Saturday, 25 October 2014

More Codling, 25-10-14

With left over Squid and Rag worm
I was down on the grass bank
by 06.30.
High water was at 08.48 and same height as yesterday 12.9 mtrs.
It started drizzling as I drove down but stopped when I got there.
Setting up with two rods with  pulley rigs
and the standard specimen rod for in close work.
First cast with Rag worm produced an
undersized Codling in less than five minutes.
Next rod out loaded with whole Squid
also produced an undersized Codling quickly.
The rag rod then pulled out to give another small Codling.
Well three Codling 20 minutes not bad. BUT all had to be returned.
Well, over the next hour I had another
three Codling, two were keepers.
What was different to yesterday, was 
how the wind pushed the tide up over the bank.
 These two photos show how the tide pushed 
over the top of the bank.
Well with only one more Codling at the top of the tide
the bites stopped.
The close in rod only managed a couple of
small bites but no fish.
There as little more wind but very light showers.
The rain came down again after I got home.
Another very enjoyable fishing trip.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Back to Rockingham 24-10-14

For my first sea trip of the Cod season,
I decided to pop down to my favorite
High water was at 08.12 and 12.9mtrs.
I arrived at 06.00.
Setting up my usual 4/0 - 3/0 pennel pulley rig
loaded with whole Squid,
and 1/0 wishbone rig
loaded with Rag worm.
Immediately I started getting bites,
good rattles and then had 
a good pull down and drop back on the 
pennel rig.
Unfortunately what ever it was
did not catch on the hooks.
So a fresh whole squid was cast back out.
The first Codling to be banked
came in 10 minutes later.
It took the Squid rig and weighed in
2lb 4oz.
There then followed a number rattles which
resulted in two more Codling on the
wishbone rig which were under sized.
I then set up my specimen rod 
for a bit of in close work.
This used a flowing trace rig with Rag worm.
This immediately produced a small Whiting, 
and then a Flounder.
 As can be seen from these two photos
the weather great, the forecasted rain
did not arrive until after I had packed up.
Around the top of the tide the bites stopped
only starting again about an hour
Well nine fish were caught a Flounder, a Whiting
and seven Codling was the final count.
I packed up at 09.30.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

That was the blank that was. Lipley Stoke 19-10-14

With an afternoon to spare I decided to pop
down to Limpley Stoke,
arriving at 12.00.
As my ankle is still not write
I decided to sit it out in one spot.
I beefed up the weights on both rigs
 I beefed up the weights on both rigs
and used a paste wrapped around the weight
for extra attraction.
The river was up, with a good flow and plenty of colour.
 Well as the sun went down 
the fish showed no interest at all.
Leaves and other debris were a
causing many possible indications of bites.
Well by 18.30 I was packing up
and was a little bit down in the dumps.
Wild life including
King fishers, Dippers and
were a constant distraction.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Soggy Limply Stoke. 07-10-14

In between some light showers
I was able to set up in some trees.
I had a fallen tree up stream,
an over hanging bush down stream
and a crease running from the end of
the upstream tree.
There was more flow than the last trips
 and a little

I was using the usual baits
and freebies.
There were no signs of any fish
but at least I was baiting that swim for future
One more thing that was obvious is
there were a few snags here.
Lets hope some flood water moves the snags away.
Any way with an other shower having passed
I decided to move to another spot.
When my down stream rod
pulled down then dropped back.
After a short but not very inspiring fight,
this 3lb 3oz Chub was in the net. 
 Little did I know that that would be all
the action for that day.
Apart from a few more showers.
Two more swims were tried,
 but nothing was playing the game.
So after 5 hours and three swims
and another big shower on its way,
I legged it to the car at 12 noon..
Just in time as it turned out
because a heavy hail storm started just as I
got in to the car.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Bank clearing!

Went out yesterday to do a bit of bank clearing.
A spot which has not been touched this year.
So I'll get some bigger weights out  
for next week, after the rain due 
saturday and monday.
Could be fun!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A few more Chub 01-10-14

Back across to Limpley Stoke.
Using the usual rods and bait but adding
some homemade paste of various flavours.
I set up at may favorite swim.
I had regular rattles on both rods,
but it was not until 4.10 pm
when I caught my first Chub.
It weighed 4lb 4 1/4oz
and fought like it was in charge.
It had definitely been scoffing
the loose fed pellets I had put in
when I first arrived. 
 Twenty minutes later
a 3lb 7oz fella was on the bank.
Again showing the extra weight
they seem to be putting on.
This one had quite a few marks on it
where t had won battles with
other predators.
 Half an hour later
this 3lb 4oz chap was in the net
and smiling for the camera.
 Fish number 4 was a 3lb 6oz
and again well fed.
With my ankle starting to sort its self out
I hope to start checking out more swims.
I am getting bored of only fishing
one or two swims.
All the Chub were
caught when the sun was
hiding behind the clouds.

So I will try fishing in the trees when my ankle is sorted.

Whinge of the day!!!!

Some bloke on a canal boat on the K & A canal
across the river was having 
a shouting match with some one on his mobile.
Pity the other boat owners up there.