Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lacock 25-01-14

I needed the piece and quiet
So left home at 6.30 am.
After travelling up the very quiet M4
I arrived at a very warm Lacock.

Once again I fed a few swims as I walked
up stream.
 First swim was one I had float fished in the summer
this time I tried the usual ledgered   
baits. Without any sign that the fish were interested
I decided to pack up when another angler
looked like he was about to tackle up just down from me.

I stopped at the next swim I had already 
pre-baited down stream.
Again after an hour and a half
no signs of activity I moved further down river.

This on also did not result in any activity
So as by now I had seven anglers
heading up river,
it was time for me to head below the bridge.

Here I was fishing the out side of a sweeping bend,
soon after putting a double 8mm pellet down the 
side of the bank I a few rattles, this produced
a Roach of about 1lb.
Unfortunately it was only holding on to the pellet
and when I bent down to pick up the
net it dropped off. 
That was it no more signs of life,
so decided to pack up an hour early.
The weather was light breeze, sunny and warm.
In the hour it took to pack up, walk to the car,
drive home and unpack
and drink a cup of tea.
The weather had changed to an angry monster.
The wind smashed 2/3 of the roof of my carport
down. I was out cutting away the damage
when it started hailing.
So in 20 minutes I was drenched
and the carport was wrecked.
Half an hour later the weather had calmed down.
WOW! I'm glad I was not on the bank when that came through.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

River Avon 20-01-14

With She Who Must Be Obeyed
getting better  quicker than expected
I trundled up the misty M4 
to Lacock.

With a heavy frost on the ground
and the Avon inside its bank (Just)
I set my usual rigs with
Maggot, Worm, Luncheon meat and Pellets
for bait and loose feed.

Just looking at this photos shows what a
great winters day it was.
 I tried 3 different swims.
In two, there was no interest in the baits
at all.
 In the third I had some
knocks before the upstream
rod pulled round.
This produced the rig being snagged 
and a lost rig.
The second pull again on the up stream rod,
whilst I was talking to my brother on the phone,
was a good strong take
which was probably a 
Unfortunately the hook knot gave and the fish 
was lost.
Well as it was now nearly
2pm I had to pack up.
I fished  7.30 till 2pm.

Note to self check out the knots 

Duchess 16-01-14

A morning at a very muddy Duchess Pond
produced just one tiny
Roach to the float.

Russell and did not even
get a bite.

Very poor.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

First trip of 2014

Popped down to the Frome
as I had a couple of hours
while the the Mrs was resting.

As expected the water was milky
tea colour and plenty of  pace.
I used some very smelly maggots
that had been in the fridge for two weeks.

Well I did not blank.
One tiny Minnow took the
red maggot on a size 22 to 2lb hook length. 
I had only dropped the rig in the close as
a dog was messing about around
my feet.

I think its time to try out
the old
pole feeder float method.
It used to work a treat down there.
Feeder or ledger fishing down
there does not work as there
is a rocky bottom and snags the rig every time.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all.

I'm not out fishing at the moment
because She Who Must Be Obeyed
is in hospital.
As such I'm not sure when I'll
be out next.
Could be up to 3 months.