Monday, 23 December 2013

Rivers out of sorts! Seas are very rough.

Well, with all this rain the rivers are going to be
very much out of sorts.
They will be very high if not
over there banks, 
so take care out there
and keep safe.

Also for all the sea anglers out there,
There are reports of very rough seas
so take great care
and stay safe.

More dodgy weather later in the week.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Greetings.

I would like to wish all
the readers of my Blog
a very very 


A couple of hours on the Frome. 22-12-13

With only about 3 hours spare, 
I headed down to a very
milky tea coloured River Frome.
I started up in the Frenchey stretch,
and fished 6 swims.
There was a good flow and I thought I might
have caught a Chub or two.
Apart from a few Maggots getting
taken on extremely shy bites, I
managed to loose 10 hook lengths to snags.

I then headed down river to a couple of favored
deeper stretches that usually
produce Chub, Trout, Roach or Dace.
Again some very sly bites but nothing
came to the net.

One good thing was I got back to the car just in time.
By the time I got home there must have been
an inch of hail on the roads,
and it had just about stopped raining.

That made my last fishing trip before
Christmas a very festive one.

Another Friday down Duchess Lake. 20-12-13

With the rivers a little out of sorts
Russell and I decided to have
a nice quite and easy trip down to Duchess.

As can be seen the early weather was magic
after a short sharp shower just as we were setting up.

Also a strange site was me using bite alarms,
I must admit it made a change to just sit
and chat and watch the wild life.

However it did not take long for me to
put a quiver tip rod away and set up
a float rod with Maggot as bait, without any ground bait.
Well it worked a treat. I was straight into
small Roach from the off. Gudgeon 
and Skimmers also said hello.
After an hour and a half the bites died out
so I started feeding small balls of
liquidized bread.
That got them interested again.
I ended the day with around 3lb of 
fish, not bad and very enjoyable.

I had a few blips and pulls on the ledger 
rod loaded with Sweetcorn, Maggot and worm
cocktail. Over a pellet, sweetcorn and maggot 
loose feed bed.
 Russell ended up a bit annoyed
as he could only catch 2 Bream which
together weighed in at
9lb 14 3/4oz.
He is wondering when he will catch his first
carp down there.
He used to be able to catch ever trip.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Duchess lake for a change 13-12-13

Russell invited me to join him down Duchess Lake.
So we set up on the eastern end of 
the south bank.
Russell cast over to the reeds
on the far bank with
Sweetcorn, Maggot and small Lobworm
 This produced five fine Bream (though Russell hates them),
Typical Carp angler!
They weighted just over 20lb all together.
I had to hold them as he does not like
slimy fingers.
The last one had quite a lot of blood in the fins.
Not sure what was going on there.
I used some new boillies and paste I had made
on a feeder rig and Maggot or bread on the other rod.
This only produced a Gudgeon and a small Roach.

I also tried my float rod, this method was also very slow
just producing small Roach. Russell managed to catch the biggest
Roach on the float rod.

The weather was warm until 1pm when the forecasted 
front came over. Amazing change in the wind then
The wind to the east was blowing the clouds
from south east to north west.
Over head the wind was south west to north east.

We packed up at 14.30. Another enjoyable fishing trip
with my son.
Friday 13th was not good for my fishing. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Early start, late catch.

Arrived at Lacock around
This time I decided to fish some swims
as I headed down stream.
In the first swim I used my
float rod to fish Maggots
over loose fed Casters and Maggots.
After a slow start I soon had Roach, Dace and Minnows
queuing up to snap up the hook bait.
All the time I had a ledger rod
fishing tucked under the vegetation
 on the near bank.
It was loaded with Bacon Grill.
Unfortunately it The Chub were not
interested in a bit of Bacon.
So after an hour I moved about 50 yards
further down stream. This was a high bank
where I hoped to christen my new landing net handle.
A ledger plopped by a half fallen bush
with pellet over loose pellets. 
Apart from a good pull and run I blanked here.
Three more new swims were also lacking in
any takes but plenty of lost tackle.
Never mind learning the water is probably
the best part of fishing.
The wild life was quite interesting as well.
Especially as there appeared to be eight
owls in the neighborhood when I first got there.
I decided to fish the the first swim for the last hour.
This produced a cracking Chub with probably
the reddest fins I have seen in a Chub. 
Another great Decembers day fishing.
I must apologize to the two gentlemen I spoke to:-
I have forgotten your names.
Hope you had a good afternoons fishing.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

What next????????????????

