Friday, 27 February 2015

Down the Bristol Frome. 27-02-15

A couple of hours free
found me down the Bristol Frome
at 10.00.

With my trotting rod and Maggots in hand
was not to hopeful I would catch.
The river was down by about 12 -14 inches,
but very brown.
There was a good trotting pace
and up stream wind.

Well feeding my chosen swims as I walked up river,
I started in an area that usually produces lots
of Minnows and other bigger fish.

Twenty minutes later
I moved down stream
to a spot wit an over hanging tree.
This swim also had a total lack
of bites.

Four more swims later
and still no bites,
I packed up at 12.30,
as I had to be back home.

Not a single bite or sucked Maggot,
and 15 hook lengths lost.
I tried in the flow down the crease
and in the slacks,
to no avail.
Never mind better luck next time.

The rivers will be out sorts
next week so if all's good at home,
it will be sea fishing or a muddy puddle.

Friday, 20 February 2015

A return to Lacock. 18-02-15

At last an other escape chit in hand,
so an early trundle up the M4
found me tackling up at 06.30.
I left Bristol where the temperature
+5 oC
At Lacock there was a very heavy frost.

I fed pellets and broken boillies
into six swims on the walk up stream,
then started with my usual rigs
and baits on 3ft hook lengths.

Well after 3 swims without so much
as a tap I moved to swim 4.
Fishing one rod down stream and one up,
I started getting rattles on the down stream
Well that's where my luck ran out.
Another angler walked straight to the spot 
where I had cast to.
I was casting a good distance
because it was bright sunshine
and the river was very clear.
Well the other angler decided
to fish there, so it was on to swim five.
Oh no! some one was in that swim.
Oh well on more to try,
That one was occupied as well.

One more swim to try, (this is the one
I caught my only Barbel from),
well this one was free.

It was now midday,
I only had had an hour left
till I was due to head home.
So as there was no sign of life
but plenty of dog walkers and
other anglers about
I headed home.
Never mind the weather was very nice,
maybe to nice!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Frosty Bristol Frome 03-02-15

A few hours spare again today
so popped down to
the Frome.
With ice still on the car
I realized that it would be a bit chilly.
Plenty of frost on the ground
I fed six swims with maggots on the way up.
The first swim did not even
produce a bite.
Not even a Minnow!!!!!!
Yet last time I had a Minnow a cast.
So moved on to the next swim,
same result except for a light dip of the float.
So down to swim three.
I think I'll call it the Trout swim.
I was about to move on again
when the float dipped and then slowly pulled under.
A light strike and WOW what the !!!!.
The rod pulled round and rattled.
A small 5oz Trout was in the net.
Another four casts produced
two more Trout of the same size.
I had to move on as some dog owner
 chucked a ball into the river
right in front of me.
So on down to swim four.
A few Minnows showed a little interest
 but not much else.
On to swims five and six.
Not a touch.
Twenty minutes to pack up
so back up to a spot between swims five and six.
Here there were a few gentle bites
which produced two Roach of around 4oz.
and a small dace.
I used size 20 hooks tied to 2lb hook length.
Maggots was the bait.
Another very pleasant trip except for the dog owner!