Thursday, 27 September 2012

Road Closures in Bristol 30-09-12

Many roads around the docks will be closed
on sunday 30-09-12.
So if your thinking of fishing 
the docks.
You will have to get down there by
for Baltic Wharf .

for Welsh Back and 
Bathurst Basin.

The roads start opening at

I'll be running the 1/2 marathon
again this year,
so if your there and you 
number 22181
give me a cheer.

Me at Wapping Road
swing bridge last year.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bagwood Lake 14-09-12

What the heck's going on!
I went CARP fishing.
Well in the first hour I managed
2 fish.
This 16lb 6oz Plated Mirror
 and this
Both caught on Sweet corn
 Shortly after I had a couple of Bream 
on Mash Monster Squid Boilies.
I have to thank my son Rusty
for putting me on the fish.
He managed to catch a 
couple as well best was 17lb 7oz.
At 1pm I got bored 
and set up my waggler rod and 
Centre Pin Reel.
Maggot on size 14 hook to 3lb line.
Wow that did the trick,
Rudd, Roach, Perch
and Skimmers
were hungry for the wrigglers.
5lb ish in an hour
was superb fun,
this Bream looking like it might have
been a Rudd cross. 
All in all a nice day and very good company.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Rockingham again 06-09-12

As I managed to get some
lugworm at the last minute,
and had a free morning.
I popped down to  the grass bank again.

Fishing from 09.30 till 12.15 I took
my carp rod down as well as my
usual rods.

The usual rigs were used on the beach casters
and flowing trace on the carp rod.

First cast on the wishbone rig caught
a small flounder. After that 
a number of rattles and knocks
teased me. Having changed the hook sizes,
I could not hit any of the bites.

The carp rod caught a couple of small
of small silver eels, Snotties.
The targeted flounder did show.

For an hour to the top of the tide
this fishing boat,
fished over the spot, 
I walk out over the mud to
fish on a rising mid range tide.
Didn't see any fish caught on it.