Well I just don't know,
I would love to get out sea fishing,
but the reports are  still pretty poor.

I think my river style is not right!

So I'm going to go back to
trotting Maggots and bread.

Lets hope that will work.

Dry net on the Avon 03-12-13

Back up to Lacock 
to check out a few more
new swims.
Again arriving around 10 am,
 I decided to try longer
hook lengths today.
Popping into the first swim I soon found 
out that this spot is a tackle 
grave yard. I could not cast beyond the 
the overhang on the far bank without 
snagging up.
Casting short did not produce  any results.
 So after an 1 1/2 hours 
I moved to the next swim.
This time I cast one up stream and one down stream.
Changing the different bait and hook length combos,
again there were takers.
 Next, was a swim I fished last time.
One on the far bank and one on the near bank.
This one had the same result.
However whilst I was answering the mobile,
a log around 12 foot long came by and
snag me up, thought it would miss. 
Must have had a branch
sticking out underneath.
 On to the next swim,
this one had a large tree just down
Here I tried to free line various baits, once
again I failed to get more than a tug or two.
I now decide to go to my last swim, again
with plenty of cover down stream.
Once again I could not tempt anything out.
With a quite severe headache I decided
to call it a day and was back at the car
around 3.15 pm.
Not a good trip this time,
I don't think I was really in the fishing

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Last swim pays off. 26-11-13

With the forecasted  possible
-4, I decided to stay in bed 
a couple of hours.
So getting up to Lacock at 10am
 I walked a couple of fields to a stretch
  I had not tried before.
With the frost still on the ground
set up with the usual baits but
decided to go lighter.
 The first swim was a straight flow down to a couple of overhangs.
On the far bank was a slack back eddie,
with the flow down the near bank.
Well I had a few knocks and taps but nothing
took the bait. After an hour and half I moved on to
swim 2.
This was a sweeping curve with flow
around the near bank. Again
I put one over the far bank and 
the other on the near side.
I also tried the center line.
Well all I can say about this one,  
was I slipped and nearly ended up
in 10ft of water.
Enough of that one.
So one to number 3.
Again a sweeping curve
but this time there was a good over hang on the near side.
One rod was dropped down almost under
my feet.
The other was sent down stream and pulled under the
Once again some knocks and pulls
but no takes.
 On to swim 4 and the same story
except no plinks or tugs and
with two hours till dark,
I moved on.
So on to lucky 5,
This time the far bank was shallow
so I put one long down the middle
and the other under bushes on the near side.
I was using the my own boillie mix all day,
so I was a bit reluctant to keep using it.
Glad I did use it. Almost straight away I had a good pull on the long cast
but it pulled under the bushes and caught in a snag.
Lost that one.
Straight out again to the same spot.
Bingo! I pulled that one in a 9.oz Chub.
Back out to the same spot.
By now the one under my feet was showing signs of interest.
I put my bait on and with in 3 minutes the rod had wizzed
off and this nice 11.oz was in the net.
My boillie can be seen in the net.
Well I managed three more Chub to 5.oz.
But it was too dark by now so I packed up.
As Wallace likes to say "What a grand day out".

Sunday, 24 November 2013

First visit to Limpley Stoke 24-11-13

Jason's tree trunks and egg whisks.
More suited to Carp fishing,
me thinks.

