Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Passage blank. 20-09-16

Decided to try this spot as its been 
a productive spot for me in the past.
So getting down there at 8am,
I walked out to meet the tide.

Once again lost line caused problems again but this time
I managed to drag another
three lots of line and rigs in.
The fish up here must have still been in bed, as I didn't
get a bite.
High water was at 10.26 and 13.7m.
I only had rag this trip and used my usual

14 meter tide in the drizzle. 19-09-16

With Ragworm, Squid and Mackerel
in the bait bucket, I walked from Severn Beach
to my chosen spot by the pipes.
High water was 09.46.
Having been caught in traffic due to 
traffic light failure
I still managed to set up by 08.00 and wade 
out through the mud for the first cast.
Well with the usual rigs and bait combinations
and mixes I failed to get a bite before high water.
Every thing got soaked with the continuous
I was amazed that the wishbone rig
rod rattled.
Oh no, not a Snottie (Silver Eel),
but yes a Snottie.
Luckily it didn't tangle it up. 
 The next cast produced
a good pull on the rod tip.
A nice plump Flounder 
took a liking to Rag.
 That was the end of the fish action.
I now it was a waiting game  for the 
tide to clear three of my rigs.
Something had snagged my rigs
and so I waded out through
the mud.
Eventually I found them snagged on
a large length of 50lb + line.
I never found what it was connected to.
At least I had my rigs back.