Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Conger spot 11-01-10

High at 16.13 and 10.5mtrs.
Rigs and baits as usual plus a whole squid on a pennell pulley rig.
Weather cold, dull and no wind.
Catch BLANNNNNKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Russell going for a long cast.
He managed well over 150yrds.
Well done Rusty.
Second Severn Crossing in the mist.

Friday, 8 January 2010

More photos of Rockingham 07-01-10

Me modeling my Sundridge SAS MK 6 Floatation Suit
Chrissy pressy from the good lady and Russell.
It was so warm I soon took it off.

and ice made the trip more interesting.

Slush Puppy any one,
This was the sea climbing up the bank or should I say

Thursday, 7 January 2010

2010 First trip

This was seen that greated myself and Russell.
Ice, Ice and snow.
There was ice flows and slush for up to 10mtrs. Cool?!

Wales looked very white as well
Snow every where but what a sight.
We arrived at Rockingham at 10.00,
the high tide was at 11.50 and 12.2mtrs.
We took Rag Squid and Mackeral
but only used rag.
First cast for me produced a small Codling.
Long cast produced very little activity.
So I set up a rod and cast out around 30 - 40 mtrs
and very quickly a Flounder was on the snow.
About 45 minutes later I had another, dinner for me and she who must be obeyed.

Russell managed a small Codling and a Flounder.
He did manage some good cast, pushing 150 - 200yrds.

The day was great, not as cold as it looks
with light wind and very good company.