Sunday, 20 March 2016

Out at last. 16-03-16

As she who must be obeyed has had her operation
and all seems to be getting better,
I decided to hit the Bristol Channel
at Ladye Bay.
So getting down there at 06.35
with Lug, Rag and Peeler Crab.
The usual pulley rigs with 4/0 hooks.
The weather was cloudy and chilly with a 
north east gusty breeze.  
From the off  my rigs were being
pulled out after some rattles.
So I had to reel in more often
then usual.
Low water was at 06.30ish
with high water around 12.20
and only 10.5mtrs.
Well I soon had the first Codling on the rocks,
a tiny 4 inch fish.
Slowly the bigger fish were banked,
the next around 6 inches then 8 inches.
by 11.15 this near 4lb Codling was banked.
Well by 12.30 the bait had run out
without any more fish.
Yet again a very enjoyable trip.