Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Rockingham 11-12-12

A few spare hours and the right tide for 
a sea fishing trip, 
only one thing to do!
Pop down to Rockingham
Got down there in misty icy conditions.
I could not see 
Avonmouth or Severn Beach.
I set upa
Wishbone rig and a 
Pennell Pulley Rig.
Baited with Rag and Lug.
Started fishing at 15.15,
I had my first bite at
This little Flounder
managed to pull the weight
out of the mud.
Taking lug on the wishbone rig.
A 17.10, 10 minutes before high
a gentle pull on the rod tip
then a series of rattles
produced this flounder.
Again on the wishbone rig
but took rag worm.
The fog / mist was 
settling  on the rod and line.
Then freezing and made for very cold hands at times.
But a very good trip again.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Two hours on the Frome 07-12-12

Spent a couple of hours down
Snuffers way yesterday afternoon.
Same roving kit and bait used.
 Usual swims fished.
 The result was a 
I think the over night rain
had upset the fish.
The colour was not nice.
There was also a lot of
rubbish passing at times
which made presentation

Oh well there always next time.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

River Frome after the Flood. 04-12-12

Well what can I say.

The river had lost most of its pace
and the colour was dropping out.

I fished the same swims
as last time.
Using 2 different style and
size of Crow Quill Avon floats. 

Maggot and caster were the baits
I used again.

Well the result was 
very different.

1 small Roach
4 Minnows.

Were the fish still
getting over the torrent,
had the cooler weather
affected the fishing.

Roll on thursday.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Frome out of sorts. 25-11-12

The River Frome was not happy
today after all that rain.
 The river was up
by about 5 feet.
 I could have caught some
Minnows over the path,
that is hidden by the flood water.
 Short video of the wear below Vassle / Oldbury
Weather for the week!
Getting dryer and colder
with a northerly wind,
and frost at night.
Might catch some fish
later in the week.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Good morning on the Frome. 16-11-12

Popped down the Bristol Frome
this morning from 09.00 till 12.00.
Took the trusty Maver rod and
Okuma Sheffield centre pin reel.

My usual lower swims failed
to produced.
So headed up stream.
and one swim fished its head off.
The following fish were caught 
during two sessions there.
First non Minnow was this
Roach at around 1/2 lb.
 Followed soon after by this
1lb 6oz Roach.
 After a stroll and
stopping off at a few
more swims 
up stream.
With only a few Minnows
I returned to bend swim.
Straight away
I had another
followed by this 
1/2lb Chub.
 Then this 1lb chub
on the next cast.
 Once again on the next cast
1lb 1oz
Roach was a short but deep fish.
 A couple of casts later
this beautiful
2lb 2oz Chub
came to net. 
With a couple of dozen Minnows,
a small trout and a few more smaller Roach,
loads of sunken leaves,
and a 3 foot broken dog lead
That proved to be in the top
10 fishing trips on the Frome. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

River Frome Stapleton 30-10-12

A couple of hours free, 
saw me fishing down
near the Snuff Mill.

Well, looks like my 
luck at catching big fish
was missing again.

Only managed
around 20

Maggot and Casters were the bait 
used, and Crow Quill
Avon to size 18 to 14 hooks.

One of the other 
anglers down had the same result.

To cap it all.
One of the residents
on the opposite bank told 
there was no fishing allowed.
This is because
they have made the area a
nature reserve.

The bank in question is the
right hand bank
upstream of
 Broom Hill
road bridge.

21 years fishing that stretch, 
on and off,
and out of the blue
was told no go.
No signs up
and no one else
knows about it

Worst start to the Codling season 27-10-12

Fished Rockingham last Thursday evening.
Fished from 16.30 till 18.45,
high was at 17.42 and 12 meters.

Using 1/0 wishbone rigs and 3/0 pulley rigs
I managed 3 tiny whiting and a tiny Rockling.

With not a sniff of a codling it has been my worst
start to the codling season
since moving to the Bristol area
in 1991.

Not good.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

P.B. British sea fish.

