Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Some of the floats I have used recently

Middy wire stem float
Used for trooting / running a bait down a river.

4 x no 9 Pisca Pit

Used for shallow water and margin fishing

7 BB Crow Quill Avon float.
Used for trotting / running a bait down a river.
This one was made by Dave at
Bristol Angling Centre

Drennan 1.5grm Tipo
This used when pole fishing.
These have inter changable top tips.
Orange, yellow and black tops

Drennan 3.0grm Trio
again comes with 3 interchangable top tips.
Orange, yellow and black colours

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Baltic Wharfe 24-07-10

No photos today as there was nothing worth photographing.

I fished from 08.00 till 12.00.
7 1/2mtr pole with 1.5grm and 3grm floats
to 5ld main line and 1.5ld hook length to size 16 hooks.

Baits were Maggots and Caster
with my usual ground bait mix and Rustys seed mix.

A good start was a Skimmer of around a pound first put in.
Then a small Roach and a tiny Perch.
All in consecutive casts.

After that I had to change the depths at regular intervals
to keep up with the fish.

All in all the fishing was hard but very enjoyable.
In total I had around 60 fish for less than 3ld.
Roach, Perch, Dace and Skimmers.

The weather was sunny and calm at first
then cloudy and breezy.

Bagwood Lake 24-07-10

Fished for Carp!
WHAT! Me never?
Yep I fished for the lumps.
Used hair rigged Boillies with a loose feed of Rustys
special seed mix and Pellet mix.

Dodgy photo of 13.6ld Common Carp
Taken with my Mobile phone as I'd forgotten
the good one. "Oops"
Two other Carp were caught one 10.12ld and the other 8.4ld.
I also had 3 Skimmer Bream.

Weather was bright sunshine and verm warm,
all around were big thunder storms.
Fished from 07.00 till 16.00.

That was all the excitement.
I don't like that type of fishing.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Stroud Canal 18-07-10

Andrew (my youngest son) took me on a fathers day trip.
We arrived on a short stretch of disused canal which has
been part cleared and about 2ft deep along most of its length.
Having set up on pegs 11 and 12,
I was surprised at the lack of depth.

I used Colmic 4 x 12 and a 4 x 9 Pesca Pit Dibber,
No 3 and 5 elastics 3ld main line and size 24 hooks to 1ld 8oz hook lenghts.
Baits used were Maggot, Flouro Pinkies,
Casters,Sweet corn and Hooker pellets.
My usual ground bait mix and seed mix was also used.
Andrew won the day with this 4ld 6oz Bream
and 7 other Skimmers, Roach and Perch.
I managed 1x tiny Perch and a tiddler Skimmer!!???
Well and truly beaten.
Andrew concentrating on his float.
This bridge marks the upper end of the fishable area.

Looking up stream from peg 11. Andrew is behind the tree.
Down stream from peg 11

Thursday, 8 July 2010

River Frome 08-07-10

2 hours down the River Frome
from 13.00 till15.00 produced
2x Roach, 2x Chub, 1x Trout and a fist full of Minnows.
I used a 4x No 4 metel stemmed stick float on
3ld main line and size 18 or 16 hooks on 2ld line.

First swim produecd to lovely small roach.
This was the biggest around 3oz.
The colour were stunning.

Strolling up stream, was like looking in a fish tank.
There were shoals of Chub sun baithing.
There at least 7 Chub in this photo out
of around 20 in the shoal.
Here is what the Frome means to me
Nice plump Chub, this one is around 1 1/2lds.
The other one was only about 1/2ld.
2010 / 2011 Frome fish count
3X Chub
8x Roach
5x Trout
1x Common Carp

Monday, 5 July 2010

River Frome again 05-07-10

Went down to Minnow Alley again.
Caught loads of these even on size 16 hooks
with 3 Maggots.
I had a Minnow a chuck.
I used the same mathods and bait as last
time, but sweetcorn was the main bait
used today.
However it did not score any hits?!!!!!

This small trout was caught on maggot.
As did this 2ld 10oz Common Carp
As I was using a number 4 to 6 elastic
it fought really well and was in mint
What a cracker.
Due to to the clear and slow river conditions and
bright sunshine, loads of people and dogs
it became almost impossable
to contine to fish so I packed up at 13.30.
I started at 07.45.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bristol Frome 01-07-10 part 2

These little Ducklings kept me amused
dabbleing away on freebies I put in for them.
After putting in 6 balls of my usual grondbait each the size of a golf ball.
I plumbed up the depth and used a 1grm Drennan Turbo float.
A size 16 hook was on the bussiness end.
I tried all the above baits and cocktails of all of them

First fish was the usual Minnow.
After 40 mins or so this little Brown Trout,
came a snatched red and white maggots.
Then it was back to the Minnows, which gradually
got fatter as the hoovered up the loose feed.
I put in 6 - 10 maggotts and casters or 3/4 sweetcorn
plus a pouch of seed mix every 3/4 minutes.
Eventually I saw what I had been waiting for,
small Roach were fighting for the freebies.
Then this chap took the bait
Shortly this one fancied the hook bait as well.
I was really pleased to see the Chub doing the same
but they were to toucie and would not take the hook bait.

In the end I caught 15 Minnows, 2 Roach and the little Brownie.
A very enjoyable 4 hours and with the conditionsWarm ,sunny
and very clear slow water it worked out very well.

There were 10 Skimmer bream swimming on the surface
but not intrested in the bait. I think they had just spawned.

I'll be retying some of my river floats ready for my next trip.

Bristol Frome 01-07-10

Fished the Bristol Frome near Frenchay
this morning from 07.50 till 12.00.
This is a selection of baits I used.
Casters, Seed mix, Sweetcorn and Maggots.
My swim was between to large trees
as can be seen from this photo.
The water clear and very slow,
so slow that the up stream wind
caused the float to be blown upstream.
This photo shows the veiw upstream.
This one down stream
Read part two for the nitty gritty bits!