Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Second choice venue today 20-12-16

As first point was taken when I arrived
at Ladye Bay.
So I continued along the coastal path to the ledges
and  set up at one of my usual spots.
Two rods were set up with 3/0 and 4/0 pennell pully 
 Baits taken were Squid, frozen Blacks, Hermit crabs 
and Mackerel.
I started fishing at 09.30 and packed up at 14.00.
Due to an injury I decided not
to climb down the cliff and fish till low water.
A small Codling and two small Whiting
took Squid / Blacks cocktail just before the top of the tide
at 11.27.
There was some weed and gunk
causing a few problems
but with light wind and flat calm
another good session but no diner.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Chesil Beach 18-12-16

Trundled down Weymouth way
Yesterday, arriving at 
Chesil  Bait and Tackle
at 12.00.
Jason and Hannah arrived 5 minutes later.
With a shed load of bait
we tootled down to the shingle
and were fishing by 13.00.
My first fish was this Coalie???
Yes a Coalie from the shore
a FIRST and a P.B. as well.
 It was a real learning curve for me.
Thanks to Jason's 
patience and advice I soon learnt
 the tricks to fishing this spot.
 Jason was surprised at the drop
from the top of the second shelf
to sea level.
It had changed drastically
since the week before.
The actual fishing slow,
however it was frantic compared
to the Severn Estuary / Bristol Channel. 

It was warm and overcast
wit out any wind.
The only sign of the sun
was at sunset.

 Other fish caught were
Pouting and Doggies.
 Baits used were
Squid, Mackerel, Hermit Crab
Frozen Black Lug and Rag
Pulley rigs were the order of the day.
We fished 4 hours down
and 3 up.
Wow what a cracking trip.
Luckily the fog was not 
as bad as forecasted.
So the journey down
and back were clear.
Roll on 31-12-16
for a family session down there.

Two sessions at the Pipes 12 &13-12-16

I managed a couple of trips
to the Pipes near Severn Beach.
Squid and Lug on
Pulley rigs
were used.

First tide was at 17.46
and 13.1mtr.
I fished 1600 till 19.00.

Expecting the usual weed and grass
that covers the line
at this time of the year.
I was not let down,
with every cast a real hassle
when I wound in.
Most of the time I had to cut 
the shock leader off
to be able to clear the
muck off.

Well the result a big

Next day 
i fished 
17.00 till 19.30
high was at 18.37
and 13.7mtrs.

The gunk was worse
The result the same.

Blankity Blank,