Sunday, 29 January 2017

A couple of Weymouth spots. 28-10-17

A great drive down to Weymouth
in sunny, cool weather, 
first time with out fog or low cloud over the hills.
I arrived at Chesil Bait and Tackle
at 11am.
With Bait in bait tub
I headed down to the pebbles
to be greeted to a very blustery
and chilly wind, causing
a quite confused sea.

We decided to try another couple of spots
and soon found ourselves
at a secluded spot.
Lovely clear, calm water 
but very snaggy
for about 100mtrs out.
With some lost tackle
and a lot dog muck about
we decided to move.
A commercial netting boat
came in and pulled
its net in.
He caught very little, I watched
through a pair of binoculars,
it also got caught on snaggs as well.

 So around to the Ferry Pier,
Jay said it was good for small
fish so I set up a Wishbone rig
and a Pennel Pulley rig.
Bait for the day was Rag, Lug, Squid,
Sand Eel and Hermit crab.
 A bit of a chilly wind was blowing
but plenty of sunshine.
That sunshine could well have 
been the curse on the day.
The water was pretty clear
so I guess that was part of the reason why
there were so few bites.
 While waiting for the few bites there were
The lights of Weymouth seafront
were a good distraction.
 As were the friendly
 Jay managed a small Whiting and 
small Pouting.
I managed a big blank.
Fished 11am till 7pm.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

First tip of 2017. 17-1-17


With Lug, Rag and Peeler Crab (frozen)
I headed to the grass bank
and found a way to fish my favorite spot.

I used 4/0 and 3/0 pennell pulley rigs
loaded with a cocktail of
all 3 baits.

High water was at 10.20
and 12.7mtrs.
I fished from
08.00 till 11.30.

Weather was 
calm, foggy / misty
and warm.
 At times I could see
a couple of minutes later
it had disappeared.

 Well I had bites on every cast
only managed to land
Nothing over eight inches long.

Not to bad a start
for the new year.