Thursday, 25 June 2015

Another trip to Limply Stoke, 23-06-15

Another day with time out,
so back to Limply.
Today I arrived early and set up and fed my usual swim.
 Then I walked along the bank checking out possible new swims,
ones that looked like they may
be worth a cast or two were fed
with hemp and corn plus my pellet mix.
Then it was back to my chosen swim,
I used my normal mix of pellet and doilies,
as well as sweet corn and worm.
Well the Chub were sun bathing and not interested
in any of my offerings.
Then the first of five canoes
cam by. Straight over where my baits were. 
 So leaving one ledger rod out
I set up the float rod 
with instant success.
These little Chub were really
hungry for chopped worm,
as were some small Trout.
 Can you spot the two
hot air balloons?
These drifted sedately over
from west to east.   
Well the fishing was poor the river
was low, slow and very clear. 
The Chub I saw were on the surface
and not interested in feeding.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

16-06-15 Open day on the rivers.

Car loaded and on the road by 1.00pm.
At Limply Stoke, at 2.00pm, I had my second choice of swim
below the weir.
Low clear and slow 
was the order of the day,
with bright sunshine and light down stream breeze.
 Well that was a poor choice as it turned out
lovely setting but a hook killer.
I used up 10 hooks in total, out of
around 20 casts.
The river bottom must have had
a lot of rocks and stones
which blunted the hooks.
So at 4.45pm I decided to move around a mile down stream.
Here there was a continuous hatch of various 
midges and other aquatic winged bugs.
So settling in for the evening, I cast one rod to the far bank 
and the other down the near side bank. 
 So with no signs of fishy movements
I was surprised when the near bank rod pulled round slowly.
This produced a 3lb perfect Chub, quite
plump compared to the the early season
Chub last year. 
 At around 10 to 8 the far bank rod
bent round and the bait runner reel
peeled off a load of line.
This 4lb 1oz Chub had signs that it had already
been caught or spawning damage.
 Whilst I was sorting the Chub
my other rod started nodding.
This produced this little Brown Trout
on pellet and worm cocktail.
 Then around 10 to nine
this 2lb 15oz Chub took a liking to
a boillie on the far bank.
That was the end of the fishy business for the evening.
However the wild life was great.
With a Mink grabbing a duckling
and the Mum pecked it a couple of times,
the Mink dropped the duckling
and ran off.
Mum swam off with her three little ducklings safe for now.
A Wren flew across the river with 3 little ones following,
they are tiny. 
Plus the usual Kingfishers, Buzzards and many other birds 
it was a great start to the 2015 / 2016 river season.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tuesday 16-06015

BUT I have not made up my mind yet.

Christian Malford
Limply Stoke?