Jason my middle son dragged me
off to his favorite venue.
We arrived just as it was light enough to
to tackle up. We walked to the second field
and picked our spots.
As I've said, this was my first visit.
So as it was quite low lights 
it was a bit of a guess where to set up.
I chose a spot with a row of over hanging
trees to my right and a good over hang
on the far bank.
Setting up with my first rod under the trees 
to my right, baited up with pellets, and small stocking of freebies. 
I was just baiting up the second rod with luncheon meat,
when the tip of my first rod nodded then swung round.
This produced a good tug and the line pulled out
further under the trees.
It was now that I noticed the log and branches
almost under my feet. Well after a short
tug of war, I netted a plump
2lb 9oz Chub. (Below).
So my first produced a  fish in around two
Grand I thought in for a good day.
Well it was not to be fish wise.
I failed to get more than a couple of
rattles. I tried three more swims with out attracting
any thing.
I'm not sure if it was the frost or the brilliant late
autumn sunshine that put them off
the feed. Everything was very white when we got there
so I was expecting the Chub to feed.
Eventually I for the last hour I 
popped into a cracking swim with a good flush
down the middle.
This spot Jason told me was a good Chub swim.
So with on rig cast straight across
and the other diagonally down stream,
I was very expectant of a fish.
So around 13.45 I the now classic 
rattles and then the pull down, this produced
a lovely 3lb 3oz Chub, this one also
took the pellet bait.
 I do like Chub but I am starting to miss
the smaller species.
Especially Roach.
I found that I had a better presentation 
by having a the rods high, this
helped stop the few leaves that were
in water from pulling the line. I
also used Lob worms and a couple 
of home made paste's I had

Jason managed a Chub around the same
size as mine. He is getting
desperate for a Barbel.
Scale down your tackle
Jay. The smaller weights worked.

The bird life was amazing, and I will
 take a pair of binoculars with me. Also
with the railway line on the other bank 
it was good to see the steam engine
"Britannia" Heading for Bath and Bristol.
Shame I did not have my better camera
with me.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Lacock 19-11-13

Well I could not handle the lack
of fresh air any longer.
With the cold or what ever
else I've got still not getting
better, I decided it had to be kill or cure.

So packed the kit into the car and 
legged it up the M4 to Lacock.
There was a good frost on the ground
and no wind.
So fed a few swims as I headed up stream.
First cast was at  07.00 with luncheon meat.
The other rod had worm or pellet baits.

What a grand morning it turned out
to be.
As can be seen, a light mist lifted off the river
 while the bank was very muddy.
The water was much clearer than I expected,
with more than 3 feet visibility.
I cast one rod over to the far bank under an
over hanging tree.
The second rod was cast down the near side to a
recently fallen tree.
Unfortunately the fishing did not come
up to my hopes. 
 The first swim produced a few rattles
but nothing was landed.
By 9am I moved up to the next swim
one I had had some good bites on previous
This time I didn't get any knocks,
 but I did have a nice
cup of tea in the sun shine.
As the morning got older
the breeze started up, so
the left over leaves started to
come down.
Around 11.00 I headed
down river and looked at some swims
that looked good but very slippery so had to
be missed out.
I should be able to fish a few more swims next month,
as the Misses is getting me a longer
landing net handle for 55th.

Well I fished two further swims, 
both under big trees, with the same results.
So for the last 20 minutes I put a size 14 hook on
and fished worm under the near bank
with worm.
Well that saved the blank,
a Dace, bigger than the Codling I 
caught during my last sea fishing trips,
and a few Minnows were caught.

I was on my way home by 2pm.
Well I do feel a bit better
and looking forward to
my next trip.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Not fishing?

Oh eck!
I've picked up a bug from some where
so no fishing just yet. 
Should get out later next week.
All being well.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Nice spot to cast from. New Passage 10-11-13

Decided to head a little up channel today.
So went to a spot just up stream of the 
Second Severn Bridge.
Starting fishing at 08.30 I set a set of long and short
Pennel Pulley rigs.
With left over worm and squid I had to cast 
full length to get over some tackle hungry ground.
Those granite  boulders are very
slippery when wet, so when I wound in I was 
very careful walking on them.
I cast from on the prom its self,
as the safer footing allows for better casting. 
 As can be seen the recent big tides and wind 
had thrown plenty of rubbish and tree trunks
on to the prom.
Also I found some small rocks and
placed them at the bottom of the tripod
feet to stop them slipping.
It can also be seen that the weather was
A light northerly at first soon calmed
and then after the tide turned
became a light southwester.
Lovely and warm it was a magic
Shame the fishing was very good. 
Four Silvers and a tiny Codling were all
that I caught. Every cast had a Silver
Eel one it but thankfully they fell off,
leaving the hook lengths in a right tangle.
Plenty of rigs will be worked on to
repair them.

