Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Dry, wet and windy.18-11-15

Another free morning saw me
setting up on the ledges at
Ladye Bay.
It was quite warm with a south westerly breeze.
At first it was clear but later 
the cloud thickened and then the rain
came down with the very gusty wind was back.
The usual rigs and baits were used
with the first cast at 07.20.
High water was at 11.00 and 11.4 mtrs.
There was a lot of Bladderwort
weed floating past so I knew 
there would be problems,
however it was only an annoyance.
The first fish was a 3 inch Whiting
taking Lug and Squid cocktail
on a 4/0 hook.
 This poor Kittiwake had taken
a battering at some time.
Its left leg was broken in two places
and the right on had a gash on it.
It could still fly but stayed about 10 feet from me
most of the session.
However by the time I left
it was well fed.

This is the first Kittiwake 
 I've seen this far up the channel.
Just about at the top of the tide
I pulled in this Doggie (Cat Shark)
to Squid wrapped in Lug and Rag.
The wind by now was gusting happily
and the rain started making the
rock quite slippery.
By 12.00 the weed was back and the 
rocks were very slippery.
So I decided to pack up.
I only managed one more tiny
Whiting which was foul hooked.
So ended another enjoyable fishing trip.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wow that was windy. 15-11-15

With some worm baits left over and 
some Squid I once again drove down
to Rockingham.
Getting there at 06.30
I realized that I was in for a 
windy session.
Getting down to the grass bank
I knew I was in for rough time.
Setting up the usual rigs I was surprised to see that the 
tide was coming in quicker than normal.
This made me move everything 
back from the drop off by 20 - 30 feet.
 The weed was bad from the start 
combined with the wind and the 
waves there was no chance of
seeing any bites.
None of the bait was touched,
so with the waves cresting the top of the bank
 and the weed blocking the top eye
before the shock leader knot was out of the water
I called time.
That is the first time I had to take my glasses off
while fishing
and they were the worst
condition I have ever fished.
I was packed up by by 08.20
High water was at 09.00.
As can be seen in the video
the surge was well over the bank with 
40 minutes to the top of the tide.
I did enjoy it, except for that mass
of weed. The only way to get the weed off was cutting the line
but as my glasses were covered on spray  very quickly,
tying shock leaded knots was a real pain. 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The edge of ex Hurricane Kate. 14-11-15

The local forecaster last night said 
it would be the rain and not the wind
that would be the problem
and he was right.
I went down to Rockingham
with my son, arriving at
It was raining but the wind was lighter
than I thought it would be.
It was also quite warm.
Two rods were loaded with
lug, rag and squid.
3/0 - 4/0 pennel pullies
and wishbone rigs were used. 
First cast produced a small
Codling on the wishbone rig,
followed by an other a couple
of casts later.
The Bladder Seaweed now
became a problem, with large clumps of it
floating by and snagging our lines.
With one of these pulling my rig
along the bottom, I had no choice
but to wind it in.
While pulling the weed and other
rubbish (including plastic),
from the shock leader knot,
I felt the line pulling out.
This was a Codling of 
between 1 1/2 and 2ld.
This one had taken squid.
As can be seen from this photo
it was quite muddy
 The fish now seemed to have stopped feeding
as it was a while before once again
I pulled in an other Codling (slightly smaller this time)
again hidden by weed which also hid the bite.
That was all before high tide, 08.26 and 12.6mtrs.
There were no more signs of life and by
09.00 we were proper drowned rats.
So with more weed and now logs floating down tide
we decide to call it a day.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Out sea fishing. 11-11-13

Deciding I wanted some thing different
I headed down for a low tide session at 
Ladye Bay Clevdon.
Low water was just after 1.15pm,
I arrived there at 09.30.
This strange vessel was passing by,
it carries Wings and other aircraft
parts for Airbus industries.
 Well I set up using two rods,
on using a Wishbone rig
the other a 1/0 - 4/0 pulley rig.
Straight off a small Codling
took Lug on the Wishbone.
For the next hour I was plagued
by tiny fish.
6 Small Codling, 2 small Pouting, 1 tiny Whiting
and the smallest Conger I've ever caught.
So I now used 4/0 - 4/0 pennel pulley rigs.
 With the hooks being stripped of worm baits
by these small fish, I used small Squid
This however stopped the bites completely,
the worm carried on being stripped off
but the Squid was not touched. 
 The tide was a 12.8mtr,
which showed a lot of sand.
It was a nice to have a change
of fishing style
not of the same result.
Had a nice chat with my eldest son
who popped down to give me some support.
That climb down and then back up again
has played havoc with my knees.
Should be out tomorrow morning
at Rockingham.

Just the one! and a blank.

Well at last a couple of minutes to catch up on
catches or not as the case maybe.
 Up to the Avon on 13-10-15
arriving at 13.00. Usual baits in hand
with six swims baited up on the walk down stream.
Well the normal tactics with both feeder rod and
float rod produced some signs of life in the first swim,
with this 3ld 15oz Chub taking maggot
to the float.
But that was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not another bite or sign of a bite from the six swims
not even bob of the float.

On the 20-10-15
I decided to try at Upper Christian Malford
I fished here before and had some good
However once again
I failed to catch anything
not even a bite.

Great shame as it is a very nice venue.
Well that was it I with having to spend
time at home again.
So no fishing for a few weeks.