Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Second choice venue today 20-12-16

As first point was taken when I arrived
at Ladye Bay.
So I continued along the coastal path to the ledges
and  set up at one of my usual spots.
Two rods were set up with 3/0 and 4/0 pennell pully 
 Baits taken were Squid, frozen Blacks, Hermit crabs 
and Mackerel.
I started fishing at 09.30 and packed up at 14.00.
Due to an injury I decided not
to climb down the cliff and fish till low water.
A small Codling and two small Whiting
took Squid / Blacks cocktail just before the top of the tide
at 11.27.
There was some weed and gunk
causing a few problems
but with light wind and flat calm
another good session but no diner.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Chesil Beach 18-12-16

Trundled down Weymouth way
Yesterday, arriving at 
Chesil  Bait and Tackle
at 12.00.
Jason and Hannah arrived 5 minutes later.
With a shed load of bait
we tootled down to the shingle
and were fishing by 13.00.
My first fish was this Coalie???
Yes a Coalie from the shore
a FIRST and a P.B. as well.
 It was a real learning curve for me.
Thanks to Jason's 
patience and advice I soon learnt
 the tricks to fishing this spot.
 Jason was surprised at the drop
from the top of the second shelf
to sea level.
It had changed drastically
since the week before.
The actual fishing slow,
however it was frantic compared
to the Severn Estuary / Bristol Channel. 

It was warm and overcast
wit out any wind.
The only sign of the sun
was at sunset.

 Other fish caught were
Pouting and Doggies.
 Baits used were
Squid, Mackerel, Hermit Crab
Frozen Black Lug and Rag
Pulley rigs were the order of the day.
We fished 4 hours down
and 3 up.
Wow what a cracking trip.
Luckily the fog was not 
as bad as forecasted.
So the journey down
and back were clear.
Roll on 31-12-16
for a family session down there.

Two sessions at the Pipes 12 &13-12-16

I managed a couple of trips
to the Pipes near Severn Beach.
Squid and Lug on
Pulley rigs
were used.

First tide was at 17.46
and 13.1mtr.
I fished 1600 till 19.00.

Expecting the usual weed and grass
that covers the line
at this time of the year.
I was not let down,
with every cast a real hassle
when I wound in.
Most of the time I had to cut 
the shock leader off
to be able to clear the
muck off.

Well the result a big

Next day 
i fished 
17.00 till 19.30
high was at 18.37
and 13.7mtrs.

The gunk was worse
The result the same.

Blankity Blank,

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

No fish but still a P.B. 23-11-16

Last minute change of venue did not pay off.
I intended to fish the muddy pipes but
I thought the recent rain would have carried
down more rubbish than was the case.
So low tide at New Passage was my second choice.
I have, in the past, had good results here,
so was ever hopeful.
Well the gullies were the same,
but there were a few new obstruction
placed in various places.
Well with Rag and small Squid 
for bait I started fishing at 09.30.
The rag baits were coming back partly stripped
but the ones tipped with Squid were not touched.
It was flat calm at first but the
wind steadily picked up all day.
                                                      Packed up at high tide, 14.30 as originally planed.                               Well not a bite.
I did manage to foul hook
the largest Prawn I have ever seen.
So a P.B. there.

Monday, 14 November 2016

A walk to pick up my lost rig 14-11-16.

Warning there is deep mud in this area
and on big tides the water rises very rapidly.
Do not fish this area unless your with someone who knows the
I popped down 
to get back my lost rig
from last evening.
This post is covered in netting 
and was what I was trying to miss.
However I fell short of the gully by this post
and ended in thick mud.
I found my rig had dug in 6 inches deep in the mud 
the shock leader wrapped round the post.
 Having my rig in a bucket
I photo graphed the area for a future fishing trip.
Its firm ground out to a gully in the distance
and firmish ground in between.
 The ground all across here is firm but not 
to the right of this photo.
 As can be seen there is a lot of mud back towards the shore
some of it is quite deep.
 I will only fish this the gully on small
Big tides I will fish from just the other side of the
grass backing up to where I took this photo.
Please take great care here,
retreat early giving your self plenty of time
to get to high 

Back out to use up the the bait. Not unlucky 13th-11-16

With a little Rag and Squid
left over from last night,
I fished the pipes.
I walked out to meet the tide.
However it didn't go to plan.
First cast ended in the rig diving into mud
and not the water.
I had to break off and retreat
back and tackle back up.
 Fishing again I used
2 pulley rigs
One with whole Squid one with Rag.
With an evening like this
it was sheer pleasure to out.
Again flat calm.
High was at 6pm and 13.6mtrs.
 Half an hour before
high water
a tiny rattle on the whole Squid
produced this
Well by 7pm
I was out of bait and walking back to the car.
Another brilliant trip.

