Wednesday, 31 October 2012

River Frome Stapleton 30-10-12

A couple of hours free, 
saw me fishing down
near the Snuff Mill.

Well, looks like my 
luck at catching big fish
was missing again.

Only managed
around 20

Maggot and Casters were the bait 
used, and Crow Quill
Avon to size 18 to 14 hooks.

One of the other 
anglers down had the same result.

To cap it all.
One of the residents
on the opposite bank told 
there was no fishing allowed.
This is because
they have made the area a
nature reserve.

The bank in question is the
right hand bank
upstream of
 Broom Hill
road bridge.

21 years fishing that stretch, 
on and off,
and out of the blue
was told no go.
No signs up
and no one else
knows about it

Worst start to the Codling season 27-10-12

Fished Rockingham last Thursday evening.
Fished from 16.30 till 18.45,
high was at 17.42 and 12 meters.

Using 1/0 wishbone rigs and 3/0 pulley rigs
I managed 3 tiny whiting and a tiny Rockling.

With not a sniff of a codling it has been my worst
start to the codling season
since moving to the Bristol area
in 1991.

Not good.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

P.B. British sea fish.

Popped down to a muddy spot
near Portishead this morning.
Started fishing around 06.30
using two pulley rigs,
one with whole squid,
the other with rag worm.
First bite produced this 
6 inch Whiting on the
Rag rig.
 As can be seen there was
plenty of mud for all.
A few very muddy 
dogs down Portishead today
 An hour after high water
13lb 4oz Thornback Ray
took a fancy to my
whole squid bait.
A personal best for me.
The only other fish caught
was a 4 inch whiting.
Dull with a chilly wind.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Rockingham 13-10-12

Well the 13th was unlucky for me.
Only managed to get Rag worm from the shop,
and taking some Squid I trundled down to the grass bank.
Fished from 16.00 till 19.30
with high at 18.30 and 12.5mtrs.
Well short story even shorter,
one tiny 3 inch Whiting on the last wind in.
Two rods used
both on pulley rigs
and a cocktail of
Squid and Rag on one 
and Rag on the other one.
Wind was light south westerly
and the afternoon
thunder storms and hail had cleared.

I guess that the heavy fresh rain
run off and warm sea must 
be the problem.
Roll on the frosts!!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bagwood Lake 10-10-12

Took the pole for an outing today,
fishing the same swim as last time,
I used Maggot and Caster 
over Hemp, Sweetcorn and Pellets.
Also put the Barbel rod out with Sweetcorn 
over Hemp, Pellets Corn.

The Barbel rod only managed
3 small Skimmers
and this
9lb 9oz
Common Carp.
 The pole at 11.5mtrs 
with a 1.25g Durafloat
to 5lb line and 2 1/2lb hooklenght
with a size 14 hook.
Fished just off the bottom
the Roach started feeding
straight away.
By 10am the the fish
switched off.
Except these two perch
the best was 2lb.51/2oz.
The Roach which was caught in the afternoon
was 1lb 2 1/2oz.
In total I had 17lb 11oz on the pole.

Weather was warm
overcast with a light breeze.

Next trip
Saturday evening sea fishing
with Rusty,
venue to be confirmed.