Monday, 26 October 2009

New Passage 26-10-09

Fished my Conger spot this morning near New Passage.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nautical School 14-10-09

Fished this muddy spot from 08.00 till 13.00.
Low tide was at 11.00.
Baits were my usual, Ragworm, Squid and Mackeral.
Once again the rigs were Live bait rigs with size 2 - 3/0 hooks.
First cast out and very quickly whilst setting up my second rod
I had a drop back bite. But I missed it.
Then I managed to get both rods out.
One of the rods had a very slow pull down of the tip, Oh no not weed thinks I.
A few minutes later it slowly lifted back up and then rattled.
I struck into the bite and yahoo weight on.
Shortly this Thorney was on the weedy rocks. Around the 8 to 9 ld mark
So after that I had two more fish on the bank,
one was this tiny Conger and the other a tiny Codling.
As can be seen its a bit muddy and there are some rocks
out there that catch your rigs.
As can be seen,a flat calm and quite warm.
Not good for catching COD!!!!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Rockingham 04-10-09

Arrived at Rockingham at 06.00 and set up three rods.
Two Diawa STS13RGM with SL2OSH multiplyers,
and my Abu Garcia Specimen 2 1/4ld test curve rod.
Baits used were Rag, Squid and Mackie.
The first fish was this plump little Codling which fell to
Zipp slider running ledger to size 1 hook with Rag worm.
This rig was only cast out no more than 20yrds.
Then a Whiting was pulled in on one one of the RGM rods,
the Whiting were all caught with Rag / Squid cocktail.
The other RGM also had a small Codling on when wound in.
I didn't see the bites on either one of the two RGMs.
In all I ended up with 19 fish but only 2 were keepers.
7 Codling (2 keepers), 6 Whiting and 6 Snotties.
The Abu rod at 20yrds had 8 of the fish with one of the keepers
which included all the the Snotties.
This bunch of weed luckily was only a problen on the ebb tide.

The high tide was at 08.00 and was 12.7mtrs.
Weather was warm and light winds.
I fished untill 09.30 when the tide had got to the
bottom of the bank.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Newton Point 01-10-09 High Tide

Lugworm cast on Newton Beach.
My Grandson popped over from Bristol with his Mum and Dad
helped to catch this little Blenny.
Can just be seen at the bottom of the photo.
Same tacktics as the day before produced
this small Edible Crab, New Species for me.

My son caught this Schoolie Bass

This snotty Eel took Sandeel on the float.

Newton Point 30-09-09 High Tide

My Drennan No 4 Pike float which takes
1oz weight to cock it. It works really well.
The rocks on the left is where I started but I soon got off there.
A larger wave than usual swell washed over it about 5 minutes after I
got off it.
I would have lost my camera and the rest of my kit.
PHEW?!!!!!This is all I caught out of 8 to 10 bites.
Nothing came to the ledgered bait.

Casting out to the left of that rock in the back ground
gets your rig onto the sand / rock area.
The local fishermen were chasing the Mullet
but they were not out to play.

The Ragworm really did get the bites but yours trully
could not get the fish on the shore.

Newton Point 30-09-09 Low Tide

This spot I believe is called the Pipe.
This shows the rocks to right which I was was spinning from.
This the left hand side again I tried spinning from here.

The various Lures used over a two hour period .
I did get a take but I missed what ever it was.
Must try harder.
Rag worm out far on a flowing trace rig, produced this
Ballen Wrasse.
I was told there were loads of Doggies out there
but they must have gone on holiday as this was all I caught
over low tide.

In the back ground are the rocks where I was casting from
over the high tide later that day.

This area is a bit of a tackel grave! so be warned.

Newton Beach 29-09-09

Had a few days over at Tracco Bay, Porthcawl.
Yep I did take my fishing rods (of cause).
Well I fished fished detween Tracco Bay and the Ogmore
river. A little small gully amongst a rocky area of the beach.
Snotty Silver Eel

I had plenty of rattles on both my Diawa 13RGM beach caster
and my Shimano Hyperloop Barble XT.

Bait was Ragworm, squid and sandeel.
Most bites were on the ragworm.
Schoolie Bass

The results of three hours of the flood to high tide can be seen
I keep catching the baby fish???!!