There were also some lovely people stopping
by for a chat.

WOW! That was a great session for

The weather is looking good at the moment 
after Monday so hopefully
a river trip later in the week,
unless my son decides to fish some where.

A rainy morning on the grass bank. 09-11-13

With a good coat and leggings
I set up at Rockingham 
with rag, lug and squid.
The tide was a 12 meter at 10.59.

I used long drop pennel pulley rigs
and wishbone rigs.
The rain was light at 09.00 and
only got heavier till just after high water.
Thankfully the wind was almost none existent
so bit detection was great.
Once again the the first cast
was snapped up by two greedy
little Codling.  As the tide was still around 20 yards
out, I  had to put the little fish in a fresh water. 
Pool at the bottom of the bank.
They both swam off when the tide reached them.

I ended up with 17 fish, 2 were Whiting the rest Codling. 
One of which was just over 2lb. 
All bar 20 fish took the Lugworm.
I packed up at 12.15 as the tide had reached the bottom of the
bank and the mud was showing.
So off I went to dry out.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Portishead Shingle bank 02-11-13

Having some left over bait
and with the forecast this time being
very correct. I decided that this spot on a 13 meter tide was the 
spot to try.
It is usually a good spot to get out of the worst of the wind
but it was not to be.

Getting down there at around 3.30 pm. 
I used the same rigs as before.

Well with the wind bomb bursting over the 
hill it got pretty bad quickly.
Weed was a problem from the off.
It dragged 190 gram gripper leads
with ease. So straight off I lost a rig.
This spot does not usually get that bad.
After a while  the wind started blowing the 
rods and rest over in very strong gusts.
After another two rigs being lost, and
the tide rising faster than expected I decided 
that was enough. I packed up
at 4.30, high water was at 6.15pm.

Just as well, as by the time I was 
going through Portishead the heavens opened
and it got very wet. 
Only the 2nd time I have chickened out
during a session.

Rockingham 01-11-13

Thankfully the original weather forecast
of wind and rain was very wrong.
It was another lovely autumn day.
I arrived at 3pm with lug, rag and squid baits.

I set up one rod with long
drop pennel pulley rigs, with 4/0 hooks.
The other was set up with a wish bone pulley rig alternating
with a short drop pennel pulley rig. 

Well I finished fishing at 7pm with the mud starting to show.
I had eight fish all before high water at 5.30.
Two Whiting and  Six Codling
but nothing to eat as they were all
under 6 inches. Yep 6 inch fish still taking
4/0 hooks and they all preferred

The was a 12.4 meter and thankfully not much weed 

Lacock blank, 29-10-13

Back to the Avon at 09.15 to a
lovely morning.
The river was 3ft up and brown with a good pace.
It had been around 3ft higher and was dropping.
I thought I would catch but unfortunately
that was not to be.
Heading down stream I fed half a dozen swims
with six or seven bait droppers each.
My usual mix of pellets were used.

Well I enjoyed the session, the wind steadily 
picked up during the day. The sun stayed out
but the fish did not come out to play.

I decided to go in to the Abbey Fields
to see what the swims were like with the extra water
running through.
An angler in the second field was seen releasing a fish
but I did not have time to go and have a chat.

I fished a couple more swims but still no bites.
Another angler passed by and said he was
also blanking.

I was a bit hacked off because I
had left the lob worms behind.

Another glorious autumn day. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lacock 15-10-13. First ever Barbel.

