Monday, 8 February 2010

Portishead Yacht club slipway 08-02-10

Greedy blighter
Eyes bigger than its belly.
Little codling caught on whole squid.

Cor that was a cold one.

Right from the off little codling were on the feed.

These were caught on a Pulley Wishbone rig

For a change this small container ship

passed by from Avonmouth docks.

A total of 14 codling were caught none bigger than these.

Baits used were Lug, Rag, Squid and a secret
special f!!h bait. My son said I have to keep it a secret.

It didn't work!!!!!!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Cottage, Portishead (part two)

Tina Theresa

I think its a fuel tanker

Nearly high tide

Bladder wrack weed covering some bumpy

ground and mud

Greedy Codling!
Thats a 3/0 hook in there

An other Codling on the wishbone rig

The Cottage, Portishead

Fished the Cottage today
High tide was at 11.56 and 11.3mtrs
Started 08.20 and finished 13.30.
Small codling were the order of the AGAIN!
This was the second fish caught on a wishbone pulley rig
baited with lug.
They are getting a bit bigger.

At high tide I was pushed back to the weed line.
12mtr tides get to the bottom of the ledge.
Three hours before high tide the gully is just visible.
It is made up of pebbles and the odd larger
going on to mud shingle. At around 100mtrs
there is a drop off which kills rigs, they never come back.

This old Lifeboat came storming by.

Bit Smokey