Sunday, 27 February 2011

Snuff Mill 24-02-11

My younger brother Micheal popped down for a few days
and wanted to try some "trotting a river fishing".
Well with the Frome feeling a bit under the weather,
running with some light brown colour, we had a chuck or two.
Maggot was the bait, reds and whites, and 5BB
Avon and 4BB stick floats to size 18 hooks.

Micheal was first in with this P.B. (personal best) Minnow

He was well chuffed, bless him.
Then he pulled in a nice surprise
a small Dace. First one I've seen here ever.
Magic having these great little fish on this stretch.
My turn next, I manged this little Brown Trout
Micheal's favorite fish.
A very slow couple of hours fishing,
good fun and good company.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Portishead Yacht Club

Using up left over bait I headed
to the shingle bank.
Everything the same as Sundays trip
including the size of fish.
High water was at 09.54 and 14 mtrs.
Flat calm and misty.
I managed to miss a possible Thornback Ray whilst
winding in through the rocks and weed.
Great bite, bit of a rattle, then a slow
pull down of the rod tip.
It stayed still for a while, more rattles
then a good drop back.
Also had a hook length bitten through on a gentle rattle.
An other enjoyable mornings fishing.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Pipes near Severn Beach 20-02-11

Popped down to the Pipes this morning
Fished 06.50 till 10.00.
High was 14.4mtrs at 08.00.
Used 3/0 pennel pulley rigs
and 1/0 Wishbone rigs.
Baits used were Lug and Rag worm.
It was a dull, flat calm morning with
a light south easterly now and again.

First bite was around 07.20 on the Wishbone.
with a few more bites till o8.30
when this little 8 inch Codling took
a lug baited pennel pulley rig.
Had 10 bites in all but only little knocks.
With 5 other anglers near by and not seeing anything else
caught looks as if the codling stayed in bed.

The worst problem was the grass a weed causing a
lot of washing on the line and getting stuck in the eyes.

Thats why I go fresh water fishing at this time of the year.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dutchess 08-02-11

Back to lake this morning.
The fog was so thick when I got there at 08.00
that I could not see the bank opposite me.
This was taken at around 10.00.
The photo below was taken around 11.30!

This is the swim I fished
the same one as last time.
I used a ledge / feeder rod about 15mtrs beyond
my kit, around a meter from the edge of the reeds.
Later I cast it out around 30mtrs straight out.
I also used 2BB AND 4BB waggler floats
straight out in front as well as to the left and right.
Baits used were homemade bread crumb (very cheep)
ground bait with hemp, maggots, caster, sweetcorn
and mixed pellets.
Well it was alright whilst it was foggy,
catching on the float regularly.
As the sun burnt the fog away
so the bite dwindled.
Result Ledger / Feeder NIL again.
Float 31 roach and 1 Gudgen (New new species for the season)
Weight 1ld 15 and a 1/4oz.
Best Roach 13 1/4oz.
Hmmm hard days fishing but the weather superb.

The carp angler who fished the other bank had not
caught anything by the time I left.

Hay Ho! thats fishing.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Snuff Mill 03-02-11

Went back down to the Frome again
This time I started at a swim below Vassalls Park
It used to produce some nice Roach
at this time of the year as well as Chub.
One hour later and not a bite.
Bread Mash used to be a great ground bait
with Maggot as lose feed and hook bait.
This photo shows the view down stream

I then moved down to the Chub swim
3 Roach came to the bread mash /maggot approach
Again the number of fish is well down on
how it used to be.
This roach was just short of a 1ld.
I do love Roach, what a lovely fish

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Change of plan pays off

I had planed to fish Dutchess again,
but when I got there it was still frozen!!
So went 1/4 mile down the road to
the River Frome at Snuff Mill.

Would have gone to the Stapleton stretch but they are
building a new cycle track along there.
Its very noisy.

This photo shows the second swim I tried, the
first was just beyond the green bush to the right.
Not a bite!!!
So I moved up to the Chub swim.
It payed off on the first cast with a Minnow,
followed next cast by another.

Then I missed a couple of bites by better fish
but dropped them.

This Roach around 1/4ld was the last fish I caught.
This Trout I reckon was the culprit
of the earlier dropped bites.
Around 1/2ld.
This was my second Chub weighing in at
1ld 15 1/2oz.
My first Chub was this 4ld and 1/2oz chap.
Nice little fight on 3ld line.

Bait was good old maggots over bread mash.
Fished from 08.30 till 11.00.
To many dogs around causing trouble trying to get the bait?!!!