Popped down to a muddy spot
near Portishead this morning.
Started fishing around 06.30
using two pulley rigs,
one with whole squid,
the other with rag worm.
First bite produced this 
6 inch Whiting on the
Rag rig.
 As can be seen there was
plenty of mud for all.
A few very muddy 
dogs down Portishead today
 An hour after high water
13lb 4oz Thornback Ray
took a fancy to my
whole squid bait.
A personal best for me.
The only other fish caught
was a 4 inch whiting.
Dull with a chilly wind.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Rockingham 13-10-12

Well the 13th was unlucky for me.
Only managed to get Rag worm from the shop,
and taking some Squid I trundled down to the grass bank.
Fished from 16.00 till 19.30
with high at 18.30 and 12.5mtrs.
Well short story even shorter,
one tiny 3 inch Whiting on the last wind in.
Two rods used
both on pulley rigs
and a cocktail of
Squid and Rag on one 
and Rag on the other one.
Wind was light south westerly
and the afternoon
thunder storms and hail had cleared.

I guess that the heavy fresh rain
run off and warm sea must 
be the problem.
Roll on the frosts!!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bagwood Lake 10-10-12

Took the pole for an outing today,
fishing the same swim as last time,
I used Maggot and Caster 
over Hemp, Sweetcorn and Pellets.
Also put the Barbel rod out with Sweetcorn 
over Hemp, Pellets Corn.

The Barbel rod only managed
3 small Skimmers
and this
9lb 9oz
Common Carp.
 The pole at 11.5mtrs 
with a 1.25g Durafloat
to 5lb line and 2 1/2lb hooklenght
with a size 14 hook.
Fished just off the bottom
the Roach started feeding
straight away.
By 10am the the fish
switched off.
Except these two perch
the best was 2lb.51/2oz.
The Roach which was caught in the afternoon
was 1lb 2 1/2oz.
In total I had 17lb 11oz on the pole.

Weather was warm
overcast with a light breeze.

Next trip
Saturday evening sea fishing
with Rusty,
venue to be confirmed.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Road Closures in Bristol 30-09-12

Many roads around the docks will be closed
on sunday 30-09-12.
So if your thinking of fishing 
the docks.
You will have to get down there by
for Baltic Wharf .

for Welsh Back and 
Bathurst Basin.

The roads start opening at

I'll be running the 1/2 marathon
again this year,
so if your there and you 
number 22181
give me a cheer.

Me at Wapping Road
swing bridge last year.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bagwood Lake 14-09-12

What the heck's going on!
I went CARP fishing.
Well in the first hour I managed
2 fish.
This 16lb 6oz Plated Mirror
 and this
Both caught on Sweet corn
 Shortly after I had a couple of Bream 
on Mash Monster Squid Boilies.
I have to thank my son Rusty
for putting me on the fish.
He managed to catch a 
couple as well best was 17lb 7oz.
At 1pm I got bored 
and set up my waggler rod and 
Centre Pin Reel.
Maggot on size 14 hook to 3lb line.
Wow that did the trick,
Rudd, Roach, Perch
and Skimmers
were hungry for the wrigglers.
5lb ish in an hour
was superb fun,
this Bream looking like it might have
been a Rudd cross. 
All in all a nice day and very good company.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Rockingham again 06-09-12

As I managed to get some
lugworm at the last minute,
and had a free morning.
I popped down to  the grass bank again.

Fishing from 09.30 till 12.15 I took
my carp rod down as well as my
usual rods.

The usual rigs were used on the beach casters
and flowing trace on the carp rod.

First cast on the wishbone rig caught
a small flounder. After that 
a number of rattles and knocks
teased me. Having changed the hook sizes,
I could not hit any of the bites.

The carp rod caught a couple of small
of small silver eels, Snotties.
The targeted flounder did show.

For an hour to the top of the tide
this fishing boat,
fished over the spot, 
I walk out over the mud to
fish on a rising mid range tide.
Didn't see any fish caught on it.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Rockingham 30-08-12

Escape chit in hand
1/2lb of Rag, frozen Squid and Crab
in the bucket,
headed to Rockingham.
High was at 19.30
fished from 17.30 till
I stomped out on to the mud for 
an earlier than usual
This produced this little Sole.
 It was caught on a 
wishbone rig
with rag on 1/0
That was the high light
of the trip.
One other drop back bite
failed to produce.
As can be seen
the weather was great
with the usual
choppy splash
on to the bank.
The two other fishermen
also failed to catch.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

River Frome 16-08-12

With everything settling down at home
I popped down to
the Frome.
Started fishing around 9am
in a swim I've not
fished before.
The water had a good pace
but quite coloured after yesterdays rain.