Free day on Tuesday
so popped back to try
a few more new swims.
That is really enjoyable,
finding and exploring 
the swims.
You can't beat views like this
especially in October and with the
I fished three new swims using 
a home mixed pellet mix. So feeding the swims as
I passed, I started with this one.
After about half an hour
I  had some rattles on the rod tips.
The rig over on the far bank was first
to pull down, and a nice short run down stream
was slowed when it shot across to the 
near bank. It then got snagged in some
loose branches. While using the the landing net handle 
to loosen it, the other rod bent round 
and the bait runner allowed it to take line 
and slow the run.
Well I managed to land the first one at 3lb 9oz
and then play the second which 
was not in the mood to fight.
 So two chub were in the net,
and weighed and photographed.
Five more swims and two more chub
2.3lb and 1.9lb.
I ended up under a big tree with a large raft of
branches and other snags, I did not loose feed first.
This time I used PVA stockings hooked on the hook.
This did the trick, in under 15 minutes
this Barbel at 4lb 1oz was the result after a good 
tug of war. Well after 50 years of fishing I finally did it.
My first Barbel.
It had a mark on its side which could have been caused
during the action. Luckily it was only a scrape on scales
and non were missing. 
The photo is poor because it was very nearly to dark to take it.
I put it in the net and held it in the water till it was ready to go.
It was a great day made even better 
by the warm temperature, beautiful scenes and wild life.
I even saw an owl and walked back to the car
in a low mist.
I will remember today for a very long time.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A very sad looking River Frome.12-10-13

I had the afternoon free so popped down to
the Bristol Frome at the Snuff Mill.
What a shock I had.
Not having fished this stretch for a few months 
these photo show why I was shocked.
This stretch used to hold a good head of Carp,
Roach, Chub, Trout, Gudgeon and Dace.
As well Pike, Perch Minnow, Stone Loach
and Bullheads.
I,ve had Chub to 5lb 2oz (my P.B.), Roach to
1lb 7oz and Carp to 8lb on these swims.

The stretches above and below this area are still
OK. I will be contacting Bristol City Council
and the Environment Agency.

However I did find a nice shoal of Dace
further up stream,
Catching 12 of them in an hour. 
Plus the usual Minnows.
I could have possibly caught more
but for the leaves on the surface which
made it a bit more challenging.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A little more luck.09-10-13

With another escape chit in hand,
I headed to Mead farm fields.
Baits taken were
Bread, high oil pellets,worm
and sweet corn.
First time here so fed a few good looking 
swims as I walked down stream.
At the end of the 3rd field
I set up two ledger rods
both had pellet baits
One was cast down stream 
the other up stream.
 Both rods were rattling merrily
but the down stream one seemed
different. That one proved to be snagged, so
that had to be sorted out.
The upstream rod (photo below) pulled down
and this (photo above) sorry looking
2.2lb Chub was landed.
It appeared to have been hit by a large Pike
or Otter.
 After 1 1/2 hours I moved upstream to
a swim that I had not fed on the way down as there was 
a large Wasp / Hornet, about 2 inches long there.
Good it had gone, so set up a similar set up as before.
Again another Chub took the pellet bait, 
this one was fine perfect and at first I thought it might
be a Barbel but no this 2.3lb fella instead.
 This spot was really interesting so will try it again. 
 Having tried 3 more swims with no results
I stopped in the first swim I had put loose feed into
on the way in.
 This time, although there were plenty of 
nod and rattles, pellet didn't work.
So worm was chosen as hook bait.
This produced another 2.3lb chub and was the last of the day.
Shock and horror.
I did not even set up a float rod all day.
Fished from 12 noon until 6.45pm.
I do like Chub.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ladye Bay, 29-09-13

Felt like a bit of sea fishing
so with Lug, Rag and Squid
I headed down to Clevedon's
Ladye Bay.
I arrived at the Bay road and saw 
1st point was free.
So decided to bag that spot.
Started fishing at 06.00
with low water at 08.38
and high water 15.27.
I used 4/0 pennel pulley rig on one rod
loaded with sqid / lug / rag sausages and 
a 1/0 , 4/0 live bait rig on the other loaded with
lug and rag cocktail bait.
From the off the bait was being stripped
with in 10 minutes by what I guessed was crabs.
First bite was just as the tide started
to pick up.
But I missed it on the 4/0 rig.
Then there were no more bites until 10.05
when a little whiting took the live bait rig.
I then hooked it on to the 4/0 rig
and cast it out, at 10.15ish
this 11lb. 4oz Conger decided to
come a say hello.
It was photographed, weighted
and released.
That was the end of the excitement.
With crabs nicking the bait at a heck of a rate
I ran out by 14.00.
I'm glad I chose 1st point as
the wind was quite strong from the north east
which I managed to shelter from.

