Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bit better at Dutchess

I got down to the lake at 08.00 and set up my ledger rod
with sweetcorn as the bait over sweetcorn and trout pellet ground bait.
Size 12 hair stopped hook,
on 5ld line

The float rod set up was size 18 hook on 2ld 5oz hook length,
with 2BB onion float.
Bait was Maggot, over Maggot, sweetcorn, bread mash
and trout pellet groundbait.

Second fish was this 7oz roach taking single
red maggot.
This time I fished the north eastern corner.
To my left was an area cut down sedges and the outlet.
To my right was a large bed of reeds,
My ledger rod was cast around 10 yards
along these reeds and about 2 feet out from them.
I fished the float rod about 30 feet straight out in front
of me where the depth drops about18 inches.
I kept changing between the top, bottom and the drop off
to stay with the fish.
I had around 40 Roach, the best was this
15oz fella. Not sure why it had all those scales
I also had around 25 Skimmers the best around 5oz.

The weather was cloudy at first then nice sunny sky
and then back to cloud. A light northerly was blowing all day
and quite chilly.
There was ice to my left along the margins all day!!

All the fish were caught on the float rod.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dutchess Lake 18-01-11

Back to Dutchess again on a frosty and
sunny day.

Started fishing with the same up as before.

This time I was on the opposite bank
casting the float out to the island.
with the ledger cast tight as I could
to the reeds to my left.
This time I only had maggots and Halibut pellets.

What a plonker I was, having left the sweetcorn and bread
which were to have been the main baits used.
The bigger fish were tucked up in bed I guess,
with the small Roach and Skimmers playing very hard to get.
About 30 fish may have made 1 and 1/2ld if I was Lucky.

All fish were caught on red maggot.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

River Frome, up and running

The River Frome well and truely in a rush!

The weir at Snuff Mills nearly under.

Some of the swims that I use are unfishable?!

Dutchess lake after 2 days of rain

Popped down to Dutchess lake this morning
and after 2 days continuous rain this is
how it looked.
This is the swim I fished on Tuesday.
Where I was sitting is now under around a foot of water!!!!

The lake is about 3 feet deeper than when I fished it.

Also see

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Dutchess Lake 11-01-11

Chose to fish Dutchess again
as I still needed to practice casting with light weights
and floats.

Again I chose the end of the island swim so as to get used to casting
close into reeds.

Same set up as on Sunday and used the same baits.

The ledger / feeder was cast to the island
and also out to the middle of the lake.

The Quiver rod had a couple of small knocks but no proper takes.

The float rod however produce from the off.
A 5BB waggler float was used first because of the
the strong westerly wind. I cast out into the lee of the island,
and had a small Roach straight away.
The bites came steadily through the rest of the day.
9 out of 10 Roach preferred Single red maggot.
In total I had over 70 Roach and three
Skimmer Bream the best fish of the day
was this 3ld 14oz Bream.
During the day I changed down to smaller floats,
as the wind eased down and changed to the north west.

It was cloudy at first but the sun eventually came out.

Another great day out.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dutchess Lake 09-01-11

Decided at the last minute to go down to the
local lake instead of the River Frome.
I chose the swim at the east end of the island.
Fishing to the point of the island with a ledger set up.
I also used a waggler set up, casting slightly to the right of the above
photo. From close in by some reeds out to around half way.

When I first got there over 1/2 of the east end of the lake was covered by ice.
That knocked out my first two choices of swims.
Below the ice can be seen and is less than 1/2 what was there when I arrived.

The ledgered Cheese paste, Halibut pellet or Maggot failed to produce
any bites.
The waggler also failed to register any bites until 13.00.
When I had a small roach half way out with a single
red maggot. I was loose feeding 6 or maggots every cast.
My grandson had just arrived (with his mum and dad)
when I caught it.
He was well pleased with it, as can be seen.
This was the biggest fish a small Skimmer.
In all I had 6 Roach and 2 Skimmers.
A very pleasant day the sun kept me warm
even with the westerly breeze trying to cool me down.
I fished from 09.00 till 14.00
Frosty at first. In the shade the frost stayed on the ground all day.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bristol Frome, Stapleton

Having been feeling under the weather for a few days, I decided
to go for a walk.
Went for a walk down the Frome from Blackberry Hill
to the Colston Weir.
Here are some of the photos
Colston Weir

Nice stretch of Rhododendron to trot a float by.
This stretch of water is run by the Amalgamated Fisheries
you need to be a member to fish this stretch or buy a day ticket.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Christian Malford 02-01-11

Went to the River Avon at Christian Malford
started at 08.00 and finished at 15.00.
I fished the 3rd swim down stream from the road bridge.
This is on the Amalgamated Fisheries ticket.
I have the Adult River Permit
this costs £25.00 1st January to 31 December.

I decided on this swim as I was told it was one of the best swims.

I used a ledger rod with 8ld line, 2 1/2ld hook length,1/2oz ledger
and size 12 / 14 and 16 hooks. This was for a static bait presentation.
I interchanged the ledger with 2 x SSG shots for a slow
bounce style method.
Also used a 5BB Avon Crow Quill float and 4 x 4 stick Float
4ld main kine and 2 1/2ld hook length.
This was used to trot the float down the river.
Baits used were Bread, Maggot and Halibut
Paste and Pellets.

The weather chilly at first but not to bad later,
over cast with some short sunny spells
and light north east wind.
Result:- Blanked!!!

But the Kingfisher kept me entertained as did a Water Rail, (type of wader bird).
Very nice and peaceful bunch of fishermen up there.
Having chatted to a few of them I came to the conclusion
that a combination of poor fishing by myself, washed in salt from the roads
and a lot more anglers there (due to most lakes being frozen) were the reason for it poor

Roll on next time.