Monday, 24 May 2010

Baltic Wharf with my son

Fished my usual spot down at the Wharf.
This Gig was given a good outing.
I dont know what this vessel is but its curtainly a
My son Andrew concentrating on the float
Amongst the usual Roach, Perch, and odd Skimmers
we both had one of these little Snotties each.

My largiest fish was this Skimmer.
Come on smile (Miserable old sod)
Andrew caught this little Brown Trout
As can be seen the weather was hot and calm.
We had to change the colour of the Maggots
just to keep the fish intrested.
Same ground baits were also used as was the seed blend.
Andrew had some liquidized bread, when he tried it
tempted some nice roach. (Note self take some liquidized bread)
Scores on the doors
Andrew most fish 5 3/4lds burnt arms and legs? OUCH

Me 6 3/4lds

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Baltic Wharf 19-05-10

Another dabble down at the wharf produced
this bag of a couple of pounds of Roach, Dace and Perch
A little spicky Perch

Nice silver Dace
Moored on my usual peg is this house boat
A few quid floating past

Usual baits and rigs used bit it was a bit colder with a light
brease from the east (left to right).
Bits were really hard to hit and hard to come by.
Fished 08.00 till 12.00
End result was 2x 1/2ld Roach plus 4 smaller ones
and 10 Perch and 3 Dace.