Monday, 30 March 2009

Blank saved by a "crack off"

Fished in front of the Cottage this morning.
First cast nearly birdied my reel and second cast did and
this caused the loss of my rig and shock absorber line.
The high tide was at 10.24 and I fished from 07.45 till
Apart from a bite on my first two casts no fish were caught.
Baits were Lug and Rag.
2 1/4 hours after high tide I found my lost rig.
This little Codling was hanging on and was released alive.
This photo shows the tide with two hours before high tide.This is the reverse photo two hours after high.

You have two clear this area and an other 40 mtrs to get to
sand and mud.

A good rough ground rod and reel with good retrieve
ratio to help reel in over this ground.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Yacht club 26-03-09

The high tide was at 19.20 so headed down there for 16.00.
Well what a surprise when I got there! An orange bouy
had been placed in front of or usual spot.
This means that this spot can not be fished at low tide,
no Sole fishing in the summer. ooh pooh!
So using short casts Russell and I started fishing around 17.00.
We used the usual baits and rigs.

This bulk carrier carrying coal had 5 tugs helping it
going into Portbury Dock.
The wind was so strong up channel that the waves were
going faster than the ship!

Any way I managed this little Codling.
The problem was sea weed????!!!!
Ouch! There were large rafts of it and by High tide Russell had lost two rigs
and our rigs were not in the water for more than 5 minutes with out being
dragged into rocks to our right!
So at the top of the tide we packed up and went home.
Catch this year: 7 Whiting, 25 Codling, 1 pouting, 1 Thornback Ray and 1 Crab.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

7 out of 11 fish prefer Lugworm

Fished the Ladye Bay Ledges this morning.
Veals of Bristol had some lovely King Ragworm
longer than the fish Icaught.
I managed to catch 7 Codling and 4 Whiting.
7 of the fish, including the Whiting were caught on Lugworm
on the 3 hook paternoster rig.
The rest, all Codling, were caught on those big Ragworm
on 3/0 Pennell Pulley rigs.
How many fish are in this rock pool.
I put the fish in this pool, as the drop from
the top of the Ledge to the water, was to high to drop the fish.
So I put the fish in this pool until the tide had risen.
There are 4 fish in the pool, 2 Codling and 2 Whiting.

Baits used were Mackeral, Squid, Sand Eel,
Lugworm and Ragworm.

I fished from 07.45 till 13.30 with the high tide being
at 11.45 and 9.4mtrs.

Friday, 13 March 2009

11 on the bank

Friday 13th lucky for some.
Fished at the Yacht club Portishead.
High tide was at 08.38.
From the off I had bites,
which turned into 10 Codling and a Whiting.

The fish came in, in 1s, 2s and 3s.

I fished with my son Russell fron 06.30 till 08.30.
The tide was a whopping 14 mtrs.
Baits used were Rag and Lug worm, mackeral and squid.
All the fish were caught on a three hook patenoster rig, most on
top hook some on the middle hook and one on the bottom hook.
Other rigs used were Pulley Pennell and Wish bones.
Only one bite (on the wishbone rig) was noticed on the other rigs.

Poor Russell, friday 13th was unlucky
he blanked. OUCH.

I missed two other fish, one pulled of line but spat the hook,
the other did this to the poor little whiting.
I cast it straight back out again as a dead bait,
but no other bites were had.

The fish were caught on the flood, top of the tide and on the ebb.
The too lost fish were lost 1 hour (ish) after the high tide.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

First decent fish of 2009

Wednesday 04-03-09
Fished the Ledges at Ladye Bay.
High tide was at 11.45 and fished from 08.45 till 12.00.
Catch was 4 Codling ( above), 1 pouting (below)
and this 4ld 4oz small Thornback Ray.
I do like these fish.
Beware of the many thorns / spikes all over it body
and tail.
Pick it up by the area next to its breathing holes,
and dont put your fingers in its mouth.
An angler to my left caught a nice 7 to 8ld Femail Thornback
which was returned unharmed as were mine.

Bait used were Lug and Rag worm on 3 hook patenoster
and Pennell Pulley rigs.

Session total caught 7.
1 Pouting, 4 Codling and 1 Thorney.
Year total caught 11.
2 Whiting, 7 Codling, 1 Pouting, 1 Thorney.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Rockingham 01-03-09

Fished down Rockingham on this mornings tide,
High tide was at 09.42 and 12.8 mtrs (Avonmouth datum).
There were 5 other fishermen out enjoying an other
lovely days weather.
Used size 1 - 3/0 live bait pennell pulley rig
and 3hook, size 2 paternoster rigs.
Baits were Lugworm and Ragworm.

Caught one tiny whiting, which took Lugworm
and one Codling, which took Ragworm.

The Carp rod had a good tugging bite but
nothing came of it.
This rig was a flowing trace with size 2 hook with Lug / Rag cocktail.