Nice session.
Might try Rockingham on the weekend.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Bagwood Lake 26-09-13

My eldest son invited me to fish with him
at Baggie.
Well as can be seen plenty
of water had been used on the greens.
Its now a sticky clay wallow.
Russ fished on the the first lake
over night and had 4 or 5 Carp.
and a number of Bream.
As the first lake was full,
3 swims,
I fished the last swim of the second lake.
A ledger or feeder to the left.
A feeder or float to the right.
As well as the pole, float and feeder
out in front at various distances.

Baits used were Maggot, sweet corn
various pellets and boillies.

The float rod produced roach, perch and skimmers
to around a 1lb.
Most baits being taken.
The pole had the same combination
of fish and size.

The ledger to the left had half a dozen runs
on sweet corn which eventually produced this
6lb 31/2 sorry looking Carp.
What a shame the carp are in such a bad shape.
No wonder I missed so many runs.
All in all not a bad days fishing but
I don't think I'll be fishing Baggie
again for while.
My kit ended up covered in clay.
Not nice.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Not out again?

I did manage a 2 1/2 hours 
down on the Frome last week,
but that was all due to
a sudden family illness.
Only managed a handful 
of dace and a shed load of Minnows.

Yesterday 10-09-13
I fished Lacock again. 
Tried a new swim I liked the look of.
I fed an up stream over hanging bush.
Used Hemp and pellet 
fed with a bait dropper.
Baits used were Worm, Luncheon meat
as well various sized Halibut pellets.
Only a couple Perch took the worm baits.
 I float fished down stream with the same baits
which produced some nice small Chub and dace.
The Minnows like licked the Worm
as can be seen below.
Here a Perch has grabbed the Minnow
which had gone for the worm.
The only one left alive was the Perch.
The poor Minnow was no more.

I fished three others of my normal 
This produced the usual batch of silver fish,
but nothing of any size.

The Avon is still clear, low and slow.
Chatting to the bailiff was very pleasant.
He enjoyed watching me use the
centre pin reel.

I'm running the Bristol 1/2 marathon 
on Sunday so I don't expect a
fishing escape chit for the rest of the week.

Good luck to those fishing 
the match at Lacock today. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Not been out fishing lately 
because of being busy doing other 
hobbies and what has to be done.

Hopefully I will have a good training
run on sunday for the Bristol 1/2 marathon
so that I can get out on monday.

Not sure if to pole Bagwood or Baltic Wharf,
or go to the river??????????????????????

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Lacock again, 13-08-13

I know I said I wouldn't go there
till after the summer hols,
but I just had to have a float
fish again.
I did my usual system of
feeding as I walked up stream.

As it was cloudy I hoped to catch
a larger Chub or two.
In a few inaccessible swims
there were a couple of chub around
the 2lb mark.
However they appeared to be feeding off a 
hatch of small insects, as were the Dace and
small Chub.

I ended up with around 30lb of Chub, Roach, Dace and Gudgeon.
Nothing bigger than a 9oz Chub.

It was a very pleasant mornings fishing, I fished from 06.00 till
13.00. Maggot and Krill pellets were the main baits with
Luncheon meat and bread.
Hemp was loose fed with maggots every minute or so.  

One sad note was when my son told me
an eastern European man had taken 
a small Chub  from the Frome.
He was taken aback when
my son told him he put them back.

Surely its about time the 
Environment Agency should
get out and about and try to stop this happening.
I have not had my licence checked
for 8 years and 15 years on the Frome.
That day caught 5 people with out licences.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Second 4lb chub of the season. 30-07-13

Another couple of hours on the Frome
near Frenchey,
Having feed 4 swims as I
walked up stream
it was good to see a little more flow
and colour.
Also I saw more fish on the surface
so I now have more swims to check out
on another trip.
The first 2 swims produced some
nice small Chub and Roach.
I was using my usual Centre Pin Reel and rod,
5BB Crow Quill Avon float
to size 14 hook and red and white maggot.
The Maggots had been sprinkled in a 
spicy flavouring.

My third swim produced Small Chub, Roach
Minnows and wonderful Rudd.
Then the float just sunk slowly and
trundled out to the far bank.
The ratchet on the centre pin
singing nicely.
The end result was this 4lb 2oz Chub.
Short but chubby fish.  
Nice little Dace
And pretty little Rudd.