Loads of mud and a Flounder. 12-11-16

Decided to try out a gully
down Severn Beach way
on Saturday.
With a 12.8 mtr tide at 5.15pm
I headed down there for 3pm.
The tide was just filling the gully I 
was aiming for.
A walk out to meet the tide
with two rods and a bait bucket.
I was using Rag on a Wishbone rig with Whole Squid
on a Pennell Pulley rig.
 From the start
the expected gunk on the line was a pain
but thankfully none of the grass and weed
was around.
So a lot of pining was needed when 
I wound in.
 As can be seen it was like a mill pond
and warm with it.
The baits were not being touched
so it was a surprise 
when a slight rattle 
produced this plump 12 inch
Flounder at high tide.
With the tide rapidly receding
I decided to head home at 6pm. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Back to the Ledges. 09.11.16

As my first choice of venue was blown off
I decided to fish a deep water mark.
So back to the ledges. 
Started at 8am 
and fished till my bait ran out, around 2.30.
Fished the usual rigs at first
but at around 10.00 I tried out a
Wishbone rig
Lug, Rag, Squid and Mackerel were the usual baits,
with a good mix of all of them or on there own.
From the first cast, the big baits were coming
back wrecked, without seeing any bites.
The Lug and Rag baits were stripped within 
10 minutes.
 The Lug and Rag baits were stripped within 
10 minutes.
Even with 1/0 Wishbone rigs
Eventually I found the culprits,
Two came in, on two separate casts (yes 4 in total).
There was a good gusty, westerly wind.
As can be seen it got a bit splashy at times
but otherwise no hassles.  
In the end I caught a Conger
about 3ft long and managed to loose another, line so 
both reels will be respooled and serviced.
I think I lost due to dodgy 
At least I managed an escape, and enjoyed it as usual.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Ladye Bay. 02-11-16

Another few hours out the house,
so down to the Ledges again.
High water was at 08.24 
and 12.6mtrs.
I fished 06.00 till 11.00.
Usual baits and rigs were
Weather was cool 
with a light breeze from the north.
The sun did come out later 
though it didn't get high
enough to shine on the ledges. 
Well, it was very slow,
just 4 tiny Whiting
and 2 tiny Codling.
Not such a good trip.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lady Bay Ledges 26-10-16

With Squid, Mackerel, Lug and Rag 
I got to my chosen spot on the ledges
at 1pm.
High water was 5.05pm ans 11.2m.
As can be seen there was a light chop on the sea
with a slight southerly wind.
This is one of 4 fishing boats from
Portishead anchored off 1st point.
 For the first couple of hours
the baits were not touched.
It was not until the tide began to slacken
that the first bite was seen.
This produced this Doggie (Cat shark)
on the Squid Mackerel cocktail wrap pennell pulley rig.
 Next bite, which I didn't see was a tiny
Whiting on Lug over Rag pennell pulley rig.
 Not long after, another drop back bite produced
another Doggie.
Then I had two more good rattles on the Squid / Mackerel
On both, the bait  came back totally wrecked.
Third time lucky on the rattles produced
this strap Conger.
 Another three tiny Whiting were caught
on the worm rig. Even with 4/0 hooks
they were lip hooked so went back alive
and kicking.
So with the bait having run out
ant the sun going to bed
I packed up at 6pm.
Once again another
great trip but this time with more success.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

All aboard the AMARISA. 22-10-16

07.00 this morning
a mixed bunch of family and now friends
boarded the AMARISA 
at Weymouth.
 With a four hour trip 
we settled down for the voyage out.
 Under the raised bridge
the skipper pointed the bow towards the 
chosen spot.
Straight away the wind was stronger
than forecast, and a bumpy
ride was had by all.
 The one thing that had not
read the script were the
I was first in with a surprise
Mackerel, then several more
were caught.
Squid, Mackerel, were the main baits
plus some Lug.
The skipper caught a small Smoothound
a couple of Doggies were also boated.
The skipper gave gave us an extra hour as the fishing was so hard.
I made the best of the time
by catching this

On the order
"Wind in"
from the skipper
I hauled in a small Doggie.
So all in all a very pleasant trip
with a very jovial bunch of fishermen
and crew.
We steamed back to Weymouth.
Really looking forward to the next trip. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Portishead Yacht Club Slipway. 12-10-16.

Once again I found myself
setting up at 07.00 
for a 10.50 low water.
Used 4/0 Pennel Pulley rigs
Loaded with Rag or whole Squid
As can be seen the mud at
low water totally covers the concrete slipway.
Take care the mud can be deep
in places so don't go off the edge of the slipway. 
Well once again only a small Whiting
was caught.
One whole Squid was taken 
with a drop back bite.
Unfortunately I failed to connect
and the rig came back empty.  

