Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nice 6 hours down Portishead way. 24-06-12

Decided to use up the 
left over bait from my last trip.
Looking at the weather and 
thinking about the 
problems of the last trip,
I decided to fish the 
shingle bank at the Yacht club.

Fishing from 07.00 till 13.30
high was at 10.59 

Weather was dull then light showers
as the cloud broke up
and warm.
Stiff gusty breeze
was from the south west.

Baits were
rag, lug and squid.

Rigs used were 
wishbone pennel pulley and 3 hook flapper.

I had 3 known bites
two were codling around
One was caught about 8.30
the other 45 minutes before 
high water.

The third was a possible 
The bite was a good pull down
and line was pulled off the reel.
On striking I could feel the fish
but the rig was snagged.

It pulled well and
I guessed I was also dragging
in a rock.
However the rig snagged
and the line broke.
I found the rig as tide
and it was well tangled
and indeed had a rock

Friday, 22 June 2012

Wet, windy and loads of washing

Fished down Rockingham
this morning, 22-06-12.
Wet and windy conditions greeted me
on the grass bank.
Set up my usual wishbone rig
and pennel pulley rig.
First rod out baited with 
rag and lug,
fell around 20mtrs short of my usual distance.
The tide was pushing in about 20 / 30
minutes earlier than usual.
Brad from Bristol Angling Centre
also came down and decided to
only use one rod.
Straight away the line was covered
with grass and weed,
which caused us both trouble
while winding in.
After another couple of casts,
we gave up and went home.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Manor Farm Lake, Linear Fishery.

My middle son Jason
has seen the light!
He no longer chases 
the women as much,
he chases CARP.
Not my style
but some fine fish.
 Caught on Tiger nuts 
a bed of
 His best was 31lb 6oz
He also managed a nice Tench and other
Welcome back to the real 
world Jay.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Baltic Wharf 20-06-12

Had a pole session down the 
this morning.
Fished from 08.00 till 12.00.
Maggot and Caster were the hook bait
fished over my usual 
ground bait with added liquidized 
bread, with loose fed maggot, hemp, halibut pellet
and caster.
Perch, Roach and Dace
up to 6oz
were feeding really well.
With 3lb of mixed grill in the net by 10.00. 
they legged it and then I
Struggled to get a bite.
However this nice
Rudd was a real surprise.
What a beauty.
 Rusty popped down with
the Gandkids
as did Andrew,
who used my spare
top 4 with Kyle.
They managed to catch
the biggest fish of the day
a plump Roach of about
Another great day's fishing.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

First river trip of the new season. 17-06-12

Popped down to some of my old haunts
on the Bristol Frome today.
Trotting a
Drennan No 2 Avon float
on 6lb main line
to size 14 hook on 3lb hook length.
Started on my usual Chub swin,
Failed to catch a Chub but managed
4 small Roach and 3 Dace plus the usual Minnows. 
 That swim died off as expected
so moved down stream 50 or so mtrs
that failed to produce anything.
Another move to below a weir 
produced 7 chub to 1/2lb plus more Roach again to 1/2lb.
 Another move and no bites until 
I changed to bread flake.
Then the Chub really switched on.
Using my new Maver 12ft Abyss X match rod
with Okuma Sheffield S 1002
Centre Pin reel,
I trotted along the flow crease.
The chub were taking the flake on the drop
giving a good scrap.
The best was 1lb 9oz, 
really plump.
Maggot was the other bait used.

Watch out! Loads of people and dogs
use the paths. So fish it early or late
and on rainy days for best results. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Harescombe Fishery, Stroud 04-06-12

Went up to Stroud to try out
my son, Andrew's, local fishery.
A 4 lake fishery,
1 x Match lake
3 x mixed fish lakes.
We fished the north bank
of the largest lake.
Fished from
08.00 till 16.00.
Andrew has this lake wrapped round his fingers,
and from the off caught steadily.
Carp all the way, up to 12lb.
I struggled but still managed
a hand full of Carp and a Bream.
My first fish, about 7lb 4oz
was caught on a waggler rod 
and Centre Pin Reel.
My first carp caught with a
centre pin reel.
The fishery is tucked 
away in a very secluded area.
Nice and quiet compared to most
venues around Bristol.
Happy chappy Andrew.
with a near double Mirror Carp
caught on Tuttie Fruttie sweet corn.
2lb 6oz Bream
caught on the pole
to chocolate pellet.
Still Andrew caught, mostly
on the feeder under a Willow tree 
on the far bank.
We were told by the owner
the fishery was fishing quite poorly
because of the recent
bad weather.
What's it like on a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!