After 20 or so runs down the swim
with a Crow Quill Avon float,
size 18 micro barbed hook on 2lb line
to 5lb main line.
I caught this Gudgeon on 
double red maggot.
Not seen one in a while.
 Also managed a 
small Dace.
I fed a dozen or so maggots at least every
run through the swim.
This was my second swim 
but it failed to produced.

It was getting dark now 
as can be seen
with this photo
of a small dace from swim 3.
This was a harder swim to fish
with plenty of over hanging
 The fourth swim had a longer
run plus the over hanging
branches on the far bank.
Once again I could not 
tempt the fish out of this swim.
 Really expected to catch some thing
from here
as I've seen some good
fish in the past.
I moved on to what proved to be my last swim.
Same tactics were the same.
However the the smaller Roach, Dace
Gudgeon and Minnows
were out to play here.
After catching 10 fish
in quick succession
the heavens opened
and it ended up more
like autumn!
As a usual when it rains that hard
the river started pushing hard and there 
was loads of leaves, branches
as well as other rubbish.
I could not get the float to run through properly
so packed up
and paddled back to car.

Friday, 10 August 2012

What no fishing

Still problems at home
but I hope
to start 
back out again

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Trip two ;- New Passage 21-07-12

Needed to use up the Lug and Rag
from the morning trip.
I invited my son Rusty
The weather was again
The high was at
To keep a great story
had a great chat and time with Russell,
watched the Mullet frolicking at the
waters edge as tide rose,
saw a few rattles on the rod tips
and BLANKED!!!!!!  
Once again
a great fishing trip.

Trip one :- Rockingham 21-07-12

Needing to escape the hassle of home,
I signed my own escape chit.
With Lug, Rag and Squid
I trundled down to the grass bank.
Fishing was very slow
with four rods out,
fishing from 20mtrs to 100mtrs.
eleven bites
in total produced
this Snottie
at about 50mtrs
 To this
whole Squid wrapped with 
Lug and Rag.
This was on a 4/0 pulley rig
on the final cast.
 Also on the final cast of the wishbone rig
at distance
this 12 inch
fancied the Lug.
Weather was great,
tide was 12.5mtrs
at 09.33.
What a lovely morning.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

River Frome again 14-07-12

Fished six swims from the Mill upstream to below 
Vasalls Park / Oldbury Court, on the mill side 
this time.

At five of the swims I only managed a few
little nibbles.

At the mill I had 3 roach
and a little chub.
Same rod, reel and bait.

The biggest problem was 
Loads of them,
with bad owners.

Not quite so enjoyable
this time.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Short trip down Snuffs.

Had an hour and a half free
this afternoon
so popped down to the
Frome again.
Half a dozen slices of Braces
medium sliced bread
in my pocket.
I set up my
waggler rod and centre pin reel.
Feeding some loose bits of bread 
at the various swims
I walked the bank.
The colour had dropped out
and the flow slowed up. 
 Bites were few and far between
but I did manage to catch
3 x Roach, a Dace and a Chub.
 All around the 1/2lb size.
This photo shows the 
crease between the faster water (patches of bubbles),
and the slack water, closest to the bank.
All the fish were caught where the two meet.
A very relaxing hour 
on the bank.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

River Frome Bristol. 07-07-12

Took an hour out from caring
for the Good Lady,
and walked up the Frome valley.
 As can be seen
it was coloured and running.
 However the usual areas are still fish-able
using smelly baits 
 Mate sure you check 
for snags.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Not fishing at the moment

Due to major health problems 
at the moment
I have not been out fishing.
Hopefully I'll be out again
on short trips next week.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nice 6 hours down Portishead way. 24-06-12

Decided to use up the 
left over bait from my last trip.
Looking at the weather and 
thinking about the 
problems of the last trip,
I decided to fish the 
shingle bank at the Yacht club.

Fishing from 07.00 till 13.30
high was at 10.59 

Weather was dull then light showers
as the cloud broke up
and warm.
Stiff gusty breeze
was from the south west.