New Passage again 05-10-16

Again I tried here as this spot can be productive,
With high water at 10.18 
and 12.1m.
I set up at 07.00
Bait as usual was Lug, Rag and Squid.
Wishbone and Pulley rigs as usual.
Weather as can be seen was great
except for that chilly and gusty north east breeze.
Well, the story is short.
Just one tiny Whiting.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Passage blank. 20-09-16

Decided to try this spot as its been 
a productive spot for me in the past.
So getting down there at 8am,
I walked out to meet the tide.

Once again lost line caused problems again but this time
I managed to drag another
three lots of line and rigs in.
The fish up here must have still been in bed, as I didn't
get a bite.
High water was at 10.26 and 13.7m.
I only had rag this trip and used my usual

14 meter tide in the drizzle. 19-09-16

With Ragworm, Squid and Mackerel
in the bait bucket, I walked from Severn Beach
to my chosen spot by the pipes.
High water was 09.46.
Having been caught in traffic due to 
traffic light failure
I still managed to set up by 08.00 and wade 
out through the mud for the first cast.
Well with the usual rigs and bait combinations
and mixes I failed to get a bite before high water.
Every thing got soaked with the continuous
I was amazed that the wishbone rig
rod rattled.
Oh no, not a Snottie (Silver Eel),
but yes a Snottie.
Luckily it didn't tangle it up. 
 The next cast produced
a good pull on the rod tip.
A nice plump Flounder 
took a liking to Rag.
 That was the end of the fish action.
I now it was a waiting game  for the 
tide to clear three of my rigs.
Something had snagged my rigs
and so I waded out through
the mud.
Eventually I found them snagged on
a large length of 50lb + line.
I never found what it was connected to.
At least I had my rigs back.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Ladye Bay 27-08-16

With Lug, Rag, Squid and Crab
in the bait bucket,
I risked the M5 traffic
to head for Clevedon.
I arrived at my chosen swim
at 08.45.
As can be seen about 20 mtrs of
rocks and weed and then sand.
Usual rigs were used.
From the first cast till the last cast
the little fish were a pain.
Nibbling the hooks clean.
The high water was at 15.30
and 10.4 mtrs.
It was overcast with a northerly breeze and 
a single light shower.
Thankfully I didn't get hit by one of those thunder storms,
that passed east of Bristol
With actual fish staying on the hook
few and far between,
I was none to pleased
when these two fishing boats
passed less than 200 mtrs out.
You'd think they would have steared
clear of fisherman on the coast.
In the end I had 
1 x Whiting, 2 x Codling
and this
All taking ragworm.
There were five other fishermen
who all had the same result,
except one lucky fisherman who managed
to reel in a 7 inch Smothound.
I packed up at high water, looking forward to my next
fishing trip.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Rockingham at last. 24-08-16

At last a fishing trip.
What free time I've had
I have been chasing trains or aircraft
but the fishing bug has dragged me back.
Fished from 9.30 till 1pm,
high water was at 12.07
an d 12.4 mtrs.
Bait was Rag and Squid.
Usual Wishbone rig and Pennel pullies.
As usual my first cast into shallow water
as the tide is still covering the mud flats.
A small snotty Silver Eel had taken a liking to 
Ragworm on the Wishbone.
Luckily it didn't tie any knots.
This car transporter was arriving at Portbury Dock.
 In front of my chosen was spot was this 
sunken wood vessel.
Well that was the end of any action until
high water.
A slight rattle on the Wishbone rod 
produced a lovely Dover Sole
to say I was pleased?
Yes indeed what a cracking fish.

Well that was the last of any signs
of life,
except for sea birds.
The weather was warm and sunny
with a north / northeasterly breeze. 
Might escape again on Sunday
maybe Ladye Bay me thinks.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Beaten by my son. Ladye Bay ledges.11-06-16

Headed down to the ledges for a few hours with Jason.
Tide was at 12.15 and 11.2m.
I started at 08.45 with Squid and frozen crab.

Well it was very slow until
about an hour before high water.
When Jason had a classic Thorny bite
on Macheral bait.
This beautifully marked Thornback Ray
of around 5ld 
was Jay's first ever Thorny 
and he was well stoked.
He hasn't stopped smiling and talking about it
all day.
My turn a short while later
with the rain coming down,
was this 15 inch Codling on
a cocktail of Lug, Rag and fresh peeler crab.
Jay's turn again after the rain
was this Cat Shark "AKA Dogfish"
For the last hour of fishing after
high water,
I had two Strap Conger
in quick succession.
It was a warm muggy day
with drizzle at times.
Tea shirt fishing
is so good.
Now time to service my
and remake some rigs.
Another nice fishing trip.