Sunday, 22 July 2012

Trip two ;- New Passage 21-07-12

Needed to use up the Lug and Rag
from the morning trip.
I invited my son Rusty
The weather was again
The high was at
To keep a great story
had a great chat and time with Russell,
watched the Mullet frolicking at the
waters edge as tide rose,
saw a few rattles on the rod tips
and BLANKED!!!!!!  
Once again
a great fishing trip.

Trip one :- Rockingham 21-07-12

Needing to escape the hassle of home,
I signed my own escape chit.
With Lug, Rag and Squid
I trundled down to the grass bank.
Fishing was very slow
with four rods out,
fishing from 20mtrs to 100mtrs.
eleven bites
in total produced
this Snottie
at about 50mtrs
 To this
whole Squid wrapped with 
Lug and Rag.
This was on a 4/0 pulley rig
on the final cast.
 Also on the final cast of the wishbone rig
at distance
this 12 inch
fancied the Lug.
Weather was great,
tide was 12.5mtrs
at 09.33.
What a lovely morning.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

River Frome again 14-07-12

Fished six swims from the Mill upstream to below 
Vasalls Park / Oldbury Court, on the mill side 
this time.

At five of the swims I only managed a few
little nibbles.

At the mill I had 3 roach
and a little chub.
Same rod, reel and bait.

The biggest problem was 
Loads of them,
with bad owners.

Not quite so enjoyable
this time.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Short trip down Snuffs.

Had an hour and a half free
this afternoon
so popped down to the
Frome again.
Half a dozen slices of Braces
medium sliced bread
in my pocket.
I set up my
waggler rod and centre pin reel.
Feeding some loose bits of bread 
at the various swims
I walked the bank.
The colour had dropped out
and the flow slowed up. 
 Bites were few and far between
but I did manage to catch
3 x Roach, a Dace and a Chub.
 All around the 1/2lb size.
This photo shows the 
crease between the faster water (patches of bubbles),
and the slack water, closest to the bank.
All the fish were caught where the two meet.
A very relaxing hour 
on the bank.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

River Frome Bristol. 07-07-12

Took an hour out from caring
for the Good Lady,
and walked up the Frome valley.
 As can be seen
it was coloured and running.
 However the usual areas are still fish-able
using smelly baits 
 Mate sure you check 
for snags.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Not fishing at the moment

Due to major health problems 
at the moment
I have not been out fishing.
Hopefully I'll be out again
on short trips next week.