Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Ladye Bay Ledges. 12-11-17

A chilly westerly breeze greeted 
me at 08.30.
I set up 4/0 pulley rigs
loaded with Lug / Squid
Mackerel / Squid
I had half a dozen
mangled baits
which were hidden by weed blowing
up the line
or the wind its self.
At 11.30
this small conger took and
held on to the bait.
I had to cut the hook snood
because the conger had swallowed the
bait including the two hooks. 
 As the tide was getting higher
it started to get very splashy.

 There were more munched baits
until 14.16 
when this Conger took the bait
and and pulled the wet out,
this then swept over my other line.
I was lucky to get back both rigs 
as the first was one pulled in the 
second one as it was wound in.
I had to pull the second one by hand because
of a tangle.
That was that,
 with the tide dropping 
I packed up a bit earlier than planned.

Friday, 3 November 2017

30-10-17 New Passage

 High water was 4.09pm and 11mtrs.
I started fishing from the 
ground in front of the promenade
using the usual rigs and bait.
half an hour into the session
this 21lb 5oz Conger gave 
a great fight.
 The Conger enjoyed spinning
and was a bit of a handful to release
but in the end it swam off rapidly.
 There were three other anglers
who caught some small Codling 
but noting very big.
In the end I also managed small Codling and Whiting,
as well as missing a few bites.
Chilly session with a south west breeze.
I finished at 6pm as the tide was 
at the bottom of the rocks.

29-10-17 Ledges Ladye Bay

Back to the Ledges for 08.30
same baits and rigs were used.
Well it was a much slower day
with hardly a bite.
Best of the day 
a small Conger.
Also caught was a a small Whitng and 
tiny Codling.
Weed was a really problem
for the whole session.
I packed up at 13.30 
just after high water as the bait had run out.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Ladye Bay ledges. 26-10-17

Started fishing at around 09.00.
The weather was foggy
with drizzle, no wind at all
and warm.
Squid / Mackerel,
Squid / Lugworm cocktails
and straight Lugworm were the baits used
on 4/0 OR 3/0 pulley rigs
and Wishbone rigs.
Again on the first cast
a small Whiting took the Lug on the
Wishbone rig.
 They even came in two at a time.
These two measured 32cm
and took 4/0 hooks.
in the end I had 10
little Whiting, a tiny Codling
2 small Conger
 and this 8lb 2oz Thornback Ray.
Smashing trip again.
There was a boat about 300m
out, I saw 3 Thornies landed and a couple of other
fish but it was to far out
to see properly.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

New Passage in the edge of a storm 16-10-17

Some Lug left over from Saturday
so headed down to 
New Passage
with Squid and Sandeel.
The wind was a wee bit strong but
using the sea wall as a wind break,
I started fishing at 15.30,
High water was at 17.38 
and I packed up at 19.30.
Both rods had 4/0 Pulley rigs
baited with either Squid / Lug or Squid Sandeel
 An hour into the session and
this little Conger took a
Squid / Sandeel bait bait.
My grandchildren were very
pleased to see me catch something,
as was I.
A few more drop back bites followed
but each time they dropped off.
Till 17.20
when this Codling  took a Squid Lug bait.
 Up till then there no sign of weed.
However as the tide topped the wetlands grass bank
it all changed.
The washing was really on the line,
so I had really trouble with the grass blocking
the shock leader knot from passing through the top eye.
When I caught another small Conger, taking Squid / Sandeel bait
I had to pull it up, hand over hand.
However it caught in the rocks below
and I never manged to land it.

Even a small Whiting took a look
at a Squid/Lug bait
as it was hooked through the stomach
 so it went back out as a live bait.
However there was no more action except for 
grass, so as the tide was at the 
bottom of the rocks and darkness
was close, as well as the bait running out.
I packed up and headed home
at 19.00.

 Very nice Codling for my diner.
We had it today,
that was the best tasting fish I,ve had for a while.

Low to high at the ledges.14-10-17

Got to the Ledges at Ladye Bay
at 08.30 just at the bottom of the tide.
 Using Squid, Lugworm, Mackerel
and Bluey.
4/0 Pulley rig loaded with either 
Squid / Mackerel, Squid / Bluey
or Squid / Lug cocktails
on one rod and
Wishbone rig with 3/0 hooks loaded
with Lug.
I caught the first of 13 small Whiting
 on the lug baits.
On that rock surrounded by water
was where my rod were in the photo above.
 An hour and a half later I was back up
on the top of the ledge again.
Having caught four Whiting.
Settling to a more comfortable
fishing platform, I was hoping for
some bigger fish showing up.
 But it was not to be,
this diddly Cat shark was the biggest
of 14 fish caught, even if it was
foul hooked.
High water was at 15.00.
I packed up at 15.30.
An angler to my left caught a Thornback Ray 
soon after he arrived ,
that was his only fish.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Ladye Bay, Ledges. 03-10-17

Beating the traffic problems from a crash
on the M5 by leaving home at 5am, I
was fishing by 6am.
Two rods, one with 3/0 hooks
on a wishbone rig and
one with 4/0 on pulley rig.
The Wishbone rig was loaded with
Rag and Lug.
The Pulley with 
Squid and Mackerel cocktail.
First cast, first fish this 30cm
which fancied the lug worm
baited hook on the Whishbone rig.
First cast on the Pulley rig
was snatched up by a 
Dogfish /Cat Shark.

 Great I thought,
it should be a good day.
However apart from the lug worm
being scoffed and the Mackerel being nipped.
No more bites till I had climbed 
down the cliff,
When I finally got down to the
the low tide mark,
the bites started again.
At first they were small rattles.
Eventually there was a pull on the line,
this small Conger had the cocktail bait.
 More bites followed with Whiting 
hitting the lug
this tiny Doggie 
showed up.
 Over low tide the bites 
dried up again.
Once the flood tide
started the bites started again.
Trouble was,
I had run out of bait!
High water was at 6am
low at 12.45.