Saturday, 30 August 2008

Why no blog?

Normal blogging will return in two weeks after
I have run the Bristol 1/2 marathon.
I will run it on the 14 september.

Friday, 22 August 2008

River Frome, Snuff Mill, Bristol

This is a small river in the middle of Bristol.
It is in the Fishponds / Stapleton area.
It can be accessed from River View off Broom Hill.
Our dog Puddles is showing me what he thinks of fishing,
he is sticking his tongue out.
This is what I call the car park bank.
The next phew pictures give a little look at some
of the spots I fish from.

What you can expect to catch.
Bream, Chub, Carp, Roach, Eels, Dace, Minnow and Gudgeon.

The main fishing style is to keep mobile and spend around 15 minutes per swim

and move on when the bite stop.

I generally float fish, covering the area down stream using bread, maggots or casters.

I also use a fly rod and 16mtr pole.

When the river is running hard after heavy rain I

use the feeder float method.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

OK what do fish look like!

Here are some I caught earlier.

This Thornback Ray around 3ld was caught at Ladye Bay

from my low tide mark. Pennell Pully rig with Rag Worm as Bait.

This 1 1/2ld Lesser Spotted Dogfish was also caught on the same day

and same bait and rig

Little Codling weighing less than a pound
again caught on the rig and same venue.

Wind,Rain, everything but fish.


Went fishing to Rochingham. Strong winds, plenty of spray,
lost tackle and birds nest in the reel. Broken umbrella,
and tackle box nearly washed away.
High tide was at 09.42 and was 12.6mtrs.
Wind was strong southerly turning south westerly.
Rigs were Pennell Pullys
The wave that nearly took my tackle box.

What a great day, what a great laugh, yep I enjoyed it,
as did my son.

BUT STILL NO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son having to carry his rig back to his rod
as weed was blocking the first eye.

We really expected to catch. It looked good and

with that wind it usually fishes well.

Rag, Squid, Mackeral and Sand Eel were the chosen baits.

Used on their own and as cocktails but not a bite.
Waves rolling in over the top of the bank.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

New Venue. First BLANK !!!!!!!!

Oo No it had to happen.
Yes the dreaded blankety blank.
Not even a bite.
I fished the Cottage at Portishead.
The photo below shows the light house at the
old Nautical School, which is too the west of the cottage.
(I'll photo this spot soon.)
This spot can only accommodate 5 anglers in comfort.
To the right of the picture can be seen the rock which
splits the area in half.

Around 5mtrs in front of it is a ledge which runs left
to right and needs to be cleared when casting.
In front of the ledge is an area of sand around that
stretches 20mtrs out.
Dont cast beyond that point as it is very rocky and a tackle grave yard.

In the photo below the two rocks in the water hide a large

area of weed covered rocks keep clear of that area.

To the right of this spot is a gully which is marks the edge of the venue.


Rag worm, Lug worm, Mackeral, Squid and Peeler Crab.

Friday, 8 August 2008

New Passage again

Fished from 08.00 till 13.00.
High tide was at 12.15 and a hight of 11.2
First catch of the day was this clawlees crab.
Baits again were Mackeral
Squid and Rag Worm
or a cocktail of all three.
This is an Ants eye view of of the rods.
The only fish caught, was a Snooty, this time caught on the red rod.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Venues still to be posted

Some fishing spots still to be posted are:-
Battery Point, Portishead.
Cottage, Portishead.
Yatch Club, Portishead.
Steamer Pier, Portishead.
River Frome, Bristol
Bristol Docks

Sunday, 3 August 2008

New Passage 03-08-08

This is the state of the tideat 06.30,
3 1/2 hours before the high tide.
I already had my 2 beach casters and Carp rod out.
At 0700 the tide was at the bottom of the rocks
and I had already had an Eel bite which bit through the hook lenght.
Soon a second Eel bite, again it produced nothing.
At 07.00 another bite and this time I managed a Snotty.
I released it straight away.
The photo below is were the tide had got to at 07.05.

No more bites after that?!!!!!

This is the top of the tide at 09.29

The tide hight was 13.4mtrs and was very strong.

Up tide casting was the only way to hold the bottom as well as 210grm weights. The 3 rods doing what they do best.
Baits were Rag, Squid and Mackeral, and combinations of all 3.

Rigs were flowing trace on the Carp rod and Pennel pulley rigs on theBeach casters.