Saturday, 13 April 2013

Porpoises off Rockingham 13-04-13

I popped down to the grass bank
again to use up
the left over bait.
Usual tactics were used.
Result 2 more flounder.

Whilst there I noticed
some Porpoises
feeding off the bank.
Some were with in 10 feet of the bank.
Sorry for the poor quality
of the video.
The camera could not focus on the sea.

Rockingham 12-04-13

Back to the grass bank for
a 13.2mtr tide.
High water was at
so fished 07.30 till 10.30.
As can be seen the tide
came well over the bank.
I used a line from
my main rods to
the specimen rod,
I must go past this line to ensure
I don't end up swimming.
 Usual rigs and bait were used.
This time I managed
4 flounder.
I guess the southerly wind
woke the fish up.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Rockingham 07-04-13

With enough bait left over for a short session,
I popped down to the local grass bank.
Light southeaster
and calm sea
greeted me.

Again usual rigs
and baits
a keeper flounder
on the first cast.
I also had a fair few
nibbles and rattles
through out the session.

I fished from 16.15
till 19.30
high water was at 18.15.

Portishead Slipway 05-04-13

Or should I say
Mud, Mud, horrible Mud.

I fished from 06.30
low water was 10.00
and fished till 12.00.

As can be seen the mud
was bad.
At low water I could not get 
nearer than about 30mtrs
from the water at low tide.

The wind was a gusty cold northwester.

Baits were the usual Squid, lug and rag.
With wishbone and pulley rigs.

Result= a gurt big BLANK.
Baits were not touched.