Thursday, 7 January 2016

First trip of the 2016. 06-01-16

A very unexpected chance to get out fishing
found me up at Lacock at 07.00.
I was fishing by 07.20
and I was using pellets and Boillies.
I found the river was fining down
and about 1 1/2 ft water clarity.
There were signs that the river had 
been close to or over the top of the bank
in places.
Well I fished four swims and found plenty of
old leaves and other plant rubbish
catching the hook in all of them.
I had a number of knocks and rattles but no
full takes.
I had no problem holding bottom or any problem 
with snags. Just a few twigs wound in 
and one  swim feeder.
It was warm for the time of year
mainly overcast with some sunny intervals.
So I really expected to catch
but no luck.
Shame really as I don't know when I'll
escape again, as she who must be obeyed
is having a hip operation on Monday.