Friday, 19 September 2014

Early session on the Frome. 18-09-14

An early dark walk up to the chosen swim,
and setting up as quietly as possible,
did not help.
I used pole at 10 - 13mtrs
using maggot, caster and hemp
loose fed over ground bait.
I used a 0.5grm and 1.00grm
with 3lb main line and 1 1/2lb hook length
and size 18 up to 14 hooks.
Loose feeding around 6 maggots and caster
on a regular interval, 
as well as half a pouch of hemp.
This American Signal Crayfish
and one other were trundling 
around the shallow area in front of my swim.

 I fished the hook from 12 inches over depth
to 12 inches off the bottom
without getting much action.
As can be seen one small roach and a Dace
with plenty of Minnows was the end result.
I took the keep net out early
to let it dry out a bit before packing up.
In the end I packed up early after 3 1/2 hours,
mainly because of the dogs and there owners.
Next time I will try trotting

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Late rush at Limpley Stoke. 16-09-14

 I have just got to the first of my chosen swims
and exactly where I want to put my baits,
these two swans are feeding happily.
 So I tried out some other areas.
This will help when the water levels
Eventually the one under the near side
overhang  moved off.
So under went my bait.
 Well by 15.30 there was no sign off life.
So onto my main swim of the day.
This time I had signs of life straight away.
This time I was loose feeding some Casters.
and at 16.20 the first proper bite.
After a really good fight, this
3lb 1oz Chub was in the net.
 No 2 Chub was in net
20 minutes later, again putting up a really good show.
This was 2lb 9 1/2oz.
Now it was time for the swans to catch up with me
and spent an hour paddling round the swim.
 By now had managed to put out 
a fair few freebies, I could now settle down
to wait on some action.
It was not until 18.00 that I again had some signs of life.
Around 18.20 I lost a Chub to to some reeds on the 
far bank.
Then just before 19.00
I had my next Chub this time 2lb 1oz.
 By 19.45 this 3lb 13oz Chub was on the bank
and was the biggest of the day.
I had to pack up then as it was to dark to continue
In between I managed two other Chub
2lb 9oz and 3lb 3oz.
The calfs in the field are very curious
and spent a long time watching me,
they then escorted me out of the field.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

So what next?

I hope to be down on the Bristol Avon
tomorrow afternoon / evening
after taking 
"She who must be obeyed"
to hospital in the morning.

Then wednesday morning
on the pole on
Bristol Frome.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The worm, the maggot and the sweetcorn.

Took the pole down to the
Bristol Frome
this morning for a short explore
of a swim I've not fished for a
good few years.

Fortunately there were no snags in it,
so  no tackle was lost.

Starting just after 6.30 am,
I fed a small pouch of hemp
and 4 - 5 maggots every few minutes
over a small bed of ground bait.

I caught a minnow on
double red maggot on a size 14 hook
first put in.
Then a small 6" Trout
took a white and red maggot.
A few more Minnows decided
they were hungry before 
I caught a nice Dace.

The Minnows even took a whole
worm with a grain of sweetcorn
and a Maggot cocktail on a size 16 hook.

This is how it continued
till 10.00.
So I guess I ended up with
a couple of pound,
which is not quite what I expected.

One good thing is that a swim
which didn't have any fish in it last year
now has a small head of Chub,
so I will take my Centre Pin 
down for a bit gentle trotting.

But that will have to wait for next week
as no free time till then.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Landing net handle!

Managed to use an old piece 
of a damaged pole to line
the inside of the damaged handle.
Glued in with Arildite.
Then glued the connecting ferrule
in. Let it dry and bingo 
it works.

Proof is in the using.

Fingers crossed.

Hopefully saving £50 plus.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Cows, fish and broken landing net handle.

Having decided on a plan to look at the swims 
at Limply Stoke and get to know the features.
I took the usual kit plus the float rod
and maggots over ground bait.

On arriving at the field at 12.00, I was
surprised to find a small herd of calfs.
I mixed the ground bait and and put in 
three orange size balls straight away
plus some maggots and pellets.

I first of all set up the usual ledger rods,
and cast out to both banks down stream.

Then I settled down to loose feed
6 - 10 maggots every few minutes
down the float line.

I now heard some snuffling behind me
and turned round to find the calfs
taking an interest in what I was doing.
Well they got bored quite quickly
and went back to eating grass.

I started getting some interest
on the far bank rod and
so extended the landing net handle
and placed it on the edge of the bank.
The far bank rod then pulled round
and a Chub then ran towards the
rushes. I manged to turn it and the fish then
tried to get into some reeds 
 in the middle of the river.
Well again it failed to get to them.
I bent down to pick up the landing net
when "CRACK" the landing net handle 
So with only half a handle
I had to jump down the six foot
to the bottom of the bank.
Well I landed the Chub and then had to
climb back up. Not to easy with my bad ankle.
Anyway this 2lb 12oz Chub
was my prize.
 The youngsters were back but soon
turned away bored.
 Anyway a few trots down the float line
proved that only small fish were
showing interest in the maggots.
I decided to drop a ledgered pellet
on the ground bait and sat back to
await the out come.
Half an hour later,
 after an other visit from the locals,
The pellet gobbled down the pellet
and this 2lb 15oz fella was in the net.
 With another Chub to the far bank
rod coming in at 2lb 8oz,
I then went back to the float.
I had a very pleasant hour and a half
 Dace, small Chub and minnows.
The float line was in line with the
rod rest down a drop off.
Well as it was getting dark
I packed up and said good bye 
to my little friends.

I am now trying to repair
the landing net handle
and look for a new one.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Down Limpley Stoke way. 03-09-14

At long last I managed
an escape trip.
So popped down to Limpley Stoke
to try out a new venue.
This seemed the best spot
for a short walk with an iffy ankle.

I started fishing at 14.00 and pre baited 
4 swims.
So settled into swim 1.
This was between to  over hanging trees
Not much room to manoeuver here
but it looked really fishie.
If there were fish in the swim
they were at home watching
the T.V.
On rod was over the far bank
 with boillie and the other down the near side
with pellet.
Not a touch.
So after 2 hours i 
moved on to swim two.
 This swim again looked like
it could also throw up
a Chub or two.
Well with the same set up as before I settled
down to see what was around.
I started getting some signs of life,
 with the far bank rod nodding and
In the end the rod tip kept nodding
gently so I decided to lift the rod.
This 3lb 4 1/4oz Chub was on but not very
exited, putting up a very poor showing.
I weighed and photographed it
then left it in the keep net
so it would not upset the rest.
 That idea did not work as there was no 
further sign of life.
On to the next swim,
this one had a lot of cabbage leaves
With some streamer weed in places.
Looking for gaps in the vegetation
I used the same tactics,
this time the results were the same.
No signs of life.
I left at 20.00.

I met another fisherman
who only managed 2 Chub.

Well I need to spend more time there.
It was great to get back onto the bank
and the ankle held up.