Baits were
rag, lug and squid.

Rigs used were 
wishbone pennel pulley and 3 hook flapper.

I had 3 known bites
two were codling around
One was caught about 8.30
the other 45 minutes before 
high water.

The third was a possible 
The bite was a good pull down
and line was pulled off the reel.
On striking I could feel the fish
but the rig was snagged.

It pulled well and
I guessed I was also dragging
in a rock.
However the rig snagged
and the line broke.
I found the rig as tide
and it was well tangled
and indeed had a rock

Friday, 22 June 2012

Wet, windy and loads of washing

Fished down Rockingham
this morning, 22-06-12.
Wet and windy conditions greeted me
on the grass bank.
Set up my usual wishbone rig
and pennel pulley rig.
First rod out baited with 
rag and lug,
fell around 20mtrs short of my usual distance.
The tide was pushing in about 20 / 30
minutes earlier than usual.
Brad from Bristol Angling Centre
also came down and decided to
only use one rod.
Straight away the line was covered
with grass and weed,
which caused us both trouble
while winding in.
After another couple of casts,
we gave up and went home.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Manor Farm Lake, Linear Fishery.

My middle son Jason
has seen the light!
He no longer chases 
the women as much,
he chases CARP.
Not my style
but some fine fish.
 Caught on Tiger nuts 
a bed of
 His best was 31lb 6oz
He also managed a nice Tench and other
Welcome back to the real 
world Jay.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Baltic Wharf 20-06-12

Had a pole session down the 
this morning.
Fished from 08.00 till 12.00.
Maggot and Caster were the hook bait
fished over my usual 
ground bait with added liquidized 
bread, with loose fed maggot, hemp, halibut pellet
and caster.
Perch, Roach and Dace
up to 6oz
were feeding really well.
With 3lb of mixed grill in the net by 10.00. 
they legged it and then I
Struggled to get a bite.
However this nice
Rudd was a real surprise.
What a beauty.
 Rusty popped down with
the Gandkids
as did Andrew,
who used my spare
top 4 with Kyle.
They managed to catch
the biggest fish of the day
a plump Roach of about
Another great day's fishing.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

First river trip of the new season. 17-06-12

Popped down to some of my old haunts
on the Bristol Frome today.
Trotting a
Drennan No 2 Avon float
on 6lb main line
to size 14 hook on 3lb hook length.
Started on my usual Chub swin,
Failed to catch a Chub but managed
4 small Roach and 3 Dace plus the usual Minnows. 
 That swim died off as expected
so moved down stream 50 or so mtrs
that failed to produce anything.
Another move to below a weir 
produced 7 chub to 1/2lb plus more Roach again to 1/2lb.
 Another move and no bites until 
I changed to bread flake.
Then the Chub really switched on.
Using my new Maver 12ft Abyss X match rod
with Okuma Sheffield S 1002
Centre Pin reel,
I trotted along the flow crease.
The chub were taking the flake on the drop
giving a good scrap.
The best was 1lb 9oz, 
really plump.
Maggot was the other bait used.

Watch out! Loads of people and dogs
use the paths. So fish it early or late
and on rainy days for best results. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Harescombe Fishery, Stroud 04-06-12

Went up to Stroud to try out
my son, Andrew's, local fishery.
A 4 lake fishery,
1 x Match lake
3 x mixed fish lakes.
We fished the north bank
of the largest lake.
Fished from
08.00 till 16.00.
Andrew has this lake wrapped round his fingers,
and from the off caught steadily.
Carp all the way, up to 12lb.
I struggled but still managed
a hand full of Carp and a Bream.
My first fish, about 7lb 4oz
was caught on a waggler rod 
and Centre Pin Reel.
My first carp caught with a
centre pin reel.
The fishery is tucked 
away in a very secluded area.
Nice and quiet compared to most
venues around Bristol.
Happy chappy Andrew.
with a near double Mirror Carp
caught on Tuttie Fruttie sweet corn.
2lb 6oz Bream
caught on the pole
to chocolate pellet.
Still Andrew caught, mostly
on the feeder under a Willow tree 
on the far bank.
We were told by the owner
the fishery was fishing quite poorly
because of the recent
bad weather.
What's it like on a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!