Monday, 30 April 2012

Yacht club, Portishead

Decided the slipway was the venue
to use up the bait from saturdays
Arrived there at 06.00 low tide at 07.48.
This is the view looking towards Battery Point. 
 This photo is looking west.
 The view looking down the slipway.
That buoy is within casting distance
so I cast to the left.
Usual pulley rigs loaded with Rag and Squid head
produced an  
 8lb 6 1\4oz Thornback Ray
That was the only bite.
There were a number of sharp showers,
some sunny intervals, 
but it was warm.
Packed up at 11.00 
due to bait running out.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ladye Bay 28-04-12

Fished down Ladye Bay in hope of
a Thorny or two.
Got there at low tide at 6am.
 Fished the start of the ledges
as it a bit easier to climb down
and there is slightly deeper water.
 First fish was a small Doggie / Cat shark
caught on standard pennel pulley rig baited with Lug and Rag.
 Next bite came two hours later
when I was fishing around 100 yards 
further along.
This time it was a baby Thornback Ray
taking the same rig
baited with Lug, Rag, Squid and Peeler Crab 
 Another two hours and this slightly larger
Cat shark / Doggie
took the combination of bait and rig.
 The wind was strong and very gusty
northeaster which managed to blow the rods over twice.
Thankfully no damage done.
I also found another small ray
amongst the rock.
I put it back but I don't think it survived.
Three other anglers were down there
but nothing was caught.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Baltic Wharf, Easter Day morning.

Fished down the Wharf again
from 08.00 till 12.00.
Usual maggot and caster
ground bait and bread.

First fish, a 1/2lb skimmer was
in the net after 15mins.

Followed by 2 bites after another 1/2 an hour.
Both missed.
Then a dropped fished
and a small roach.

That was it!
Not another bite.
I tried over and under depth.
Lighter and heavier floats and hook lengths.

But no go.
Same for the other 3 anglers down there.
Odd fish that all.

Roll on the new river season.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday down Baltic Wharf

Baltic Wharf this morning at 07.30
as I was setting up.
Looking east towards
 Looking west towards 
Ashton Court.

The photos don't tell you
there was a frost over night.

Fished a peg to the right of my last visit,
this peg is one I usually.
I fished maggot and caster over my usual ground bait
mix and mashed bread, with hemp and pellets.

Usual rigs were used but I ended up
with size 14 hooks instead of 20 and 18s.

First bite was after 7 minutes a nice
Skimmer of around 2lb.
A roach of 6oz was next.
Then another 2lb Skimmer.
All by 1/2 past 8.

Then for the next 2 hours I could not get a bite.

About 10.30
the float pulled under very slowly,
but I pulled out of a good fish.
After a couple more pull outs, I tried the size 14 hooks.

Now I started hooking in to the Skimmers
Slowly but surely the net had a few more fish.

By 12.00 I had 10 Skimmers 2 roach and a perch,
for around 11lb.

One of the other anglers there thought I had managed over 20lb.
Amazing! He told me he had managed 40lb
in 4 days. He failed to catch.