Monday, 28 April 2014

Plenty of fish again down Duchess. 28-04-14

Oh dear, more free time on my hands
so down to the local lake again.
Usual tackle and bait 
produced more silver fish.
Roach, Skimmers and a Gudgeon
where the order of the day.
Red and white maggot
was best at about 7 mtrs.
However, close in on
either side, the larger
(up to 1/2lb),
Roach were lurking.
 We I ended up with around 20lb
of silvers and nothing on
the ledgered
boillie and pellet rigs.
I must find another
bait for the larger fish.
Get down there 
for a keep net full.
I fished 09.00 till 14.00.
Not bad for 5 hours.

Had a chat with Wayne
the lake lease holder.
There seems to be a rumor going round
that the cost is high.
Well its £5 for a days fishing
well worth it for the casual
fisherman, as well as the
Carp anglers.
The syndicate is £100
for a year which 
also allows night fishing.
Wayne can be contacted
Give him a call for more info. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Duchess still full of silver fish. 15.-04-14

An afternoon and evening free
found me down at
Duchess Lake.
I fished from 
1.30 till 7.00 pm.
Maggot on the waggler,
and Boillie on the ledger
was my attack.
Well the Carp and bigger fish were
non existent.
The Roach were really
hungry, the Skimmers were
a little larger but fewer.
Maggot, white and red,
were used.
Red was the most popular
on a size 18 hook 
to 2lb hook
and 4lb main line.
Not quite as many
caught but more

Get down there
for a good days
fishing for only a 
Can't be bad.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Loads of fish down Duchess lake. 08-04-14

Decided to have a chuck into
Duchess lake today.
I fished from
08.30 till 14.00.
I picked a swim
by the island.
I put a Halibut boillie
with loose fed pellet
bits of boillie,
by the tip of the
Then I spent
the rest of the day 
float fishing.
Using Maggot on a 
size 16 hook
to 2lb hook length,
I fed loose maggots
about six at a time to start with.
As the bites got 
more positive I increased the
freebies to a full pouch
every cast.
Red and white Maggot were the favored
As can be seen,
the wind was westerly
and right to left.
I caught most
mainly over 1/2 way across.
In the end
I caught over 200
Roach, Bream, Hybrid Roach / Bream
and Perch.
Nothing over 6oz.

Thats the most fish I have caught
in one session
for over 15 years.
I think that was at Bagwood lake before
it was changed.

The sleeper rod did not 
have any signs of interest.

One angler at the M32 end
managed a couple of small
Two youngsters
on the opposite bank had fun on the Silver fish
as well. 

That really was a
proper days fishing.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What no fishing?

Having been unwell,
and doing things
that needed
to be done.

I'll not be out fishing till some time
next week.

Hope the weather
stays good.