Sorry for the delay to the write up to this photo
but the usual problems means I forgot it.

Well there is not not much to say
except I used the same rigs and bait.

The weather was very windy
with a choppy sea.
I started fishing around 11.00
and packed up at 14.00, with plenty
of tide still left.

However a phone call from cut the trip short as the tide was not
till 17.00.

Not a bite was the end result
with plenty of weed blowing
up the line.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Ladye Bay 24-04-15

I started fishing at 07.00 
for a high water at 11.42
and 11.6 meters.
I used my usual two
Beach casters with
4/0 pennell pulley rigs on one
and 2/0 wishbone rig and 3/0
long pulley rig on the other.
Bait used was
1/2lb of lug and 1/2lb of log
with whole squid.
The whole squid was wrapped in lug and rag.
With the first 3 hours without a single bite,
I was getting worried about a blank session!
However a light rattle on the 4/0 rig
rod tip meant there was life out there after all,
Then the rod dropped tip dropped back
then pulled down.
Lifting into the the fish, I was surprised
when the line started running up tide.
This produced this very pretty
Thornback Ray
with plenty of thorns.
Well pleased with catching my targeted species,
I was further surprised when the
2/0 wishbone rigged rod tip 
dropped back.
Here again a Thornback Ray was landed 
this time only a small one.
It only had thorns down its back bone and tail.
Straight after casting the rod out
it had barely settled, when this
Cat Shark /Dogfish set it rattling.
An other  15 minutes and 
the 4/0 rigged rod rattled and nodded.
I waited for further signs of interest
but after 5 minutes nothing happened
so I wound in.
At first I thought the rig had snagged but realized
it was an other Thorny.
So I gently increased the pressure
 and managed to lift this 3lb Fish
up on to the ledge.
Wow! What a great 45 minutes or so.
Well apart from a tiny pin Whiting
around an hour after high water
that was all I caught.
I packed up at 13.30
as I had run out of bait.
What a great trip.
Weather was a light southwesterly
with haze and low cloud.
Chilly start but very warm when the
sun came out.
Once the tide turned,
weed became a problem
pulling the leads out.

Looking forward to the next trip.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ladye Bay tomorrow 23-04-15

Tackle and bait ready so off to 
ledges for some Thornys.
I hope.

Monday, 6 April 2015

What! Out again 05-04-15

With enough worm bait left over 
plus some Squid, 
I arrived down Rockingham
for a 07.15 start.
Just 10 minutes  after the first cast
this 3lb 4oz Codling was dragged in over the 
mud having taken the Rag / lug pennel rig.
 Well, with a flat calm sea,
much warmer than the day before
and a brighter sky
there was very little action till high water.
Then I had another 3 codling and 2 flounder.
This photo taken just before high water
shows the back end of the front
which brought the sun out spot on high water at
Another really enjoyable
fishing trip.
Roll on the rivers opening up again.

Woo Hoo! Out at last. 04-04-15.

With a high tide at 08.09
and a height of 12.7 mtrs.
I had lug and rag for bait
and the usual rigs.
Venue was Rockingham.

With my first cast at 06.20 I was full of hope for some fish.
There was a light North / north west wind.
The bites were few but steady,
at first mainly the bait being sucked on all the hooks,
whether 1/0 or 4/0 so I guess there were a  few crabs about.

Eventually the first rattle on the rod tip produced
a small flounder on Log worm to a 4/0 hook.
This was followed by a small codling
on the specimen rod only 10 mtrs out.
This had lug and rag on a 1/0 hook.

About 20 minuets before high water 
this flounder of 1lb 9oz
took the wishbone rig with rag on the 3/0 hook.

 After the the tide turned
I managed another flounder a 2 codling.
A very enjoyable return to fishing at last.