Thursday, 29 April 2010

Baltic Wharf 29-04-10

Fished at Baltic Wharf in Bristol Docks.
Picked a spot between pegs 9 and 10,
on the eastern end of the wharf.
I started at 08.00 and fished till 12.00.
Baits were the usual maggots and caster
over Beet, Gros Gordens ground bait and brown
crumb. Also loose fed part mix seed.
At 61/2 mtrs I loose fed maggot, caster and seed.
1/2 a pouch of each every 3 or 4 minutes.
At 9 mtrs I put in 6 orange size balls of the ground bait
and loose fed 1/2 pouch of the maggots, caster and seed.
First fish of the day was a small Perch on the 61/2mtr line.
Then a few more roach and perch.
After an hour I tried over the 9mtr line and caught more
Perch and also some Dace.
Then the float slowly pulled under and on stricking
I felt a better wait! After a short but sprightly fight
a Skimmer Bream of around 2 1/2ld was in the net.
Bigger fish in the middle.
Back to the inside line,
and the small roach and perch kept coming.
Then the float shot under and the elastic shot out,
a 5 minute struggle a beautiful Roach of around 2 to 2 1/2 ld
was in the net. What a lovely fish.
Probably my favorite fish.
With the bites slowing up I packed up and headed for home.
Roll on the next week for an other go.
Total was 26 fish for around 6 to 7 pounds.
(Note to self)
Must get a good pair of scales?!!!!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Baltic Wharf fishing 11-04-10

Back to the Wharf on sunday morning
This time fished 07.00 till 12.00
Colder, windier and cloudier.
Oh yes different float.

This time I waited 1 1/2 hours for the first bite?
Again a small Roach.

The 10mtr line which was the same as the last trip,
was not showing any more intrest.

I tried 5mtrs and double white magot.
Yippee this was a good move!
A slow steady catch rate produced 11 more fish. The
last hour and nothing. Oooohhhh wellllll never mind.

Largest fish was this 3oz Roach.
Also caught were a couple of Dace
A better picture of casters
This house was towed past.
Uuuuuggggggllllllyyyyy or WHAT
I'll have to fish this peg more often.
I want some of the bigger Bream.

Baltic Wharf fishing 09-04-10

Fished Baltic Wharf from 08.00 - 12.00
Weather 100% great.
The only cloud about was caused by all the
contrails left by high flying aircraft.
At least you know where the Breacon Beacons are.
Baits used were
Cooked Hemp seed
Magots and Casters
This shows how calm the Basin was.
The fishing its self was poor.
I waited an hour before my first bite. A small 2oz Roach.
Over the next hour and 1/2 I managed 5 more little Roach
all taking Caster baits to size 20 hook.
The last hour and a half was spoiled by diesel being spilled
at the refueling point to my right.
The smell was very strong and no more bites were had.
Look carfully and the film of oit can be seen to the left of the date
in the photo below.