Monday, 29 December 2014

An other Limpley blank. 28-12-14

Well the title says it all.
I got to the bank at 10am,
I fed three swims
and set up on one.

The Avon was coffee coloured and 
had good pace.
There was still a good frost on the ground,
which did not lift in the shade all day.
I must admit I thought it would 
fish well.

Well how wrong could I be.
Not a touch in any of the swims.
I used the same baits and rigs,
as my last trips.

Well with no action
there was nothing to report.

A Dab Chick,
Lesser Grebe,
kept diving on the apposite side
helped keep the spirit up.

One thing that did not bode 
well for the future
was the number Cormorants
flying past.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year
to all my Blog followers.


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas trip to the Bristol Avon 23-12-14

07.00 this morning I got out of my car
at Limpley Stoke.
Having driven through rain all the way from Bristol,
I was surprised to find it dry.
Well I set up a usual ledger rig BUT
I put a groundbait feeder on instead.
Loading it with a groundbait mix
and pellets.
The hook length was four foot long
with a size 6 with a hair rig.
On the hook I put a Halibut bollie
and Maggots.
The second rod was
a float rod with a home made
goose quill float.
The feeder rig was cast out to
a crease just short of half way.
I cast this one out every 10 minutes or so.
The float was baited with Maggots (these 
I had flavoured with  Turmeric).
Well around 8.30 I had shy bite, then the rod tip
pulled round. 
I lifted into the bite and bingo fish on.
The usual Chub tussle and the fish was in
the weeds at the bank. But no problem
a short pull and this 3lb 6 1/4 oz Chub was in the net.
 The float rod only had one blip
as a possible bite, so I put it aside and got out my
other feeder rod.
This one had a Maggot feeder, which I cast under an overhanging
bush to my left.
This rig also failed to attract any attention.
All the time my first rod was slowly
piling in the ground bait.
The occasional  rod tip movement
showed there was some interest still.
An hour later another pull round on the rod tip,
and Chub No 2 was on its way to the net.
This one did not fight so hard, I found out why
when I had it in the net.
As can be seen this 3lb 5oz fella
had an injury that was healing over.
I'm not sure what caused this, the other side of the Chub
had no injury at all.
 So its heading towards 10.00am
and I have to decide whether to move or not.
In the end I decided to stay put and keep trying.
Well there was still signs of interest, so I  
settled down to see what happened.
Well as I intended to head home to do what was waiting to be done
at 1pm. I started to pack up around 12.50.
With my back to my rods, my son who popped down for a chat
shouted that the groundbait rod was doing a merry dance.
Well the third and final Chub, 3lb 9 1/4oz,
came in to the net.
What a magic session.
One of the best parts of the day
was the rain kept away till I had packed up.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Out at last. OR. Unlucky 13th.

At last, escape chit in the bits box,
frost scraped off the wind screen
I headed up to Limply Stoke.
The Avon was up, brown and flowing.
I had fed a few swims as usual 
and set up by 07.15.
There was a shallow mist across the fields
and mist rising off the river.
Over the next couple of hours
all my equipment turned white with frost,
and the eyes on the rod froze.

 From the first boillie baited cast
leaves were a real problem.
Some times lifting the bait like a kite.
Bait presentation was just about impossible.
So after two hours I moved to 
my second swim.
This one also proved to be
problematic, with snags everywhere.
Time for my next swim.
This one had a back eddy 
under my feet and a good crease
with a strong flow down the middle.
 I put one rod under an over hanging bush
to my left and one out to the crease.
Using various baits
from paste to Boillie and pellets to meat,
I failed to get even a tickle of a bite.
It was great to see a couple of male
Goldcrests in the trees,
as well a Little Egret flying past.
So a beautiful day out, I enjoyed
the wildlife and fishing, even if I didn't catch.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Still not fishing.

Still looking after the Good Lady
Just can't find the time to escape.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Got the bug!

I have the flu / cold bug that's going around
so no fishing again this week.
Should be out next week.